biggest reason why darkroom meditation is the best way to active third eye in less time

Have you ever want to know why monk and saint meditate in the grave? Is there any special environment that can help them to get success in less time? Darkness or dark room meditation is the spiritual method of meditation that helps us to enlightenment in less time. You can try darkroom meditation techniques only for 15 days and get an amazing result. This can be understood as a guided meditation because in this method you have to guide your brain what to feel, it also affects our pineal gland ( sixth sense ) that’s why we are able to get benefit in less time. Some people do this to conquer their fear of darkness or alone. After mindfulness meditation, it is also can be used as a spiritual practice.

darkroom meditation

If you want to get into the deep inner journey in less time, then try the method of enlightenment meditation once and for sure this method of spiritual meditation is to give good results in a short time. This method of enlightenment meditation simplifies the journey of our internal conscious and enhances consciousness. As for the enlightenment, saint used to meditate in ancient times, it is the same method. By this method, your spiritual consciousness develops and in the short term, you should definitely do the same method of developing consciousness.

What is Darkroom meditation actually?

It is the ancient method that is the law of enlightenment. Have you ever heard about meditation in the darkroom? So long ago time when saga/monk used to meditate and penance in the caves. It is believed that there is a greater chance of a successful spiritual experience in the dark room. Darkroom meditation is considered to be better for self-knowledge. Because of the ability to see the eyes, the thoughts will continue in our mind, but if there is nothing to see, then the mind quickly attains concentration. In the old time, even a dark place was chosen for enlightenment. It has many examples from around the world, such as

  • Underground tunnels in Europe.
  • Pyramid in Mishra
  • Catacombs in Rome
  • Cave near the Dead Sea in Israel.

Linking consciousness to the universe by darkroom meditation

All the places mentioned above the line are used as the best place to achieve enlightenment in less time. According to Taoists and Master Mantak Chia, meditation in the darkroom (place) emits di-methamphetamine inside our brain, which makes our consciousness awake and connects it to the universe. And soon takes it to a state of enlightenment in a short time. If seen, light and darkness act as different tunes in our brain as soon as there is darkness, consciousness starts dormant.

Darkness emits melatonin particles in the brain so that we get sleepy. Because of this, dreams are seen in sleep. This method of meditation is only for 15 days in which we experience the following result. Let’s see this method of meditation and experience.

What to do before darkroom meditation?

Before preparing yourself for darkroom meditation practice you should check your current feeling and emotion about darkness. People often afraid of darkness and think it with death or fear. You may have also experienced someone behind you when you are alone in a dark room. There are some mindset of people like

  • The dark room is the source of paranormal or negative energy.
  • If we walk in a dark room we can feel some powers behind us.
  • There is fear of someone or negative energy in dark room.

If you are one of them who have such kind of mindset or assumption, change it first to get experience and benefit of darkroom meditation.

How to change this assumption

You can change this with some religious assumption like there is darkness everywhere before light. Darkness is base for all creation and there is fear only in our mind not in darkness. You can think it with such way like practice in the darkroom will make you perfect as you can stop your thought easily. Wearing comfortable cloth can also help you to be comforted with darkness. You can do yoga and pranayama just before darkroom meditation to relief your brain and relax the body.

When you are alone in the dark room the first thought came to your mind is someone watching or attacking you. Try to ignore it with watching in the darkness of room with closed eyes. Look infinite darkness and sudden change in light will make you comfortable, subtle for practice. The main thing you only need is sitting in that position for the next 30 minutes daily.

The basic guide to doing Dark room meditation

In this method, you have to choose a dark room in which you can meditate. The method of practice is normal as meditating in the subtle sitting. Just keep in mind that all your attention is on the third eye. Apart from this, there is no one else in the room that is meditating, nor does it have any accessories.

So the basic thing required for the darkroom meditation are;

  • A separate room where nobody disturbs you while meditation.
  • The room should not have any single accessories if this not possible try to keep the less item in that room.
  • Keep your practice continue each and every day for at least 25-30 minutes.

Experience in the darkroom meditation

This method is so powerful and you can experience positive sign within 2-3 days, but the 15-day practice has complete experiences. According to the day, this experience can happen this way. It is not necessary you will have the same experience or have same day experience. The difference can vary according to mindset and condition. Below experience is just for your knowledge.

Darkroom meditation and day 1-3 experience

After 3 days of practice in the darkroom, you see that the consciousness that you feel in the dream, you experience the same consciousness in it. It means that when you start meditating in the darkroom, then the darkness of the room lies in front of the eyes, which changes in light after a few days. Because of this, you feel the consciousness in the darkroom as you feel in the dream.

You can feel the lucid dream more than 3 days of practice, you can make it according to your own. The subconscious mind begins to understand the system of mind as much as possible.

Day 3-5

Just 3 days of the start, your melatonin level is increased so that your pineal gland begins to awaken superconductor Pino-lene. By the way, this pinolene starts waking automatically in the stage of the lucid dream. This condition is called externally awakening in which we can shape the imagination of our brain.

Clairsentience that is the experience of feeling and feeling like the ability to feel intensely in this state. At this stage, cosmic universal particle consciousness, voice, and light seem to change in addition to knowledge and experience.

In this condition, you will turn in to a superconductor and attract cosmic of the universe that is called prana energy or life force.

Day 6-8

At this stage, your pineal gland neuro hormone 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxy-dimethyltryptamine). 5-MeO-DMT switches on to start up to 40%. By which the power of your consciousness and subconscious mind increases, your body starts to be more awake and subtle (understanding) than before.

At this stage, your pineal gland starts leaving a bright light from the dark room. The state of this light is in the new and awakened mindset.

Day 9-12 (DMT i.e. Dark room meditation technique)

When DMT level exceeds 25 Mg. Then you start seeing the scene more clearly. This helps in the energy of your body i.e. traveling to the astral body. Because of this, you can awaken the power of the third eye. Which gives us the ability to see people of other dimension or energy form.

Around 12th day you can feel infra-red and ultra-violet rays. Apart from this, any person can identify and touch the pattern of this rays.

These days, different stages of our DNA begin to change and most of the impact happens on our pineal gland. By going through these stages, you do not rely solely on the eyes to see what cannot do after the eyes of your inner eye (third eye) and the power of your third eye awakens.

Benefits of the darkroom meditation

One can get the benefit at three level i.e. physical, mental and spiritual level.  We can get a better experience with a single method called darkroom meditation and some of them are below

  • One of the highest and most ancient methods of meditation, which has more benefits of spiritual level.
  • In this method, our consciousness is much more subtle.
  • We are capable of traveling indifference (astral travel) and soon join the subconscious mind.
  • Self-analysis is the best method of self-knowledge or enlightenment meditation.
  • There is a lot of protection and conservation against prana energy inside us and we become the wealth of attraction.

Every method of meditation complete itself but this is one of the oldest method used by monk and sagas. See the following videos for spiritual growth and peace.

Why I consider Dark room meditation as one of the best practice

Most people have fear of darkness or shadow person. This is all just the creation of human mind nothing at all. Doing darkroom meditation for 15 days will make you more subtle, clever mind, balanced thinking and biggest change like third eye activation. Experience and time period may vary according to people because it is not necessary to single method work for every kind and condition of a person. if you have done enlightenment meditation and get the positive result don’t forget to share with us.

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