aura colors meaning chart
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How to Read someone behavior with Aura Colors Meaning Chart simple Guide

If you have looked at a person carefully for some time, a bright light must have appeared around them. This type of situation can be experienced right in the winter days. Look around someone standing in the sun. First a bright layer will appear around his body, which later gets converted into a colors. This is called Aura energy field. Human body aura colors can be felt in some people at a distance of 2 feet and in others at a distance of more than this. Aura colors meaning chart is used to understand behavior with color formed in auric energy field.

Whatever we think and pass through emotion, our Aura energy field is formed. Our positive energy aura can tell many things about us without saying such thought, emotion and thinking, mindset and all this because sensitive or psychic expert can sense your psychic energy. There are lot of techniques to see Aura around the human body.

aura colors meaning chart

It can accurately assess any type of human body aura colors field. This is called scanning and Reiki healer also uses it in many places. To understand any Aura energy colors meaning, first of all you have to learn its 3 levels. Basic colors then its shade and finally whether it is light or dark one has to know about it. Let us know about Person aura colors and meanings and how to see it.

Now you may have question how can I tell what my aura is. Here follow this step. Without moving your eyes, scan the outer perimeter of your head and shoulders. The colour you see surrounding your head and shoulders is your aura. Another way to find your aura is to stare at your hands for approximately one minute. The glow you see radiating from the outside lining of your hands is your aura

What is Aura colors meaning chart

Mostly people ask an expert is aura colors and what they mean. Here you can understand aura is a type of field that cover our whole body and their colour represent or nature and behavior. There is a basic science of Aura around human body.

If you think that our aura energy field determines our personality, then you are thinking wrong. In fact, like the thinking and emotion we have, the same auric field energy is continuously released from our body. Have you ever thought that while meeting a person, our mind gets excited many times or gets scared with unintentional fear?

Many times we feel insecure as soon as we come near some people without asking anyone and everything becomes normal as soon as we go away from them. Why so? It is the human body aura colors field that recognizes the mind of others through their auras. Everybody can learn the basis of different colors the special things related to any person.

Aura colors meaning chart help us to understand different kind of color and their meaning. Aura color chart explore different meaning of colors and shades. You can easily understand your emotion, feeling and thought according to the colors of chart.

Human body aura colors meaning

There is an electromagnetic auric energy field around any living things. If we talk about human body it means not only a physical body alone. There are many such invisible fields all around it which can only be felt. Aura energy is spread up to a distance of 2 feet from any person’s body, which is known as Human aura energy field.

All these have different levels such as astral body, physical body, vital body and etheric body along with all these there is Aura body. The auric field energy is formed according to the mood or emotion we have. In simple language, whatever we think, it keeps on flowing around our body through this electromagnetic aura.

Its aura that can make us feel a lot about a person without even speaking to him. Its different colors tell different things and on the basis of this colors therapy works. Let’s talk about Human aura colors and their meanings.

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How to See Your Aura Colors

If you want to see your aura, you can use aura colors meaning chart with some specific techniques such as peripheral vision technique or focus technique to train yourself. After continuously looking in the mirror for a long time, you start seeing an electromagnetic aura around your body.

You can use 2 techniques for this at home itself.

  1. In the first technique, take a full body length mirror and stand in front of it. It would be better if the light is low.
  2. In the second technique, take a black board and place your hands on it.

When you do this, then you start seeing a human body aura colors around your body parts. When you try to look at it carefully, then a layer starts appearing in it. It is very important for you to be calm while doing this exercise. The more you keep yourself focused, the more clearly you can see.

You can understand it more with Aura colors meaning chart. Different colors represent your mood, emotion and feeling. Let’s focus on How to see a person’s aura?

When you start recognizing the colors in the aura, then you can use it to understand the human body aura colors field. Stand a person in front of a white wall and watch him for a long time. During this, you will start seeing a circle of energy around that person.

Then to move the medium slowly, if you are able to feel the person as well as his aura moving, now you are able to see it. In many situations, human aura colors also changes with moving to different places. The more your mood and emotion swing, the more it changes.

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Step by step guide to see human body aura colors

If you want to see Aura energy of a person or yourself, then simply start with feeling it. Take a deep breath with a calm mind. What physical sensations do you feel when you are with someone or yourself. What do you feel during this? During such a situation, we experience excitement, fear, or any other kind of emotion. The more sensitive we are, the more clearly we can experience.

There is another way in which we see the Aura around the human body through peripheral vision. Due to constantly looking towards a light, we start seeing some colour in that light. If there is a need for this, then keep looking balanced.

Apart from this, there is another way that we associate ourselves with Aura colors meaning chart. Take a book and put it on the table. The wall behind it should be completely white. Now close your eyes, take a deep breath and look around the book. Slowly you will find that a bright strip has started appearing all around the book. Although it is a very thin layer, but if you look carefully, you start feeling it.

When this is done then go ahead and mix different colors. Try to identify different colors between them. It creates the ability to understand the psychic energy in you.

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Aura Colors and Their Meanings

The aura energy field of any person reveals his thoughts, feelings and dreams. If you want to understand the Meaning of different aura colors then you should study Aura colors meaning chart, Reiki healing or color psychology. The color, shade, light of our Aura energy field is different.

Different shade of aura and chakra

All the living things that are there, they all radiate an auric energy field. Only gifted people and trained expert in the healing arts can identify and manipulate such auras with the help of its special vibrations and colors.

