Hidden secret of black magic and how to protect yourself from its dangerous effect

Black magic is most performed action against enemies and famous in every part of world. What is the side effect of black magic and how it harm others? Have any idea about people around you, they may perform black magic on you because of your wealth, popularity and many other reason like jealousy etc. black magic is not only a magic it is dangerous for both performer and medium. Some people use it on their relative but at last they pay a big amount from their life also so don’t use it without any special knowledge.

Black magic effect

Black magic has always been the subject of a tragedy, which has led to the life of people walking on its path. Black magic is the medium of transfer of negative energy. Because of which we send our negative energy to anyone and destroy their own biographical energy. But do you know that how much energy can there be in such a large amount of, how to keep the control inside it. And it can flow in the other. Today we try to understand the following points.

  • What is black magic and how it differs from white magic?
  • The theory of black magic, its influence on others,
  • Is it really work like that people told about it?
  • How to eliminate its effect,
  • How to protect yourself,
  • Black magic also has an impact on the subject who perform it,
  • And finally its secrets.

What is the Black Magic effect – what is magic actually?

The word magic is itself a mixture of many elements, chies (life force), which is very important to understand. Black Magic / Magic is made in common with the combination of worship, gestures, gestures and words. All of these concentrations are transferred from one medium to the other medium. These can be both cosmic (the subject of the individual’s own energy) and transcendental (second dimension, such as phantom folk or some other upper energy). Some of the things that are important in the process of magic are special position of the hand, pose, and group of instructions.

Black magic effect & White magic

The biggest difference in black magic and white magic is that the energy of dark magic is the energy of the transitory souls, the others and the white magic is a form of spiritual meditation, and spiritual energy. Black magic is used to show itself important, to control, or to power. Our world is tied in both nature. Why the opposite form of everything is the existence of it.

These definitions of dark magic have been reported on the book and internet, but in reality it has a deeper meaning than the truth, which is very important to understand. According to the hidden science behind it, there is the delusion of multi-dimensional energy which takes the ability to listen, see, and understand its effect. Our religious leaders have been giving us the knowledge of how to be protected from non-visible energy.

The magic can be understood in our spiritual form, which is a responsibility. For the welfare of human civilization, there were such great men from Sadio who are holding these powers responsibly. Perhaps because some people call them angels, it is a matter of surprising that the spiritual path of a person of the same understanding is different.

The principle of black magic effect

Black magic is mainly transfer of negative energy from one medium to another, which works on mental (psychic) concentration and bad thoughts. For black magic process, the karta itself has to bear the energy. That’s why black magic is harmful to others, much the same for the person himself. Black magic can work only when the subject adopts completely negative tendencies. For this, he renounces every work that makes us sattvik or spiritual.

How does this effect

By changing the negative energy of dark magic into psychic energy, pressures on the energy sector of the medium. In fact, when 2 energy collides with each other, which puts more pressure on its concentration, it dominates the other. When the negative energy of dark magic starts affecting the medium then in the beginning, that person starts feeling that energy around him because external negative energy tries to take his curriculum in our control. And finally he stuck in Black Magic effect.

In this way we can feel the degradation of our own energy. If black magic is of low level, then the control of energy is taken if the moli (spiritual cotton bud) or bud is placed in the house’s temple. As the negative energy starts to dominate us, we begin to feel lonely as much as the amount of negative energy that the chances of the energy become more and more. Which means we are seeing the energy body or shape directly.

Misuse of Human Civilization and Black Magic effect

There are many greedy people or high level religious teachers in human civilization who misuse this art. You have already learned about the dimension that the human brain and spiritual body meet in the fifth dimension. The physical body is anchor in the third dimension. With free will, we can produce the vibrations of our desires in third dimension, which we like. Such people make their identity different from the crowd. The greedy people started using this art of Dharmaguru (spiritual master) for selfishness, which was aimed at wealth, wealth and power. His motive was to take control of others, and seeing today, it seems that he has managed it too.

The result of all black magic effect process that most of our fourth dimension has been affected which is the dimension of the astral body. The wandering souls who drove them into freedom also became independent from their fourth dimension, and their weakness was human flesh and blood. In such a situation, any lower level tantric (black magic expert) can easily prove their own self in their control, because they all have negative energy.

How to reverse the Effect of Black Magic Back

It is said in the Gita that the soul is immortal if one understands this knowledge then it becomes free from the fear of death. From his experience he experiences this knowledge in depth. This raises the question of our existence. When we become aware of our existence then the negative energy of the third dimension is not afraid.

This brings us closer to spirituality. When we know how the energy of the other dimension gets stuck in our dimension. And it enhances our energy vibration (spiritual energy). Which overturns the effect of dark magic.

Identify the truth for yourself:

There are many such examples which describe such extravagant and spiritual things that we have been doing in this world at one time. A small group on our soil, in control of these energies, spreads chaos in the world (misuse of spiritual power and energy). Such people do not hesitate to play with the rules of nature.

It does not matter what people say to them that they can use any name like a monk, saint, astrologer, or ahghori. If you want to neutralize their effect, then first let’s know the truth of this, then why your life energy and self-power can neutralize big magic.

How important is energy protection and conservation

If our health is declining. This means our energy levels have come down. If we have to overcome the external effect, if we have to live a healthy life then the level of our life is right. For which regular meditation and enlightenment is the best medium? Where else the meditation enhances our vital energy level, that same enlightenment makes us realize our existence.

Energy protection and conservation also very important to reverse Black Magic effect because we understand ourselves by the knowledge of existence. Makes the secrets of the astral world accessible.

What Black Magic effect really is?

Black magic is primarily linked to the psychic power of the subject, so the more closely the doer is associated with the Black-magic, the stronger the effect it is. If you want to know the truth of someone, talk to him, go to him. If you talk to them, then their energy starts to surround your aura area. After talking for a while, if you feel yourself outside of your control, then if you cannot ignore the front, then understand that he is more powerful than you at spiritual and physical level.

When you go to such people, stand near them and feel uneasy energy in the environment. Because their area is more than the general area. Therefore, because of spending more time with them, you’re understanding of your ordering and self-thinking power starts diminishing.

Why black magic is dangerous:

It is dangerous in case of all the other magic because it affects more the person than it affects the medium, it is exactly the opposite of spiritual energy, so the level of black magic is as much a circumcision as it is. Black magic effect also affect who perform it like black magic expert who can control spirit or phantom.

Black magic expert or tantrik is the biggest example of it, they does not understand anything, and they can eat anything at all. In a way, their level of understanding becomes absolutely vanished. But still they do not misuse the black magic. (Except for a few castes who made money)

Black magic effect – final summary

All of us know that the more we live near spirituality, the more we our self-solve problem. Enlightenment makes us aware of the truth of the universe. Therefore, to avoid other negative energy, it is necessary to increase the level of positive energy. Regular meditation keeps us positive. And the right knowledge of something makes us capable of understanding it.

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credit : how to reverse black magic 

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