Moon gazing Tratak meditation

moon gazing tratak meditation and its surprising health & spiritual benefit you must know about it

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Moon gazing Tratak meditation is one among spiritual practice of Trataka. It has many advantages over other Tratak and effect on the seeker. Moon gazing can be performed in step by step and achieve desired results. It is best ever practice for those who have calm nature. Sometimes we can see some change in our […]

share your spiritual experience

Is it true that if you share your spiritual experience with others, it is harmful for further progress in the spiritual life?

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If you do spiritual practice like meditation, tratak and tantra mantra ritual, then it is may be necessary that you have some problems with which you need a master. If you do not have any master or guide, then it becomes very difficult to decide who with whom to share the experience of ritual and […]

cheapest vashikaran service

looking for cheapest vashikaran service online, beware and understand its hidden trap

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Everybody looking for vashikaran service to fulfill their desire and complete wishes. It is probably a perfect solution for all your problems but how much vashikaran service cost? How we can get the cheapest vashikaran service online from a genuine expert? Vashikaran is a spiritual art but now a day’s fraud baba make it a […]

multiple personality disorder

Multiple personality disorder or trap of the bad soul strange fact and hidden secret behind it

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Many time we experience some people with split personality disorder / multiple personality disorder cases. There is some multiple personality disorder symptom that can be found in a patient. It happens due to dual vocal phase present in our throat muscles. Is there any relationship with supernatural experience? Sometimes people say it is due to […]

Vashikaran by candle Tratak

How to perform most powerful vashikaran with candle tratak meditation – easy but effective guide

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Everyone has to be embarrassed and to do vashikaran on someone because the concept of the people has become the same that everything is possible with vashikaran. By taking advantage of this thing, fraudsters of Vashikaran easily loot you. If you try a little bit, you can easily influence your life by using this effective […]