The Aura we see around the human body or the electromagnetic aura is one of our 10 energy fields of human body. Following are the ways to identify it;

  1. Identifying the primary human body aura colors
  2. Identifying the shade of the aura
  3. Third, identify what kind of light it is

In normal situation we can understand only the above things like nature of person but when it comes to its shade, light then we are able to study at advance level and understand in detail. A Reiki healer understands the inner problem of any person and guides it right on the basis of this. Let us know in detail about Person aura color meanings.

Aura colors meaning chart help us to understand Different types of Human aura colors and what does each color aura mean. A person’s Aura energy field can have many different colors. This situation is seen very rarely that a person’s aura should be of only one color. Usually at least one predominant color i.e. main color is definitely seen in it.

Rainbow Auras

People who work as a channel of energy transfer such as Healer, psychic or medium have their Rainbow color auras. These people work on the body’s energy fields, due to which spirituality nature develops in them. It is believed that these human body aura colors connect the person to the spiritual frequency of the fifth dimension.

This kind of high energy frequency requires bright and shiny auric field energy to be sustained. This reason makes them different and attractive from others. They have some identity and you can easily find out it with the help of aura colors meaning chart.

Brilliant colored stripes you must have seen colorful auras on the back of the head and hands of the spiritual person (in the movie and in the photo) this is a sign of the healer’s rainbow aura. Such people who are very highly spiritual, their aura is of Rainbow color. The strip around it is very shining.

Pale rainbow colors if a person’s aura is yellow instead of bright, then that person is walking on the path of true enlightenment. When a seeker starts the process of awakening, then his Aura energy field is like this. Such a person is not completely spiritual but is growing on that path.

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Yellow and Gold Aura Energy Meaning

Aura colors meaning chart tells a lot about Yellow Aura Energy Meaning, one of the Human aura colors. The psychic energy field of this color is seen all around the people who believe in cognitive honing and discipline. The more people of this nature are involved in philosophical matters, the more their electromagnetic aura becomes deeper.

Brilliant gold auras can be seen in those who struggle with important issues in their life and try to understand their identity in this world. Such people have to face love and hate from time to time. If seen, most of the ups and downs in their life are related to their identity.

Blue and Indigo

Blue color is seen by connecting with self-confidence. People who have very strong blue aura lights are strong and calm individuals. Such people are able to make their mark in those places where other people give up. Rich people of blue auric field energy are incredibly intuitive and show disciplines during human interaction.

If a person has any kind of psychic ability, then he is the owner of extremely strong blue aura lights. They are quick to read the mind of others and have a brilliant mind. This type of human body aura colors are mostly experienced by people during Tratak meditation.


This kind of positive aura energy belongs to those people who are eccentric i.e. suddenly behave strangers. This psychic energy field is seen in people who work out of line. It is quite rare to meet mainly in dominant aura color, but those who do have the courage to do something new apart from their status. This color shows the struggle life of a person, the deeper the more the struggler.

This is not some kind of negative aura color. The aura of this color is seen in people who have artistic abilities and are seen on special occasions.

Orange color meaning in aura colors meaning chart

Brilliant orange auras means active aura energy and it is seen in those people who are of vigor and vitality nature. Such people do well to see personal performance such as athletically competitive or in a competitive area.

The rich people of such human body aura colors who consistently give better performance than other people are the owners of strong orange auras.

Brown and Tan

Those who struggle in logical and methodical aspects of life, their human body aura energy field is of this color. Apart from this, these people are also able to handle the emotional situation better.

People who have this specialty are considered to be very stable in life. They know what they are doing and their decisions taken in the right way give them the same result which they think beforehand. Aura colors meaning chart define all positive and negative vibes we can feel.

Violet and Lavender

People who have the deeper purple aura light, the more spiritually free they are. Very soon such people are able to achieve spiritual freedom which is the luck of very few people.

Such peoples are considered to be the most sensitive and they can understand the feelings of others better than them. This is the reason why they are considered to be guides.

White and Crystalline

People who have strongly developed spiritual awareness, their auric field energy color is like this. Most spiritual leaders such as yogis, life counsellors, and other gurus develop this Aura energy field. These human body aura colors are mostly considered a symbol of the spiritual path.

Deep meaning of Black color in aura colors meaning chart

Many people keep a wrong concept in their mind about this color. In their view this is a negative aura light whereas in reality it is not. People whose electromagnetic aura is of this color are surrounded by some kind of veil of protection.

This prevents them from meeting other people. People who have emotions like worry and fear, their aura is of black color which is not negative in any way.

What aura colors meaning chart define final word

We are all surrounded by an Aura energy field protection. People who have personal troubles, their Aura colors have the quality of being different from others. On the other hand, the personality of a balanced life, they are rich in virtual rainbow of aura colors and their aura attracts others towards them.

Now you can also understand aura colors meaning chart on the basis of human body aura colors and their meanings. Any person’s Aura can give basic information about him. The more sensitive you are, the more you can read and understand the auric field energy. Modern science has made a lot of progress and Aura around the human body can also be seen with the help of special camera.

No aura can be decided on the basis of positive energy aura and negative energy aura. Aura around the human body is seen the same way as our emotions will be. If a person’s aura is very dark black in color, then it does not mean that he is surrounded by negative thinking. We also get to see this electromagnetic aura in those people who have a strong defensive shield.

As we have thinking and emotion, similar aura energy is released, on the basis of which we interact with other people.

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