Types of Ghost and Spirit

The 5 Different Types of Ghosts will amaze you Not all ghosts are scary and evil

When we are alone sometimes we feel that someone is behind us. Do we really have any kind of shadows being or shapes which we commonly knew as Ghosts and Spirits have any existence behind us or are there any creation of our mind just because of being alone? Although psychology considers it to be a creation of our mind, but it is not necessary that what is not visible should be there. In this post we are going to talk about 5 Most Common Different Types of Ghosts and Spirits which we experience at some point of time.

There are many types of paranormal activity happen to us in secluded places, which we have already talked about. In a country like India still urban myth and legend in quirk can hear about the evil entity like. It is not necessary to have the same experience with everyone because another where we consider the stories made by our mind to be real, the same experience cannot be denied.

Different Types of Ghosts and Spirits

In our previous post Types of supernatural phenomena, you must have known that how our mind makes us feel that we are alone. Most people believe that they have experienced the shadow people encounter, while some people have felt the unknown mist in a deserted place. On the basis of such experience, we understand the Common Types of Ghosts.

People encounter Different kinds of ghosts on the basis of location, their relation and situation. mostly we experience our elder spirit. it is the sign of future event. our experience may be good or bad because it depend upon what kind of spirit we encounter and how they reveal themselves.

Common Different Types of Ghosts and Spirits

Have you ever noticed that sometime you see a relative or love one who is no longer in the world? Why so? Do ghosts really exist or do we have an illusion of our mind, this topic remains one of the unsolved mysteries even today. Such paranormal experiences are often experienced by us when we are alone. If you think about paranormal activity or entity before going to a secluded place, then there is a 95% chance that you will feel someone behind you while living alone.

On the basis of the different experiences we have, we try to understand some special but common Different types of ghosts and spirits. Along with this, we will also know whether they really exist or whether it is only the imagination of our mind. If you want to know about the shadow figure in the different types of ghosts experience shared here, then you should read our previous article.


Different types of ghost’s spirits and demons will have a randomly-generated unique identity consisting of gender, name, age, length of death, personality, favorite room and a physical model that’s determined at the beginning of every level. Its general behavior (such as speed, move and kill pattern, etc.) is predicated solely on these traits and in no way are often predetermined by the player(s).

All types of Ghosts will make their introduction no matter the amount of players involved and can never hunt at that point. Being near a Ghost at any time (from 3 to 5-meter radius) will produce a heart throbbing sound including the Ghost’s gargling “vocalization” (reminiscent of the Death Rattle from The Grudge franchise).

During Hunts, both these effects occur only the Ghost has chosen its target within the visible sight range (except for Banshees and Wraiths), otherwise only faint footsteps are going to be heard as a sign that one is near.

Types of ghosts in phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is a four player online co-op psychological horror game created and released by Kinetic Games. It had been released on September 18, 2020, in Steam Early Access. It’s a targeted full release year of 2021.

In order to complete the various tasks in Phasmophobia, you must first use your Equipment to locate the Ghost Room. To create Ghost Activity, which is required to finish the Objectives, you will have to ask the Ghost to do various things, or anger it by saying its name or other key phrases. During the time you are within the building, your Sanity will gradually lower.

The lower your Sanity gets, and the angrier the Ghost becomes, the more likely it will be to engage a Hunt, where it will chase players and attempt to kill them. During a Hunt, exit doors will lock, requiring players to hide or outrun the Ghost for its duration.

At the start, you’re tasked with four Objectives. Objective 1 will always be ‘Discover what sort of Ghost we are dealing with’, which simply means to spot the different types of ghost. Within the Tutorial, this is often the sole objective. To try to this, you want to perform an Investigation, using your Equipment to seek out different Evidence.

These occurrences should be logged in your Journal, which contains information about the all types of ghost, also as an automatic sorter supported the knowledge inputted. To finish this Objective, you want to have the right Evidence and Ghost type selected within the Journal, whereupon you’ll close the Van door, ending the sport.

The remaining Objectives may or might not be possible to perform with the Equipment brought, and can be added to the board at the beginning of the sport. There are ways to spot ghosts with evidence, and there are behaviors to assist easily identify the ghost, like specific behaviors.

