Black magic facts reality or myth
Vashikaran and Black Magic

Do You Have What It Takes Black Magic Facts Reality Or Myth Like A True Expert?

Have you ever heard about the origin of black magic? Where did black magic start and the way black magic is being brought in front of people today, was it like this from the beginning. We have heard that death can be avoided by black magic. There are many such things related to Black magic facts reality or myth which are not really what we think. Today we are going to talk about the top amazing black magic fact which you might not have heard like this before.

All the rumours that are spread about black magic in the world are not 100% true. The use of black magic was not wrong in the beginning, it started when its purpose became to earn money. In today’s time, to kill someone or make anything possible through black magic has become so dominant on us that knowingly unknowingly we call upon those paranormal powers which make us work but in the end we have to face its side effect.

Black magic facts reality or myth

Black Magic has traditionally mentioned the utilization of supernatural powers for evil or selfish purposes. In a big city or town, it’s going to not prevalent but during a small village or the outskirt of our country, it’s still prevalent. It’s impossible to mention that only orthodox or illiterate people believe this art, literally many educated peoples do too.

I have come across peoples who deeply believed in this act. It’s almost impossible to discuss with such person and telling them it was only a delusion, nothing else but by doing that I was taken as an atheist who was offending their beliefs

Black magic facts reality or myth

What we think about Black magic is nothing except an illusion. Regarding black magic, today we are going to share about the top myth & fact in which we are going to tell about the special information related to how black magic started. Black magic is only a magic not positive nor negative. its your purpose who claim this energy for self purpose. you can heal or destroy someone with black magic.

we think about black magic that only Negative work can be done through it but it is not so. In the early times, human diseases, which had no cure, were transferred to animals through black magic. It was used on animals and it was used in good works. Let us know about such top Black magic facts reality or myth related to it.

Is black magic really exist

Black magic is extremely real… but it’s rarely effective. Most of the people who want to use it are too unbalanced and unfocused to form it work and haven’t any real idea of the way to set about it, in order that they use a spell they found during a second handed paperback or make something up.

Here is that the facts: generally speaking, you can’t effectively curse or hex a stranger or name. You would like to possess established a pre-existing emotional reference to the target. You would like to possess legitimate cause to HATE that specific person thanks to harm they need directly caused yourself or persons you’re keen on. Without that connection and HATE a curse will fail and a hex are going to be weak.

This is not just something you cast during a single quick ritual and set about your day. Nope. You would like to feed a stream of continuous HATE at that person all day, every day, for weeks. The initial casting generates a fantastic amount of Power and can significantly drain your energy. It’s difficult, and you would like to pay the worth. lets know more about Black magic facts reality or myth reality or myth.

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Black magic was not so bad before

Today the image of black magic that is spreading among all of us is very bad and scary, but, was black magic like this from the beginning? No! In fact, the reason for the beginning of black magic was to invoke the powers of immediate effect, which were mainly used to cure diseases.

Even in the beginning, only animals were sacrificed, which was not considered as harmful as today’s level. Over time, greedy people associated it with evil and started to affect it on humans. The magic which was used to cure diseases is now being used for mutual enmity against people.

The history of black magic and voodoo has been seen for the first time in countries like India, Africa. Animals were sacrificed by the people of the tribe to cure human diseases.

You will be drawing your own blood and making a pact with a spirit, then you’ll be following up constantly until the target is substantially damaged. These curses destroy the target’s luck and cause distress and illness… death may be a common side effect, but the curse itself doesn’t cause death.

Auto accidents, falls, and suicide are the foremost common causes of death. Undiagnosed pre-existing medical conditions suddenly become acute. Drunks and hobos will attack at them and cars will swerve into their path. Way too many “random” occurrences to be coincidental. They’re going to be consumed with stress and dread… an “impending sense of doom.” such kind of Black magic facts reality or myth are rumored worldwide.

Once the magician discontinues feeding energy into maintaining the curse, it generally fades and dissipates, counting on if you used a spirit and therefore the nature of your pact. Sometimes the spirit doesn’t want to let it go… some targets are just that unlikeable. If they hurt you in such how, they’re likely hurting others also, and decide to continue hurting victims. The spirit you send may find this offensive.

Black magic means bad of others

Today if someone uses words like black magic, then other people look at him with strange eyes. Black magic does not always mean doing bad. Even today, black magic is used to prevent or cure diseases for which there is no cure. This is the amazing black magic fact related to this.

Have you ever seen a raw pot at a crossroads which has a red cloth cover and different things inside? Usually, people like to pass by while passing through the crossroads on seeing such things. They feel that someone has used some sorcery or black magic.

