subconscious mind power

ultimate power of subconscious mind how to make thing real – home based guide

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Do you know what the subconscious mind is and what subconscious mind power can do? Everything in life happens in your past, your life experience, skill and other thing stored in subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind also called auto-pilot as it holds your activity in background while you do other activity at same time. For […]

Awaken sixth sense by tratak meditation

do you know about Relationship between sixth sense, hypnotism and trataka

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How to awaken sixth sense by tratak meditation. Do you have any idea how to activate third eye with tratak? Tratak is outer meditation that can be easily practice at home without any special guide or master. Tratak practice basically affect our third eye or agya-chakra (ajna chakra). In this practice our third eye become […]