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Different type of Aura Field color and their Effect on Personality – let’s know about yours

How our aura field affect our personality? Do you know very interesting fact about your aura field and how we can use it to understand our personality and work in specific field to get desired success or goal? Human body surrounded by invisible force field that is called aura field. It may be change with time and your mood, Aura color field and effect on personality is our Today’s topic about what human aura field actually do and how someone can understand his capability by reading aura force field. If you have strong aura field of positive energy then you can heal other problem just by emotion and Reiki a special healing process.

aura color field and effect on personality

Spread all around our body, it is a circle of electrical energy that continuously flows from our body. In other words, the need for oxygen to survive is surrounded by aura. On the basis of the color and density of the electrical energy coming from the other person, we can find out what he is thinking or thoughts in his mind is for you. It is very important to know what is Aura field color and its effect mean. Let’s know today how to know the nature of the person with the color of aura. It is a strange thing on the basis of which we are getting angry at the front or what is thinking about you, why change in aura’s color depends on her emotion and mood.

Other facts of Aura color and its effect

You are standing near a person and suddenly you start feeling that you should stand a little away from him, because you cannot feel comfortable in that situation. When you get away from it, you start feeling self-confident in yourself and comfortable. It would be like someone else’s entry into your Aura area is similar to the scope of attraction. When two other regions meet together, then they try to dominate each other.

Normal person has aura field more than 3 feet, whereas insect kites are up to 50 feet. Every human being exhibits the physical & spiritual sense of the other.

Aura color field and effect on personality

As you know we all are surrounded by an electrical energy that protect us from external energy. Its different colors show the difference in behave and health. Let us know the effect of different color of aura affects us. What is the effect of aura’s color and how we perceive the nature from different ancestors?

Aura color field and effect on personality – various types of special strength

# 1 red color

With the influence of the color red, the person is excited, adventurous and always different from everybody. Such people are adventurous in food, roaming, and in sexual relationships with their partner. People with such personality are always looking for new ones.

Such people are going to get angry at any point of time soon and are going out of their own control. But when they are called for help, forgetting everything and helping them.

The people whose aura cover in the red color are not very sick, because they are strong in physical and spiritual (mental) form. Most players will meet you in this aura field. But their bad habit is that they soon begin to feel boring with some work. And rush behind new hobby, work, and relationships. Despite all this, if they enter any work, they achieve unprecedented success.

The person who is surrounded by red colored eyes likes to look clean and as if they are there, nothing is hidden inside them. He does not like any kind of change in him. Such people cannot work in any team because they do not like taking orders from others, and for this reason they look different on their own. Area and its effect vary on different colors, you can easily find it.

# 2 Yellow – Aura color field and effect on personality

If the yellow color shows in Aura, then such people are analytical, logical and intelligent. Such people go ahead in the line of teaching and study, who later make their career in the inventors and the scientific thinking person. Their greatest privilege is the ability to maintain mood in work and relationships.

They are hard-working people. Such people are happy in their company and do not suffer from loneliness, although their health is not mentally strong, due to which they can suffer from stress. The communication skills of such people are excellent, on which they can inspire other people. They are full of self-confidence with the ability to motivate their work, their thinking and others.

People of this aura field can read the ideas of other people, because their analyst power is fantastic. Such people do not like to make more friends. Not only this, even those who become their friends should also have the qualities of same aura field. They are heart-to-hearted and they use mind in an odd situation. Apart from this, they work by combining conventional and unconventional methods with basic notion.

For some, this may be crazy, for some, the wise decide for their way of working. The biggest drawback is that they can only help them with their level of people in the opposite conditions.

# 3 pink aura

What is the effect of pink Aura color field and effect on personality? Those who are pinkish are nature-loving people, they are very good and dear ones themselves. They have ability to make friends in any situation even in odd condition. They are good with health and they are also good for catering. Such kind of peoples active in social program and services.

People with pink color aura field are very romantic if they get true love, then they are loyal to them throughout their life. Apart from all this, it is helping others and naturally HEALER. At the same time, their mental power is more vigilant than others, due to which they are more sensible than others. Apart from this, they hate injustice, discrimination. For which they themselves retreat from sacrificing.