Not actually. This is done to avoid the disease of people who are suffering from incurable disease. Apart from this, if the killing is used on someone, then the powerful use of black magic is also used to avert it.

In order to avoid illness or death of the person who is being cured in black magic, the powers are put in that pot by performing a ritual. When another person teases or touches that pot, then he becomes possessed by that power.

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In black magic there is no redress but transfer

Often people believe that anything can be cured by black magic. When it comes to supernatural powers and mysterious souls, it is not so easy to eliminate them. Black magic expert can either stop these powers or transfer them to some other medium. It is not everyone’s business to find a permanent solution.

The energy that is invoked in black magic cannot be destroyed, by doing the process of transferring it, black magic experts send it to some other medium. Keeping it down at the crossroads is proof of this. Apart from this, it is also believed that by giving enjoyment to these powers, they can also do our work, but using it again and again can be harmful for us.

Black magic is always misused

Over time, black magic has become a medium to earn money. Such a science which was once used to save the lives of people, today it is working to spoil people. To move ahead in life and become rich in less time, there are many people who do not hesitate to do Illegal work through black magic.

There are many such people on Google who claim to kill anyone for money. Although most of these are frauds, but there are people who start the work due to incomplete knowledge, but instead of getting the work done, it gets spoiled.

If you use black magic with the help of some supernatural power, then there is a possibility that you will also get to see its side effect.

It also has a bad effect on the person doing black magic.

If you have contacted a tantric and talked about his fees, then you must have found that their fees are often high. Are the tantric who work with thousands of rupees really worth it? Let us once try to understand this thing in another way.

When a black magic expert solves someone’s problem, then he is first on the target of paranormal powers. The problem which experts solve, the same paranormal powers first try to harm them.

If you have had any experience of encountering any kind of supernatural forces with you, then you must have seen that experts put those supernatural powers either in some kind of bondage or in some medium. They cannot be destroyed and if they become free due to someone’s mistake, then they harm the one who puts them in bondage the most.

Now you decide whether money or life which one matter, still some people get rid of this kind of problem.

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Calling negative powers

Initially, the souls wandering around us were invoked for black magic, but today only evil forces are invoked. The biggest reason behind this is considered to be the greed to get the work done as soon as possible. The work will be done quickly and only the worst force should be left with little chance of survival.

Jinnat, black forces or such powers whose purpose is to find their host are most commonly used today. This was not the case in the earlier times and its use was limited, but today people don’t back down from using many types of killings which are really dangerous to remove mutual enmity. You all must have known about one of these Handiya or Nishidag

Black magic always leaves its effect

This one Black magic facts reality or myth is to show its effect of black magic in every situation. In modern era, if a normal person does another sadhna, then it is not sure whether he will get its results or not, but, in any case, the effect of black magic related sadhna or experiment is found in every situation, so it is necessary that its use can also have a positive effect on the seeker. Is negative as well.

In order to give quick benefits, people do such sadhna and despite of profit, they start doing harm. The biggest reason for this is that in black magic, first of all, Protection shield have to be made. Black powers very soon start giving results to the seeker, but controlling them is not possible for everyone.

If you are also thinking of using black magic under the greed of certain results, then first of all think about protecting yourself from its negative effects. There are many such stories to be read in which someone practice black magic and due to lack of guidance, he got himself harmed.

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Black magic facts reality or myth you must beware

Black magic and vashikaran show their effect most quickly, so it is the things to eat and drink. It is believed that negative energy has to be transferred to the medium through some medium. The external medium shows its effect with a delay because our subconscious mind provides a protective shield to the third eye chakra (our conscious and unconscious activity).

But when negative energy is transferred by mixing it with any food and drink, it first exerts its influence on the person’s discretion i.e. The command chakra and shows effect.

Once a person’s conscious stops working, we can easily bring the medium under our influence. If we attach some kind of negative energy to the medium, then it gets attached to it, which has been called to get rid of it and transferred that energy to some other place.

Vashikaran and black magic can be done easily through food items such as cardamom and sweets (especially white sweets). If the experiment is done by any external means, then this action can show its effect with a delay, but through food and drink it shows its effect in a very short time. Some Black magic facts reality or myth that matter is how they work and you must beware with them.

Amazing black magic fact – believe it or not

Today we are living in 21st century where most of the people do not believe in black magic. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t. Even today, science has many such mysteries that have not been solved, including shadow person, mysterious disease (which has no medical treatment) and to influence the person sitting far away with energy manipulation.

