Bindu tratak meditation
Trataka meditation

How to do Bindu Tratak Meditation Benefits, Experiences with How Actually it Increase Your Concentration

simple and easy practice of how to do Bindu tratak meditation sadhna. What is bindu tratak, size of bindu image and benefit of trataka also what is its spiritual benefit of tratak. Today let’s talk about all these special things. If you want, you can also download bindu tratak pdf in the download zone of the blog. In this post of How to perform dot gazing meditation, we will talk about how bindu tratak acts as a base for all trataks.

If you have been doing tratak for a long time but are not getting good experience, then once for 15-20 days do Bindu tratak, then you will definitely get success by practicing the tratak sadhna you want.

Bindu tratak meditation

in the beginning of trataka meditation we must start with dot gazing tratak, just as you cannot go to second without being successful in first class, similarly bindu trataka play an important role in all trataka meditation. This solves the problem of our eyes. And if any problem in the eyes like watery or blurred vision goes away.

This practice is the initial practice of all Trataka, because only with this we are able to progress to the next stage, in other words, we enter the state of Tratak. Bindu Tratak should be practiced in a quiet and clean room where there is pure air of vitality.

What is Bindu tratak meditation?

Often the question of people remains that how can one get good experiences in short time in Tratak? Such people want to take the mental and spiritual benefits associated with Tratak in the shortest possible time. In such a situation, if we do such a practice in the beginning which will make you worthy of practicing Tratak? The only purpose behind getting Bindu tratak meditation sadhna done first is that

  • Avoid some side effect of Trataka.
  • It take less time to experience great result.
  • It help us to take advantage of personal, psychic and spiritual growth.
  • How to take care of eyes properly?
  • How to make body and mind fit for meditation.

For all these reasons, we advise our readers to do Bindu tratak meditation and yoga pranayama first.

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What happen when we start from Dot gazing meditation?

If you start with Bindu tratak meditation, then it gives you many benefits such as balancing your body and mind, keep your mind engaged in sadhana, having the right experience in a short time, etc. that’s why everyone should start from the Dot gazing meditation. If you do this, then you not only get relief from the difficulty in Tratak sadhna, as well as you start adapting physically and mentally to the sadhna.

Just as before any big practice, some such exercises have to be done which make us capable of great practice, in the same way Bindu tratak meditation sadhna makes us capable of any higher level of Tratak. Let us know how to start Bindu tratak meditation in the right way.

How to practice Bindu tratak meditation sadhna correct way

  • Sitting on the asana, calm the mind and remain still, after that comfortably focus your eyes on the point. When the mind is calm then we see the point comfortably and correctly.
  • Do not stare at the point. Look at it normally with your eyes. Initially, watch it only for 10 seconds because it causes dryness in the eyes and they start making you uncomfortable.
  • If you look forcefully, it can make you uncomfortable with practice. So watch it comfortably.
  • After a few days of practice, you are able to see normally for a longer time. When the practice increases, then we feel that a wave of light is coming out of the eyes and is encircling the point.
  • Gradually it becomes brighter. And when we practice, the point starts appearing bright not black.
  • This color show your confidence is increasing and you can focus more and more with practice.

After this, when more days are passed, then wherever we look with a calm mind, a wave of light is felt coming out of the eyes.

Some simple steps you can do from begining with dot gazing meditation

  • First put a chart on the wall. Put cello tape on the corner of the chart. Put such cello tape on the corner to form the chart stick. The chart has got to be kept very straight. There shouldn’t be any shrinkage within the chart. Should be absolutely flat.
  • Now take a sketch pen. Draw little Circle (‘Bindu’ or ‘Point’). The tiny circle (point or ‘Bindu’) is to be drawn with the sketch pen on the chart at such an area in order that there’s no problem in ‘Bindu tratak meditation’.
  • The point should be exactly parallel to the eyes. Keep some extent with maximum diameter of two mm.
  • The practitioner who wants to try to ‘Bindu tratak meditation’ must be one meter aside from the chart.
  • Now do your posture at a distance of 1 (How to try to Bindu (Dot) Tratak?)
  • Now sit on the pedestal (Posture).
  • Care is usually taken that on the posture, we sit in ‘Sahaj asana Mudra’.
  • The spine should be straight.
  • Take some soft cloth.
  • When you do Bindu tratak meditation meditation there’s also itching within the eyes, burning sensation, and tears. So we don’t need to scratch our eyes during this situation. But wipe it lightly with a soft cloth.
  • Keep in mind that your distance should be one meter from point.
  • The point on the chart should be placed at an area which is at the extent of your eyes.
  • Many people need to think that we should always keep an outsized point with a 1-inch diameter or keep a 2-inch diameter but don’t keep a really big point.
  • Keep some extent with maximum diameter of two mm.
  • Only you’ve got to ascertain this blue dot. Don’t consider anything while doing Tratak and don’t look here and there. Just consider the dot (Bindu).
  • Is just you and is that the blue dot. There’s nothing aside from this.
  • And know one thing, the place where you’re practicing the trot point shouldn’t be very windy, that is, choose such an area where there’s no wind on your eyes.
  • Due to this, if the wind blow are going to be considerably on the eyes, then there’ll be some problems within the eyes and therefore the eyes will blink.
  • The fan shouldn’t be run within the room where you’re practicing Trataka. There’s no atmospheric pressure within the eyes.
  • Look at the purpose carefully without blinking your eyelids.

