Moon gazing Tratak meditation

moon gazing tratak meditation and its surprising health & spiritual benefit you must know about it

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Moon gazing Tratak meditation is one among spiritual practice of Trataka. It has many advantages over other Tratak and effect on the seeker. Moon gazing can be performed in step by step and achieve desired results. It is best ever practice for those who have calm nature. Sometimes we can see some change in our […]

Vashikaran by candle Tratak

How to perform most powerful vashikaran with candle tratak meditation – easy but effective guide

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Everyone has to be embarrassed and to do vashikaran on someone because the concept of the people has become the same that everything is possible with vashikaran. By taking advantage of this thing, fraudsters of Vashikaran easily loot you. If you try a little bit, you can easily influence your life by using this effective […]

Real life trataka meditation experience

Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Real Life Trataka Meditation Experience

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I have spent about seven years of practicing tratak meditation. The real life experience and benefits of tratak meditation have been mostly on Shakti-Chakra and the simple tratak on points. These trataka practices belong to the physical and spiritual development of any seeker. In the beginning I thought that there is something different in me […]

Trataka is better than meditation

How To Handle Every Trataka Is Better Than Meditation Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

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What is better than meditation? Both make the mind strong, control strengthens and even experiences. But still, Trataka is better than meditation, because of its theories behind them. You cannot get success in meditation without rules, whereas Tratak can get better experience in lesser rules too. Especially when you are new to spiritual practice. In […]

Awaken sixth sense by tratak meditation

do you know about Relationship between sixth sense, hypnotism and trataka

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How to awaken sixth sense by tratak meditation. Do you have any idea how to activate third eye with tratak? Tratak is outer meditation that can be easily practice at home without any special guide or master. Tratak practice basically affect our third eye or agya-chakra (ajna chakra). In this practice our third eye become […]

trataka meditation kriya

tratak meditation kriya basic and its amazing result in daily life – beginer guide

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Trataka or trataka meditation kriya also called technique of meditation practice that is a part of six purification technique called shatakarma of hath yoga. It is a Sanskrit word which means to “look” or “gaze”. To do trataka kriya practice first sit in a meditation pose; place a candle before your eye so you can […]