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The Best Guidance For Game Of Superstition And Cheating You Could Ever know

Almost every educated person read daily newspaper, mostly daily we read the matter of cheating by taking advantage of blind faith. We try that we may not be a victim of this thug, but sometimes we become victims of it. Most of the people who play the game of superstition and thugs look at a house that is struggling with the problem. Fraud vashikaran and black magic specialist baba in India claimed himself as expert and work in whole world including USA UK and Australia. You can leave a review on fraud vashikaran and black magic specialist baba here. Let’s talk about the game of superstition and cheating.

Game of superstition and cheating

It is a special skill to take the women into their faith and know all the facts. It does not matter why women cannot keep secret, by their caring nature. They were always worries about family. You can understand them always be concerned about their husbands. But after understanding the problem, fooling anyone is the easiest thing for these people. Mostly domestic women can be easily trapped in the game of superstition and cheating.

The game of superstition and cheating

The game of superstitions and cheating is spreading in today’s world as much as 100 years ago when most people were not educated. At that time, people used to fall into the trap of the Goddess and the people, and were trapped in the trap of the fake monk (fakirs and the fakiras).

In the era of science, on the one hand we are engaged in trying to solve the unseen secrets of the universe; on the other hand, we are still trapped in the superstitions. Nowadays, social media spreads anything between people so fast that people do not distinguish truth and lies.

In addition to social media, newspapers and internet, all the things through which we get to know about others (including advertising), we cannot quickly ban internet but in the newspaper, such advertisements that contain information about the people claiming the power of Baba Bengali, Noori Hazrat and Jinnat were full.

The question arises whether the media has become so blind by taking money, it will give an impression about anyone.

Game of superstition and cheating – example 1

In Bhilai, the most educated area of ​​Chhattisgarh, people are being victim of many types of thugs and accidents because they believe in superstitions. Here is a case of 70 thousand cheating for the excuse of bringing the rupees after reading the prayer.

You will be surprised to know about the victim who was a lawyer. He has too much black money that was useless after the ban? In order to bring that wealth, some people used to seduce thousands of rupees by pretending to worship. How is it possible that well educating people trapped in the game of superstition and cheating?

Game of superstition and cheating – example 2

Love is a noble gift of nature. But there is cheating and infidelity too. Despite this, those who play the game of superstition and cheating easily trap people by fulfil their wish.

For this, they also demand 50 thousand to 1 lakh, and with simple spears, but stupid or perhaps heart-wrenching, they easily arrange money from anybody and they take him out and rescue him from the chase.

Case of fraud example 3

Malti’s children were irritable and mostly ill. His family was very straightforward and behaving efficiently. Obviously talks in the neighborhood about her family problem. Some people had made plan and two people reached their house.

They stayed at her house for some time on the pretext of selling the goods and after some time one of them started creating an atmosphere, saying that the daughter’s children are sick due to my anger. If you persuade me, then I will solve all problem.

game of superstition and cheating Malti trapped in it

Malti was shocked because the children were not home at that time. All of this seemed to be true and frightened, she shared all the things like expensive treatment and shared it with everyone who showed it to everyone. With this, those people got an idea that with Malti they can cheat by playing a game of superstition and thugs. After sometime, he asked to bring the amount of close to two lac rupees for worship and sacrifice.

There was not so much money in the house, so Malti asked him to stop, so that person made a Rowdy form and told Malti to be harmed with the children. Malati brings her jewelry and cash and handed them over to those people. They say that they should stay with them and tell them to come the next day. When he does not come next day, he finds the thugs and Malti’s husband makes a complaint in the police station.

Being stupid even know everything about it

Internet is also called virtual world, we do not know the difference between reality and lies, but being stupid in front even already know about it, it shows that we are still living with old mentality, where a man can be robbed by anyone with showing fear. Like excuse for worship by showing problems in the house, you were in trouble and some people like thugs take advantage of this and frightened you than easily cheat.

A few days ago, in the newspaper, i was reading that in Shastri Nagar, some people show a plot to the person on the pretext of showing the property and at the same time ask them to please Jinna. They lured him that if he pleased jinnat then he will become rich. That innocent person loses one and a half million.

After all, why do we get into this kind of greed that cannot understand the game of superstition and thugs? The reason for this is clear: our selfishness and greed of more money.

Game of superstition and cheating and greed of more money

The greed of more money, becoming rich in one night, is like a sweet poison that slowly ends us. Nowadays some genius people make you fool to become rich in one single night also by pay some money for few times fraud cheat Fund Company and insurance company such as pearl etc. In these we invest our hard work earnings and in the end these people make all money embezzlement.

After this, the government gets more and more convicts and then they send them to jail where after some time they get exemption and again they enjoy the life on the strength of those money. It’s all because of the game of superstition and cheating.

Does the poor get their money? No. The game of superstition and thug is exactly the same. In this you lose all your things and you do not get anything in the last.

Why people trapped in superstition

In today’s world, everyone has the biggest problem to fulfill his dream. Which includes your own home, good job and good life. We work hard every day but we can collect enough money for more than 2 times of food. This life does not give us satisfaction. And this is the beginning of the game of superstition and thugs.

They will understand your problem well and find out how much you can give them for this. And you feel that he is your sympathy, but from inside, how much he has to cheat from you, how to do it, make all the planning.

Understand the difference between faith and superstition

Faith and believe teaches us to move forward in life. Moral value (Sanskars) are born within us but when this faith takes the form of superstition, then everything ends. In less time, more money and greed for fame eliminates our conscience. And we become victims of the game of superstition and thugs.

Nature has created a system to do every task, but some people easily cheat by making them fool by giving them the temptation to gain more in less time.

How to survive from this game of worship and superstition

  • First of all, you should understand this fact that the knowledgeable owner and owner of real spiritual powers do not wander around the street. Neither do they engage in worldly life. Talking of money, doing your service and so much more.
  • Therefore whenever someone tells you that he can solve the problems of your home, will scare away the evil forces, make the money as soon as possible, and then work with discretion. Do not start explaining your problem without understanding the front.
  • When you tell them your problem, they always take advantage of it. If someone comes to you and says that he will solve your problem then try to understand whether he really is worthy of it or not.
  • Why if there is a problem in your home for a long time in your life then it is obvious that the people around you will definitely spread. The hypocrites try to get out of this kind of matter on the pretext of meeting people.

Avoid them and ask them something that has not been shared with anyone. Apart from this you should take information about those people from the surrounding people and keep an eye on their place of residence. Such people always change the place so it is important to keep track of these people 24 hours a day.

Game of superstition and cheating – conclusion

Friends, trust builds us in the rules, teaches the importance of values in life. But do not allow this faith to become superstition, because the game of superstition and thugs is very deep in our society. There is only superstition that takes the work that does not help us. So try to avoid them all the most. Be safe from game of superstition and cheating and help people around you by spreading this message.

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