7 Types of Rest and Complete Guide how to Relax your body and mind with Powerful tools

7 Types of Rest and their importance in your life. Rest is much more than a sleep. If you think that when you are sleeping then you are completely resting then you are wrong. This is because you cannot give yourself rest just by sleeping.

Today we are going to talk about some such rest which is very important for us. If you sleep, then your mind may come in a state of rest for some time but it does not come completely to rest. Although rest means doing nothing but can you stop your thoughts?

Types of Rest

Are able to keep themselves away from social media for some time or are able to give rest physically and mentally in the same way. Till now we were thinking that only by sleeping we are giving rest to ourselves but neither we are able to give rest to ourselves physically, neither mentally nor in any other way.

If you are not able to feel yourself energized even after getting enough sleep, then understand that you are not able to give yourself real rest. In such a situation you should know about 7 Types of Rest.

What Is Types of Rest And Why Do We Need It?

Rest is a time period during which we do not spend our energy. We save our energy physically and mentally. We sleep at night, not because it is a part of our daily routine, but we save it to use the necessary energy for the next day’s work.

We not only save the energy inside us but also prepare ourselves to keep the same enthusiasm back for work the next day. When we get tired after a long day’s work, then we take rest.

Apart from physical rest, there are 6 such types of rest which are very important for us. You can easily keep yourself busy but, resting is full of challenges for you.

We need all kinds of rest which includes physical, emotional, mental, sensory, social, creative, and spiritual. Let us know about such type.

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Physical Rest

Physical exhaustion can be easily recognized. When your body refuses to do more work and you feel difficulty in keeping your eyes open, then you can understand that you are physically tired.

We all feel the need to take sleep to protect ourselves from strains and illness and to maintain health. Resting physically means giving rest to the body so that whatever tension is there in our body, it goes away. Physical Types of Rest can be corrected by taking proper sleep.

Even when you do some work for a long time, your body starts feeling the need for rest. In such a situation, we can remove physical exhaustion by giving rest to the body and getting enough sleep.

Emotional Rest

Emotional overload means that the burden of emotions has a very deep effect on your brain and sometimes it starts affecting the working capacity of your brain. To avoid all this and for mental health, happiness, contentment, and holiness, we need Emotional Rest.

Most of the time we are in our defensive mode where to suppress any kind of emotion, we start suppressing ourselves under the burden of more emotions. Take out the things that are buried in your mind because only then you are able to express the feelings properly.

Every day, take out the anger of your mind so that your mind can feel relaxed. One of the 7 Types of Rest, Emotional Rest is helpful in expressing your feelings in the right way.

Along with this, Emotional Rest involves distancing yourself from those people who bring in you negative emotions such as anger, envy, shame, guilt, jealousy, or even frustration.

In a study it has been found that the position of our body during rest also affects our emotions.

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Mental Rest

Many times, due to excessive thinking, we start feeling ourselves mentally empty. When we get caught in overthinking or start thinking more and more about our past, then this kind of situation comes.

In such a situation, we are not able to keep focus and do not feel ourselves with the thoughts that take us forward. This Type of Rest involves giving yourself mental rest.

This happens when we do not give ourselves mental rest. When this happens, then one of your unwanted thoughts gives rise to many thoughts which do not match with reality and your mind gets entangled in it.

When you are not able to sleep properly, it affects your ability to think and gradually you do not have control over what you are thinking.

You can overcome this by taking some measures to avoid it and give mental rest such as meditation, chanting of mantras that calm the mind, spending time in nature and spending some time in solitude.

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Sensory Types of Rest

Ever since technology has improved and screen time has increased, Sensory Rest has also been considered as essential for relaxation. During the day, when you spend more and more time in front of devices like computer, TV or mobile, then your eyes start straining.

Even though you may not feel tired eyes after some time, but if it is not given rest in time, it can create a lot of trouble for you.

It has a bad effect not only on your health but also on the relationship around you. You are not able to associate yourself with anyone, which later creates dryness in behavior. For Sensory Types of Rest, it is necessary to give rest to your senses.

To avoid this, give yourself some time in solitude and distance yourself from the noise. Turn off electronic devices such as mobiles, TVs and other screen items for some time. Give at least 30 minutes of the day to rest, during which there is no noise of any kind.

Social Types of Rest

We meet different types of people throughout the day. There are good ones and bad people are also included in this. If seen, handling social events absorbs extra energy for us. People who are associated with sales marketing, especially they start feeling the need of such rest.

We are influenced by those people on social media whom we consider to be our role models. Social media rest simply means separating yourself from social life for some time and spending time with someone. In social Types of Rest, one has to separate himself from the ostentatious life for some time.


This time should be natural, away from any kind of show and for this you can spend time with your pet. Can live alone or it involves living without caring about someone else’s thinking. This is what it involves in expressing yourself as you are without any pretense.

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Creative Rest

Do you remember the last time you used your brain’s imagination? The thought of putting into practice the creative idea that was popping up in my mind. If you want that this work ability of yours remains, then for this it is very important to take your creative break.

Within this Types of Rest, you include connecting yourself to nature.

Go out on a walk without any electronic gadget, take some inspiration from nature and spend some time reading books which strengthens the working capacity of your brain.

Spiritual Rest

Feeling empty, purposeless or cut off from others is the result of your spiritual exhaustion. If you are a spiritual person then make your routine. Follow your religious routine, you can have a spiritual discussion with yourself.

You can take any such activity which will guide you again and help you move forward.

It is a good idea to take support of it to motivate yourself from time to time. If you follow this then it maintains your spiritual activity as well as the energy which is used in your daily routine.

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Types of Rest You Need final conclusion

So far you have learned about 7 Types of Rest. If you are feeling lack of energy even after getting enough sleep, then pay attention to these rest also. By the way, if you follow all these Types of Rest once a week then it will be better.

Do I feel more rested? I am not miraculously restored and razor-sharp, but that’s not a realistic goal, or even the aim of the book. It is another week of poor sleep, but I feel as if I have a bit more in the tank than usual, which is pleasant.

I find it useful, too, to analyse what sort of tired I am, and to have a toolkit to address at least some kinds of fatigue.

If you want to know what kind of rest you need more, then pay attention to your activity. If you are not able to sleep properly, you are not able to stop yourself from unwanted thoughts or your sleep is not able to fulfil the lack of energy, then you need to follow all these types of rest.

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