The Next 5 Things To Immediately Do About Ghost Phantom Really Exist Or Not

We have been listening about ghost and demon spirit since childhood. But is anyone even seen them? As far as childhood is concerned, children are soft hearted. The grandmother listened to the story and began to dream about the ghosts, in such a situation if the night had to wake up, we did not even have the courage. Well it was childhood in which our imagination was so powerful that make our thoughts and fear into reality. But like this, as we grew up these kind of question were ignored. But still there is almost some such experience in life which is not easy to understand. Ghost phantom really exist or not still a mystery for science so let’s talk about some rare cases.

Ghost phantom really exist or not

Today, there are some kind of experiences that will tell whether there ghost really exist or not. Are the ghosts or is it just the fear of our mind? First of all, we should talk about the human brain and its imagination with which some secrets are associated, which makes us feel proud, but it does not really happen. As if there was an appearance of someone, seeing someone’s shadow or looking at someone and feel like sleep paralysis condition. All this is the result of the reaction of our brain, which comes from one state to the second stage suddenly.

Ghost phantom really exist or not

Science does not believe what does not look at it. Science also denies its existence and also researches on it. So accepting and not believing it depends on what we think about them. Why there are many secrets of the universe which is beyond human knowledge? But slowly they come in front of science. And many times the person himself feels this supernatural mystery, so cannot deny their existence and science cannot be considered. So even today, it remains a subject of a trick.

The existence of the ghost and the existence of which he believes that with some supernatural phenomena decreasing, which is impossible on the parameter of science. Therefore, they can also say that they cannot deny their existence, but in most events, the human brain seems to show the imagination, the fear of the mind, it is also that every event is not supernatural. Let’s know about some such incidents.

Ghost phantom really exist or not – Astral body travel experience

Astral body experience, feeling the astral body experience, feeling the atmosphere around you while staying awake. The subtle body can move in the external environment. Anything can come. That is why we feel that we are awake, but in reality we begin to vie with our own body. There is a similarity in both the existence of the ghost and the astral body that in both of these we can meet the energy and powers of energy.

The cause of the external variance of the astral body

When we become concentrated on the same thing. Then even after sleeping in the night our brain remains active. Because of this, the energy of the body takes the form of a subtle body by focusing at one place. We take a turn around and when it is awake then it all looks like a dream. This is not happening under our control. So the subtle body cannot be controlled. If we can control over our thoughts, only then we can create the astral form through the energy. The astral body is made of prana energy and hence prana energy can be practiced for it.

Feeling someone around us or Ghost phantom really exist or not

Many times when we get up in the morning, we feel the shadows. This shadow is not cleaner nor is dynamic. After some time we stop showing that. It is virtual, that is, the feeling of something to happen to the mind but does not happen in reality. In the virtual world of mind shadow move as our brain react. The existence of ghost phantoms or their appearance is felt like this.

The secret of virtual shadow

Feeling someone around us like the virtual shadow of the mind. When we are sleeping, we often see bad dreams, or if we suddenly wake because of the subconscious mind, then due to the effect of the dream, we get shadowed due to the awakening of the conscious mind. Then after some time consciousness starts to wake up, then this virtual shadow disappears.

Fear of sub-consciences become into reality

Many times the fear of man starts showing us, which we think in mind. That is, the imagination takes on the form of reality, but if it is in control, then we can bring a great change in our personality. But when there is negative thought in mind, then it works opposite; like a side effect, the hidden fear of the mind starts to emerge. In this case, it is mostly rejected that the existence of a ghost and it is considered to be the fear of the mind.

How to use it

When the fear in your mind starts to emerge, remember the power of your subconscious mind. Positive thought removes negative thoughts. And also brings improvement in our personality. The mixture of the subconscious mind and the lucid dream makes us feel confident in the virtual world, even in dreams. The biggest advantage of this is that we can bring about the change in ourselves by that which we do not impose in any other exercise such as improvement in ourselves. We can get rid from question about Ghost phantom really exist or not by using our subconscious power with lucid dreams.

Feeling someone what is that?

Some places that are often not used by anyone since years, like that place you may feel some one around you or someone who watching you, if you feel sudden cooling in temperature of place or difference in air from other side you can guess this place may have some supernatural power existence. Like haunted place, old place bungalow, yard and sometime post bungalow, we can feel stranger super power around us.

That doesn’t mean any such super power around you as sometime we have a pre determination or prediction about such places and when we visit there our subconscious mind start feeling us same situation. In other way we also denied about such Ghost phantom really exist or not as many cases are still mystery for science.

The existence of ghost phantom v / s fear of mind

Most of the parasitic events are imagined in our own mind. The feeling of something, the appearance of the blurring or the touch of somebody, though not in every case, is extravagant, but still it cannot be denied that the Ghost phantom really exist or not? If there is an event with you that you think is supernatural then do not forget to share it with us.

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