Trataka meditation

Beginner Guide on how to do Bindu Tratak Meditation for first time with experience

how to do bindu trataka meditation sadhna with amazing personal development ? How to do bindu tratak meditation sadhna? Do you know easiest way to experience bindu trataka (yogic gazing) sadhna benefit in Hindi? Benefit of bindu trataka is amazing also it is easy and simple way to develop personality. interested to do bindu trataka sadhna in Hindi read this article carefully. We have some amazing idea and tricks to do bindu trataka. People mostly looking for mirror trataka or candle trataka but they don’t have any idea how to do it easily. Ancient method of concentration; focus at object is trataka. many personal as well as mental level development can be achieved by bindu trataka.

bindu tratak meditation sadhna

By fixing the gaze the restless mind too comes to a halt. It is said also that control of the ciliary (blink) reflex stimulates the pineal gland, which Kundalini Yoga identify with the third eye. Trataka is said to enhance the ability to concentrate. It increases the power of memory and brings the mind in a state of awareness, attention and focus. By bindu trataka we can improve subconscious mind working, concentration, focus on object for long time and much more. Read this article for easy guide on bindu trataka meditation.

Bindu tratak meditation sadhna

Bindu tratak is best way for personal development as well as mental health. It can be done early morning for best result. If you want to do it in rest of day time make sure room is covered from natural light. Basic kind of trataka all practice should be done with room light.

Bindu trataka meditation:

People who meditate since a long time and getting no benefit should practice bindu tratak. It is easy than meditation but also has lot of amazing experience and benefit. If you practice bindu tratak in easy steps, you can get amazing benefit within 1 month. Just follow below easy steps to do bindu tratak meditation. Basically trataka is one of best ancient yogic method to improve eyesight and concentration.

Bindu trataka meditation – first week:

First week is beginning of tratak so you must try to adjust your eye on board without any problem. Most of us suffer from eye problem during bindu or any tratak, so if you don’t want any problem like water in eye. Dry eye and focusing on any object for long time etc. try this technique to get rid from side effect of tratak.

  1. Sit on a cushion or blanket; remember you must sit in relaxed position so no extra need to adjust your eye for bindu tratak board.
  2. Close eye for few seconds and relax your mind.
  3. Now open your eyes and gaze black point or bindu of board.
  4. First time you can’t open eye more than 10-15 seconds, so don’t try to open eye forcefully.
  5. Be natural and try to make your practice naturally. For this open eye and gaze on point. When eye goes to blink and cant open anymore close eye and relax. Repeat this action for 15-20 minutes.

Second week – bindu trataka amazing practice:

Spending some days your eye now can gaze on point naturally for long time. It’s time to forward one step and enhance your self-confidence. While gazing if you feel your mind become zero from thought, try to give some spontaneous message to mind like ‘I am feeling my self-confidence become develop’, ‘My mind become thoughtless’, ‘I can do what I want’ etc.

Second week of bindu tratak meditation sadhna used to develop self-confidence. Change in color of black point to lighten indicates your self-confidence is now increase and new energy flow in body. Mostly this week should be practiced for building self-confidence. You can simply gaze or think about some above idea to develop self-confidence.

Bindu tratak meditation sadhna – third week:

Follow this step only when you completely build self-confidence successful. third week of bindu tratak meditation sadhna can be used for some amazing thought for desired change in your subconscious mind. Desired change means your motto. If you are doing trataka for develop self-confidence by bindu tratak suggest some idea while gazing on board like ‘I can do it’, ‘I can do what I want’, these suggestion should be given in spontaneous way. Spontaneous thought help us to ignore rest of unwanted thought.

Fourth week – bindu trataka meditation:

After three week of practice you can see changes in yourself. Now you can do things without any hesitate. People can easily affect with your personality. You are now become more attractive, calm. You can easily concentrate on any object without any problem or side effect.

If you are looking for best way to improve personality development bindu tratak can be best option for you. Just note your weakness and suggest positive attitude of these points to your subconscious mind, and see how easily you can get rid from these weakness and become a attractive person.

Bindu tratak meditation benefit:

Bindu trataka has lot of many amazing benefits. bindu trataka develops us on both personal and mental level. There is some of benefit listed below

  • Bindu tratak develop our personality.
  • Get rid from hesitation.
  • Bindu trataka develop Strong will-power and thinking-power.
  • you can easily get rid from unwanted thought.

bindu tratak meditation sadhna experience:

You can experience some of below experience during tratak. Lets discus what can we experience in bindu tratak, also their meaning.

  • Lighten black point : if you experience lighten black point on board it means you are good going. Keep your practice daily. Lighten black point is symbol of increment in self-confidence.
  • Sudden change in size of dot (bindu) : If you experience in sudden change in size of bindu congrats! It’s a good indication that your subconscious mind is now being activated. But in beginning you can feel some problem like zero thought and suddenly appearance of bindu Gonne normal.

bindu tratak meditation sadhna pdf in Hindi

are you looking for download bindu tratak pdf in Hindi also tratak pdf download in Hindi. Visit sachhiprerna our Hindi blog for download tratak pdf free, also can read amazing article on subconscious mind.

Sign of success in bindu trataka:

Is trataka getting completed? its our parameter of need that completed in trataka. doing trataka daily for eyesight improvement and you get benefit in eyesight that doesn’t mean bindu tratak completed. have question how to know if bindu trataka practice is completed just make sure what is your basic target to achieve through bindu trataka. When you get success in it can stop further practice but do it time to time so its effect reflect in yourself.

So guys now you can feel how easy trataka is practice with amazing benefit. If you want to read bindu tratak meditation in Hindi visits our Hindi blog sachhiprerna-complete personal and spiritual development.

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