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The Interactive Personality

Most of the different types of ghosts or spirits we see are often our relatives who are not in this world. Visibility of these people who have passed gives us different signs like what is going to happen to us in the future, they are related to us or the things they are related to are often visible around them. This type of ghost entity may or may not be friendly to us.

Most common example can easily notice is seeing your elder in dreams and next day you got news that they are no more. We feel their presence in many ways, such as being visible, experiencing a particular fragrance or deodorant, feeling of being around us, stirring in the things they liked, there are many experiences that we have. Having these Types of Ghosts and Spirits in your house or appearing in a secluded place can make you feel good and also bad.

In most cases, the experience of such ghost and spirit does not bother anyone. They are only visible to us or make us feel like we are. If his attachment with you the most in your family, then it is possible that after death, he may appear to you, or he may give you the motive to help you from time to time, he should make you feel like himself.

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The Ectoplasm or Ecto-Mist

A sudden change in temperature can be felt in isolated places. Most paranormal activity investigators believe that the experience of such ghostly mist creates an illusion around you. In the woods, to have such a feeling in some corner of your house fills you with fear. This mist is completely different from the rest of the mist of the forest and creates an illusion in us.

Although we don’t feel any kind of ghost evil entity during this time but, this kind of mist creates a feeling of trembling in us. The temperature being different from the rest of the place makes you feel about it. If you go out to visit places like Shimla or Dehradun in the country of India, then this types of Ghost and Spirit experienced may be happened to you.

This type of mist can be experienced in the forest while you are alone, or it remains in one place. In many places, a different dimension is talked about where such an unknown mist is mentioned. Many types of legend stories are still in practice in hilly places.

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The Poltergeist

This word is most commonly used in western stories of ghost experience. The meaning of this word is noisy ghost. They make their sense of being by manipulating the physical environment, making noise or moving things around you.

This kind of haunting experience is quite terrifying in itself because the loud knock on the door, the automatic blinking of lights and flickering fills you with dread while being alone.

All types of ghost of experience grows slowly and fills a mystery and awe in you. Sometimes it happens so suddenly that you do not even understand. Most of these experiences end very soon and are not even dangerous, but sometimes they prove to be dangerous because they dominate the fear of any person and make them their victim.

If you notice, Poltergeist like Types of Ghosts and Spirits is not for everyone. Those who are emotionally weak, it only dominates them. It first breaks you emotionally, makes you feel differently and separates you from others and when you accept it then it dominates you. Most commonly people known this as stage of devil’s Possession.

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Different types of ghost’s spirits and demons Orbs

It is not necessary that all experiences remain a mystery to you. Such activity can also be recorded. Many times while taking photos, some spheres are seen in the surrounding places in the photo which were not there while taking the photo. This concept has got strength after astral travel and spirit world.

Many such photographs have gone viral on the internet, in which you see some dark shadow figure or light. This can also be considered a technical error and is also linked to a paranormal encounter. Although very little is heard about such an experience, but its existence cannot be ruled out.

Many people have shared their stories and experiences on the internet where mysterious light or shadow figures have appeared in their photos.

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Funnel Ghosts

There are many famous places around the world which are considered to be World famous Haunted place. In such places, you may have a feeling of being someone at a particular place, or you can see someone in a moment and then turn into a mist. It is believed that some people who are associated with a particular place or thing, after death, get imprisoned at that place itself.

There are many places where you can feel or see the soul of a particular person. These Types of Ghosts and Spirits are very calm and just make you feel like yourself. They do not matter if you are not there and the most important thing about them is that you can see them in photos and videos too.

Apart from this, you can see our earlier posts about paranormal experiences like camouflage, shadow and black cloaked shadow.

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Different types of ghost’s spirits and demons final conclusion

Often in lonely and secluded places, we feel the presence of some unknown force. This world is full of mysteries, and we still have a lot to know. With the changing times, a lot of research has been done on this subject in parapsychology and on the basis of the experience, an attempt has been made to understand the Different types of ghosts and spirits. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments what kind of ghost experiences you have had.

If you feel that some kind of paranormal activity is happening to you which you are not able to understand and are worried then you can contact us. For more information about paranormal problem solution, you can read our paranormal series.

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