Such people are the disciplines follower and strong will. They are not distracted by others due to their wealth and moral qualities.

# 4 Green Aurora – Aura color field and effect on personality

People who surrounded by Green Auras and its effects are the masters of creative art and works hard. Because of it, these people are connected to the land and never see dreams beyond status that is what satisfies those who get satisfaction. Such people are more interested in gardening, eating and decorating the house. Apart from this, they are sensitized about wear and decoration.

Such people become popular among others, and respected by peoples. It made them to become the owner of most successful business, which can earn more prosperity and respect. Such people adopt security, sustainability and balanced in their life. These people do any work by planning, due to which there is no scope for mistakes and losses.


Do you know amazing fact about this Aura color field and effect on personality? People of this type of aura field have social and liberal ideas. They never like to be the center of attraction and are respectful and liberal thoughts. Such people are suffering from others’ pain, other’s feeling of happiness, and very sensitive. Because of which, soon they understand the feelings of others and their sufferings. To make others feel comfortable, QUALITY is only in the ORANGE AURA people. These people are full of confidence with the specialty of their influence on others.

The lack of such people is that they are very impatient, due to which there is not much delay in relationships and work. According to them the haste should be seen in the work and should not be taken care of their consequences.


Such people are mentally strong and are quick to understand the feelings of others. They are also mysterious and politician. Their curiosity is never lost knowing new information and they always learn something new. Because of this, they are full of detailed knowledge that make them rich in information.

Such people choose their friends in terms of thinking but respect, loyalty and respect in friendship. Such people are beyond the understanding of someone, but once they get the right PARTNER, they are much respected in their life. These people mix well with nature and animals. Because of being habitual towards animals, they understand them soon. Because of their very special status, they do not get away from anyone.

# 7 The effect of blue color aura field

People with strong talent are surrounded by this other. In this way the people of Aurora and its effects are rare and because of this, this color is more special than the rest of the color because this person has many personality talents. Most people are writers, politicians, and poets whose method of speaking is inspiring for everyone.

Their specialty is to present the matter well and make its impact. Under any circumstances it is good to use the heart and mind properly. Their motivation for others as a worker makes them different from others.

The owner of this Aura color field and effect on personality can also control the anger in the odd situation, the truth is, and ownership of relationships and ownership of clean transparent nature is the owner of blue aura field.

Their shortcomings are that they do not give importance to the other work and do not care for the relationships in the work cycle.

# 8 golden color aura field and its personality

Beauty junkies and artists are the owners of this aura. Such people like to adopt good things in their life. They love to entertain others. Despite being the center of attraction of the crowd, they do not express it. Such people are rich in attractive personality and prefer to be the center of attraction for others, for which they draw attention to themselves and others. Due to being a lot of friends, they like to give time and respect.

Such people of golden color Aura color field and effect on personality are good listener to others, because of which they feel comfortable in front and feel themselves important to others and prefer to spend more time. Such people do not like to hear criticism and flaws of themselves. Apart from this, these people are full of ego.

# 9 White or Bright Aura color field and effect on personality

They are full of extraordinary talent. Based on their psychic capacity and spiritual thinking, they bring them into practical life. Such people are found in either field of teaching or consultation. Understanding versatility and adverse in these situations makes them special. Such people become the center of attraction very soon, but they are very choosy in making friends.

People with White Aurora and its effects are attractive in appearance and are seen in the eyes of incredible and lucky people. Such people quickly achieve success.


Light brown color of Aura color field and effect on personality expresses entangled and discouraged qualities in thoughts. The lack of confidence in ourselves can be seen in the work.

The dark brown color shows the selfish nature, the person seeking the subtlety in others.

# 11 Black Aura

This is the worst symbol that reflects the divinities, such as negativity, hatred, mostly ill and tense, and reflective nature.

Different aura color and its effect on human personality – final world

In this post we have to know different aura color field and effect on personality hope you like this post and enjoy this full article. If you think anything shared here match with your personality please comment and let us tell what you think about it. Be a part of mycleversupport for latest update.

credit : how aura color affect human nature and mood

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