Although today we have started believing in distance healing but not the effect of black magic, whereas the same basic principle is used in both. In reiki, we can heal a person sitting far away with our energy and thought and also ill but how this happens, science has explained it in its own language.

Through black magic and vashikaran, Third eye of a person can be affected. It is also seen that the solution of the problem which seems impossible in science can be cured by black magic. Many times incurable disease in which death of the person is near is postponed. However it is not permanent and it is repeated from time to time.

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Amazing Black magic facts reality or myth – death is averted

In ancient times, black magic has been used to cure the symptom of death. But is it possible to become immortal through it? No at all! Black magic can prevent the problem coming on you and even death for some time, but it is not a permanent solution.

The witch control their age with the help of this. How much truth is there in this matter, it cannot be said, but it is estimated that to avoid her death, they performs special rituals. Not only this, even today in the village, has someone’s disease which cannot be cured in medical science also been cured for some time.

We can definitely avoid death through black magic but it is not a permanent solution. Time leaves its effect on the body. We cannot become immortal through black magic, nor can we hide the effect of time. Black magic cannot bring the dead people back to life.

Through this we can invoke a soul and put it in a dead body, can affect a human being through it, but the dead cannot be brought back to life through it. You can read about the sadhna that revives dead people like necromancy.

Black magic can never do any good

The biggest controversy of Black magic facts reality or myth is that black magic can never do any good. The black magic through which people were benefited in the beginning, today the same is being used to harm others. It is not entirely true that only people can be harmed by this, but those who make good use of it are rarely seen today.

Apart from doing bad things through this or taking out one’s enmity with someone, it takes effect sooner than other practice. Because of this, we do not hesitate to use it for any matters or to get out of any trouble.

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Black magic facts reality or myth – is it effective?

Those who keep practicing black magic, its negative effect is also seen on those people. Due to being in constant connection with black forces, they are also affected. Such people remain intoxicated and their ability to think and conscious also almost ends.

Such people who keep practicing black magic to earn money are not able to do it for more than a year. A person who had a very good grip in black magic started making but, within a year started realizing that as much as he sees in healing others, its effect has started on him himself. . Due to this realization, he left the practice and started earning money through betting matka numbers.

Are you safe from black magic?

The biggest Black magic facts reality or myth is we think that we can keep ourselves safe from black magic but in reality it is not so. We can save ourselves from the basic effect of black magic, but if someone has left a powerful effect then we need to be careful. people have lot of confusion because of Black magic facts reality or myth.

We can keep ourselves safe inside a circle by means of protective shield and keelan, but it does not mean that we will not have any problem with it in future. If somehow those mediums are removed which acts as a shield between us and the supernatural powers, then we may have to face the attack of evil forces back.

Although protection shield is a powerful medium to protect us but, we need to be careful about it. some Black magic facts reality or myth you must beware like We can transfer the black magic effect or we can make a distance, but if there is a powerful experiment or if there is a curse, then we are safe only inside the circle and with time their effect starts to wear off. This power sees the opportunity when we make a mistake and it dominates us.

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People who do black magic are slaves of evil forces

There is a lot of truth in this. The proof of this is the witch who keeps on worshiping black powers throughout her life. Such people who mostly keep invoking black powers, spend most of their time worshiping these powers.

One of the amazing Black magic facts reality or myth is the difference in thinking. Most of the people think that tantric and black magic expert make these powers their slaves but in reality slowly these powers make them their slaves. You can understand one of the best examples of this here.

A person who gets his work done by giving enjoyment to negative powers and that power starts doing his work. It seems that evil powers are his slave, but the reality is that when that person does not enjoy those powers from time to time, then he starts getting loss instead of benefit.

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Black magic facts reality or myth final word

Like its counterpart magic, the origins of sorcery are often traced to the primitive, ritualistic worship of spirits as outlined in Robert M. Place’s 2009 book, Magic and Alchemy. Unlike magic, during which Place sees parallels with primitive shamanistic efforts to realize closeness with spiritual beings, the rituals that developed into modern sorcery were designed to invoke those self-same spirits to supply beneficial outcomes for the practitioner.

Place also provides a broad modern definition of both black magic, preferring instead to ask them as “high magic” (white) and “low magic” (black) based totally on intentions of the practitioner employing them.

All the information about Black magic facts reality or myth reality or myth and vashikaran is my own opinion. If you are not satisfied with any point, then you can put your argument in the comment box. The information shared in top amazing black magic fact in Hindi is my own opinion and also the information taken from different places. If you liked the post then don’t forget to share it. If you want, you can also subscribe to the blog to get our latest updates.

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