5 thing you can consider about Best time of Day to Do Yoga and How you can get most of it

best time of day to do yoga

What is the Best time of day to do yoga and why experts suggest us to do in morning time? Whenever we think of doing exercises like yoga and pranayama or meditation, the first question that bothers us is what time of the day is best to do yoga? At what time should we practice … Read more

Why People Treat their Partner as A Trophy Wife? 10 Sign and Reason Man Want a Trophy Woman

trophy wife

Do you know why rich people treat their partner as a trophy wife? Both men and women are the basis of life. There is a difference between thinking and psychology in these two. Another where the woman shows the loving and sensitive nature, the same man shows his status. To show this status and prove … Read more

How Social Media Cyber Bullying affect Teen mental health and 10 effective way to Deal with it

Social media cyber bullying

Today’s era is of internet and it has created an insecure feeling about our safety, privacy more than what we have got from it. Some such digital technology through which others can be harmed is called Social media cyber bullying. Some people use the internet for this, while most people harass others through mobile phones. … Read more