10 Tips How to do Shadow Work exercise for Beginners and how to use it in your journey

Shadow Work Exercise

Shadow work exercise for beginners or beginner shadow work is a spiritual practice for healing side effect. Most people practice meditation for different purposes. At the initial level, this kind of purpose is seen in the body, mind, and relationships, while some people practice it for personal growth, emotional healing, or spiritual development. It doesn’t … Read more

What Does Yin And Yang Mean And How To Find The Balance

Yin and Yang in relationship

Most people have heard of Yin and Yang but do you know about Yin and Yang in relationship. They have also used the concept to describe situations (quite inaccurately). And many of them have definitely had the Yin and Yang symbol as their lock screen wallpaper at some point in their lives. But the million-dollar … Read more

Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis

spiritual emergency

Spiritual Emergency also called spiritual crisis. During the spiritual journey, we have many experiences, some good and some bad experiences. If our experiences are correct, then we keep on motivating ourselves, but what if our experiences suddenly become so fast that we cannot understand what to do. Many times, in spiritual practice, such as in … Read more

What Is a Spirit Guide? 7 Types of Spirit Guides According to Belief

types of spirit guides

Spirit guides are very important in our life. Whenever we go astray at some point in life, we are filled with confusion, then it is the voice of our inner self that shows us the right path. In this article we are going to talk about seven different types of spirit guides. It is believed … Read more