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How to control body and mind with the help of thought easy guide to do at home

Can we control body and mind with thought ? It sounds weird to hear but it is true. The mind which can’t control by meditation even after a long time, can only control it with just a flow of thoughts, in fact, it does not have to control it instead of guide. We can’t stop thinking even for a few seconds.

control body and mind with thought

From those thoughts that we are surrounded by all day, we can control both our body and mind. If the emotion is combined with willpower, then we can modulate ourselves at the level of a robot. A robot never thinks unlike the command, he only has to fulfill his command, whereas a human brain always keeps logic and arguments on the basis of reason, due to which 80% of thoughts are never implement in daily life.

Our body and mind both are active

Have you ever noticed that we do some unnecessary activities throughout the day, which does not have any significance in our daily life? Such as shaking seated feet, chewing nails, turning finger. We all do this because our mind is surrounded by extravagant ideas. Instead, when we do some work intensely, our focus is only in work and not in any activity.

Our mind is always dynamic. If you have to calm your mind then first you have to stop the bad activities of the body. We do this kind of practice by tratak, meditation and then by giving them directions at the time of controlling the thoughts, we can control both body and mind.

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Body and mind both are made for upgrade

Both computer and human brain made for saving memory. Both are also made for upgrade. From the view of subconscious mind our body and brain can adjust itself according to place and condition. Control over thought practice can help us to modify and change our body and mind structure. Control body and mind with the help of thoughts practice require two basic thing

  • Your emotion and feeling power
  • Flow of thoughts

If you can control over body and mind you can adjust yourself in any condition like failure, disappointed, and any bad condition.

Control body and mind with thoughts

Actually this practice is basically used to strong our emotion and feeling power. We do what we think. This kind of practice also used for psychic power and one can make himself strong enough like a robot.

Place and time selection for practice:

Control body and mind with thought practice require a quite calm place where nobody disturb you for at least 2 hours. If you want to do this practice in after-noon like a student who free from school can do this. Remember some tips to this practice like

  1. Control body and mind with thought practice must be done after 2 hours of lunch or dinner.
  2. Choose a place where nobody disturb you for at least 2 hours.
  3. You can choose some kind of alpha music / meditation music for better result or easily control on thoughts.

if you can make your surrounding environment according to your interest 90% chance you can feel some positive experience from first day.

Beginning of control.

Choose a place where you can practice without any disturbance. You can use background music for fast relaxation or change mood so can easily achieve beginner stage of control body and mind with thought. Let’s make place more likable by using fragrance. After all setup done lay down on blanket and relax your body. now follow second stage listed below.

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Second stage of practice:

Now start your practice with some emotion and willpower. Your body become relax and mind also stable so you can use your will power with some emotion to take control of body than mind. Just follow some below steps to control your body and mind with thought;

  • Lay down, your body is now relaxed and mind also. Start creating a psychic force to move your hand in air.
  • Repeat this spontaneous thought like “my hand lifting in air”.
  • You have to just repeat this one thought with strong will power until you feel a lifting in your hand.
  • Be careful don’t try to use any kind of force.

Control body and mind with thoughts advanced stage

It is now easier for you to control the body and mind with the thought. All this is a game of emotions. Not only that, we can manipulate mind and body according to the condition. In the last stage, your mind makes the body feel the same which we think.

By completely relaxing the body and mind through emotion, we have to give only one spirit which we want to change ourselves. As such, having a zero of mind, developing mental powers, such exercises make it very easy. Even the biggest reason for my success in every exercise.

Benefit of control body and mind with thought:

Main advantage of control body and mind with thought is make our self like robot. A robot never argument against command while our mind argument against and each every thought that’s why we can’t achieve any success.

  • It can make us more stable to take decision without any negative effort.
  • Life become easy and you are now able to make your decision without any hesitate.
  • we can focus our self on single thought and get success without any extra effort.

if you feel hesitate in making decision, this practice may beneficial for you. it helps you to make believe on decision so that we can improve our personality. basically this practice used for personality development.

Control body and mind with thoughts – final word:

So friends, now all of you have come to know how we can control the body and mind with thought that they are always surrounded. it is little bit hard to practice on control thought but after spending some day in practice you can get amazing benefit and experience in your daily life.

In the upcoming post of the blog, we will talk about the magic of subconscious mind. Don’t forget to tell us if you like this post also subscribe to get latest updates.

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