For as long as you’ll see, the purpose (Bindu) has got to be seen in ‘Bindu tratak meditation’.

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Bindu tratak meditation interesting fact

It is the beginning of all trataka practice, this is because only by this we can easily enter other states. If we want to understand in simple words, then we are able to establish that harmony in our mind and brain which is necessary in Tratak. Without this, if we do other exercises, then the chances of success remain 90%.

This is just because we are not prepared for beginning and small steps, entering the high-level stage will not be able to harmonize our body and mind. If you also want to awaken your subconscious mind with Tratak, then never directly do other exercises like Shakti chakra Tratak, mirror Tratak, candle gazing Tratak, the experiences that are experienced are going to happen suddenly. Your brain can become entangled in those experiences.

Bindu tratak meditation meditation FAQ

1 Why should we do Tratak?

Ans Trataka is such a practice that everybody can do household, students, seekers, employees all can do Tratak.

2 What is that the advantage of doing Trataka?

Ans It results in mental development. And memory is additionally increasing.

3 In what percentage ways can ‘Trataka’ be done?

Ans ‘Trataka’ are often wiped out some ways. A number of it’s like this. ‘Bindu tratak meditation’, ‘Tratak on the Law of Candle’ is additionally done, ‘Mirror Trataka’, ‘Tree Tratak’, ‘Sun Tratak’, Moon Tratak, Lamp (Deepak) Tratak, etc.

4 In ‘Bindu tratak meditation’, why make dots smaller?

Ans The sight that comes from the eyes within the sort of Teas comes out like rays of sunshine within the sort of light and therefore the rays are opened up, so once we attempt to collect the rays at some point and therefore the smaller the purpose If the rays emanating from the eyes are concentrated during a small space, then those rays become equally powerful.

That’s, the rays that begin of the eyes within the sort of ‘Tejas’ and if we practice to concentrate it on the littlest point, then it affects our mind. So by this, the mind also becomes fearless and powerful. And it’s important to be fearless in life.

5 Why students should do Tratak?

Ans Increase memory power, the brain’s microscopic cells develop. Concentrate power increases.

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Benefits of Tratak

  • Practicing tratak meditation make the eyesight
  • The weakness of the eyes is removed.
  • The eyes get used to the practice of Tratak.
  • The mind remains calm
  • We connect with ourselves more and more
  • Improved memory and increased IQ
  • Better control over thoughts and feelings
  • An unprecedented increase in self-worth
  • Enhanced sense of general well-being
  • A more open and friendly attitude generally

Then we realize that the power we needed for our meaning is nothing more than this bliss. Only then it is realized that those who hold the power understand its responsibility.

We always keep trying for Tratak and their problem solution. So you can share your any problem with us. For this you can contact us both through comment and inbox.

Is Tratak dangerous?

The greatest danger during this practice is that you simply may become impatient. You may try too hard to realize faster results. But remember, things take time. And, you’ll beat everything but time. So, twiddling my thumbs. Trying an excessive amount of timely can affect your eyes also as your psychological state.

Before starting your practice, you want to know certain things because the start is that the hardest and therefore the trickiest part.

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Tratak vs. Meditation: What’s the Difference?

People often have question like what to do between trataka and meditation? most of people prefer trataka meditation and this is why it gives great result in short time. Let’s discuss more about both of them and how they work.

Tratak (Concentration)

When you fix your consciousness on an object and that’s exactly what we neutralize Tratak when your total energy flows towards that time only, and you become unavailable to everything else that’s concentration.

The ability to concentrate is extremely, vital for anybody craving success. And success is nothing but the entire of small things in our daily lives, such as:

  • Focusing on your studies so you’ll score better marks in exams.
  • Completing your weekly official report for this coming Tuesday.
  • Making healthier food choices to lose that last layer of stubborn fat off your waist.
  • No doubt, having a solid concentration helps with worldly activities.

But concentration isn’t meditation because concentration takes you from the within (your core) to the surface (the world), while meditation does the precise opposite.

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Meditation (Awareness)

Meditation is nothing like concentration. Instead, it’s quite the opposite: where concentration ends, meditation begins. Concentration may be a dimension of the mind, whereas meditation is that the state you reach when you’ve transcended the mind. Otherwise you can say Concentration is mind and Meditation is No-mind.

