Top 5 method you can use to connect with spirits and solve your life problem

connect with spirits and phantom maybe for some people nothing more than a thrill. But do you know that talking to souls does not always prove a great experience, especially when you are new to this field. Before talking with the soul, you should gather all the information about its process, which can be used to send back them you after talking with them. How to befriend a ghost and get to the soul, not only how to see the soul by contacting them, and obtaining such information as many people want. What is the secret to the ghost and of the soul? A lot of people remain untouched to know what the soul is like in the greed of some people, how to call a fairy. Let’s talk about how to talk with spirit and soul and its top 5 method.

connect with spirits

The conjuring 2 a world famous Hollywood movie is totally based on a ghostly incident in which a child wanted to talk to the soul as a hobby. The soul comes and then … Well, see the movie, all will know. Today we will talk top 5 way to connected with spirit and call them by using easy and popular medium for them.

Connect with Spirits – they are made of only 2 element

We cannot speak directly to the spirits because they are made up of 2 elements. So we choose the medium for this. You may have heard about plain chit, or Ouija board that is the means of communicating with all these spirits. Today, we talk about the spirit calling pen, making a future telling mirror and enchanting ring through which we can talk to the souls.

Want to talk with the souls, you need to understand the things from which they attract, why the difference between the simple things and these things used to make a gateway. Different kind of rare material used to make such kind of things.

Rare Material used to make magical things and connect with spirits

Enchanting stylus, ring or triple-eyed mirror. These are all included in some of the things you have read about in the previous post in the table, even though they have talked about them in a broader way.

1.) Mascara, oil (scent gate) : Apart from this, you can use crude oil i.e. crude oil of mustard, it is used to make things similar to the other and mix them together.

2.) Burial sites coal:  Burial sites is one of the most important elements to talk to the spirits, it has properties that create charm and attraction power.

3.) Magnetic Stones : Magnetic stones are also attractive substances by which we can attract the spirits by enhancing our power.

4.) Peacock fins: It is believed that the peak of the peacock is the largest magnetic effect medium, by which the saint carry out the bad energy from our body.

Connect with spirits top 5 Popular Methods

We need a medium to connect with spirits and some things are used as a gateway of phantom dimension the following are the common ways of talking to the soul

  • Enchanting ring
  • Asteroid mirror (Egyptian mirror)
  • Warlit pen (use of special ink)
  • Exorcist Table (Ouija board)
  • Plain chit table

There are many other ways but the first 3 ways given above are the most prevalent.

#1. Enchanting ring The Magical ring made with rare material

This ring speaks to the souls through many magicians or tantric. They chose Young children as a medium who give us information about the ghosts and the future. The metal of the enchanting ring and is of greater significance; therefore, the necessary element of caution in building it in the ring. By this you can talk to the souls sitting at home and safe from fraud vashikaran specialist baba. Even today, small children are made the most medium in the village. The reason for talking to the souls is their reason to build their brain. They are not much rational in this age.

You may wondered to know that spirit chose only child up to 8 years. Why they do this? Actually a child of up to 8 years are full from faith and he has not self-conscious so he obey what his master command him. Also they are pure from soul and out from greed and selfishness, soul always prefer to choose a child that is pure.

Stone and metal of enchanting ring

The enchanting ring to connect with spirits should be made in combination with octal metal. The combination of octal metal is best. Metal used in the ring construction is iron, silver, gold, copper, lead, zinc, ranga, bronze, and bronze. By coinciding with them, allow the ring to remain in place of the spherical nozzle of small coin size. Instead of nuggets, mascara, cremation ground, coal, oil, and magnet stone make a tablet of Nag’s size and dry it in the incense.

The way to use the enchanting ring

Put the incense oil on the ring and then put this ring in the hands of a child in the 8-9 year old. Let this child believe in it wholeheartedly that it will see the dead spirit in it. While looking / gazing at the ring circle, his image is stable. When the child watching sees him steady, then he is lost in it, and after a while he sees a house, ask him what did he see? At this point, his eyes should be on the ring only.

After some time the door of the house opens up automatically, and inside the house 4 men are seen sitting on four chairs, called the keepers of the ring. Orders the child to order the keepers to hold their souls as they wish. After some time when he keeps that soul that keeps it, then he can answer questions from them. Finish the work and wipe the oil and lock it in a box which is made of wood.

#2. Phantom mirror the ghost mirror

The triangular sight is considered as a mirror. By this, we increase our self-power by reaching the power of spirits or by the power of our subconscious mind, we gain the ability to see the future. Everybody uses CRYSTAL BAAL today and the atmosphere of their surroundings makes such a difference that they are trapped in the same time in their delusion. Remember, if the reasoning of one of the two people is eliminated, then it does not take long to be trapped in the other person’s trap.

Construction of the triple-eyed mirror – connect with spirits
  • For this, you need a billori variety of mirror which can be found in China or Egypt, if it is not possible, then it can also be made from ordinary mirror. Normal mirror should be completely pure when seen in it.
  • Take a glass of 1 inch width of normal glass and a 5-6-inch length for the phantom mirror and take one of the peacock feathers with canopy, shamsani (burial site) coal, and magnetic stone and required bitter oil mustard oil, mix them together.
  • Paste this mixture to another side of mirror and dry it. After this, put a layer of black paper on the mixture paste to keep it cover whole side. And fit it in a wooden frame.

Use of this phantom mirror is same as enchanting ring.

#3. Enchanting pen – the magical pen to connect with spirits

An enchanting pen or MAGIC PAN is a pen, so that we can call the spirits with our charm power and answer the questions through their signals such as Ouija board. It requires more confidence and attractiveness than the above two methods to connect with spirit.

How to make a magical pen

Take a wooden of cedar or rosewood and make it clean and crank up the upper part. Make the pine shape of this and make a thick grease on top, press the pencil towards the tip of the pan and apply it using two bones of the bone formed by the combination of electric power in the lower part. For this, you have to fill the attraction items in the lower part. Be careful in its construction and carefully cut the connection between upper and lower part of table. If you don’t do this all attraction power and magical power of rare material filled in table will be lost.

Connect with spirits from writing with magical pen

Two people who are sitting face to face for this should keep a stylus on a thick or white paper. Both laid their hands on 3-3 finger tools but did not make pressure. Now concentrate on the thinking power of your steady mind and the generate attraction power. After some time the device starts running. But keep in mind that it does not make any pressure from yourself and let it run on its own.

When the work is finished, then you should put the stylus (enchanting pen) in a wooden box like a ring. It is easy to make it but the idea of ​​the person who uses it moves with power and electrical energy, so take care of anybody not getting in contact, because of doing so, his electrical power ends and he remains as a simple person and no power will be flow in enchanting pen.

Top 5 method to connect with spirits – Final word

The enchanting medium described above is based on the books knowledge and the things found in aujha (black magic expert) in the village, so there is no responsibility for it that it works in every situation. There are still Ojha and Tantric who used these things in the village. So take care of the selection of its items and trust in its construction.

Today’s post how to connect with spirits has been prepared very hard, it may be interesting to know not only in studying but in real life. If you like to read it please don’t forget to share your thoughts and comment

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