Meditation is that the journey from the surface (the world) to the within (your core).

In Meditation (unlike concentration, during which you’re focused on a specific object), you become conscious of everything (within you and around you) simultaneously. And when it happens, you come to understand another interesting fact: you’re the watcher, not the doer.

For example:

When you eat, walk, or breathe, you stay aware that it’s the body that’s eating, walking, or breathing. Not you. Of course, you’re the one performing those actions through your body, but you’re not the body, you’re the one watching the body doing the movements.


When you think, you recognize it’s the mind that’s thinking, not you—you’re the one watching those thoughts. Clear as mud? Okay, let’s attempt to understand this with an analogy:

Suppose you’re driving a car.

Now, it’s clear that there are two different entities the car and you.

You’re the one shifting the gears, manoeuvring the wheel, keeping a secure distance from the vehicles, etc. But you’re not the car you’re the driving force.

The same is true for your body and mind. You’re the one operating the body and therefore the mind, but

You’re Neither the Body nor the Mind

You are the operator. So, meditation is that the state of being conscious of all that’s. It’s the belief that you’re neither the body nor the mind.

You’re the watcher, the witness, the ‘Sakshi.’ And, unlike concentration, meditation brings you in to your core. Let’s sum it up in these words:

  • Concentration helps you thrive within the world (the outside).
  • Meditation helps you grow spiritually (the inside).

And by the way, did you recognize that you simply experience a meditation-like state nightly once you sleep? Let me elaborate.

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Meditation is analogous to Sleep

Remember that dreadful night? When you were tossing and delivering your bed sleep was miles far away from your eyes? The more you tried, the more uneasy you felt. Seeing that, you tried harder, but nothing happened. And then, you quit struggling. Next thing you know you awakened within the morning refreshed!

The lesson?

You cannot force sleep to happen. You’ll only create the proper atmosphere: a comfortable bed, dim lighting, soothing music, etc., so sleep can come on its own. The important thing is that you simply enter a deep sleep only you’ve stopped ‘trying.’

In that sense, meditation is analogous to sleep. You’ll ‘be’ in meditation, but you can’t roll in the hay because ‘doing’ may be a dimension of the mind. So meditation happens when you’re beyond body and mind.

In other words:

When you’re ‘being’ and not ‘doing.’ Since we’ve understood Meditation and Concentration intimately and the way they differ, it’s time to debate Tratak intimately.

Basics of Tratak

Patience : Just like anything, improving concentration takes time. It can take 21 days to six months. Or maybe more to realize unwavering focus. It all depends on how intense your concentration was once you began. But, let me also warn you:

Tratak isn’t a fast fix : It’s not like you’ve had a headache, you swallowed a pill, and it’s gone. No. Doesn’t work like that. So, don’t expect any miracle by practicing it once on the night before your exam day. Which brings us to our next point.

Consistency You must be consistent if you’re serious about developing concentration. Don’t expect to progress if you’re employed for a few of days. Then hand over. And resumed after a month nothing will happen.

Remember: Practice doesn’t make one perfect; consistent practice does.

Make a schedule: Let’s say Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Or how about Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays? You opt. don’t have the time right now? Then put it on hold. Begin once you do.

Best Time : Most people believe that this Sadhana can (and must be) practiced only within the mornings.

Not exactly.

There’s no best time for it (except the Sun Tratak. More thereon later). It’s okay to practice within the mornings. But evenings or maybe afternoons are fine, too. Don’t fuss over the time of the day (or night). Just confirm you are doing it.

Diet : You don’t need any ‘special’ diet for this Bindu tratak meditation sadhna meditation. Stick with simple homemade food alongside fresh fruits and vegetables, and you’ll be fine.

Also, keeping yourself hydrated is vital because you’ll lose fluids within the sort of tears during your gazing practice. That concludes ‘The Basics,’ one must confine mind before starting. Since we’ve prepared the bottom for our Sadhana, it’s time to speak about a number of its different forms.

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Does Tratak improve eyesight?

Some defects in the eyes can be corrected through Tratak practice. If you think that it is not possible to cure the weakness of the eyes at a large level. If you have a large number of glasses, then you should avoid tratak.

If your eyesight is a little weak, then walking in the park can make you feel good.

Bindu tratak meditation sadhna -final word

This simple practice of Bindu tratak meditation has many different benefits. Bindu tratak meditation is the best of all other systems because the mind in which we spend years to practice. Through Bindu tratak meditation sadhna we can experience many things in less time. It is also considered to be the most beneficial because we can take physical, mental and spiritual benefits from it.

For the solution of any kind of problem related to Tratak, you can take information on the blog. A post related to this can also be published. If you have any question related to Bindu tratak meditation Sadhana in your mind then you can ask us.

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