Haunted mirror as a portal of ghost dimension

A Deep Connection between Haunted mirror and Paranormal experience You must know

Have you ever felt something different around the old mirror you keep in your home? Usually such mirrors are kept in one place for a long time which are quite large in size. The reason for the antique mirror and paranormal experience is that they are not properly taken care of. Such antique mirrors in a way act like a paranormal activity ghost dimension. Some people, while sharing the real experience of paranormal activity around antique mirror glass, have told how they overcome their thinking. Let’s understand deep connection of Haunted mirror and paranormal experience.

Haunted mirror as a portal of ghost dimension

The use of mirror is negligible in Tantra Sadhana, but still people see it by connecting it with spiritual powers, due to which people feel that it is a medium of transcendental spiritual practices. In mirror tratak, we experience some kind of paranormal activity, due to which people also believe that this is even today, looking at the crystal ball, some people tell about the future and tomorrow. Ancient Egyptian magic is also seen by connecting it to mirrors. Such people believe that we can use the antique mirror as a ghost dimension gateway and through this we can do activities like connecting with spirit and ghost.

In this article we will try to know some special secrets.

Let us know the answer of all these questions in this post. A Tantra or dark dimension ritual.

Haunted mirror and Paranormal experience

Antique Mirrors are as simple as they look, they are also mysterious. Antique mirrors carry with them many types of secret, lore, myth and legend. Ancient Romans believed that mirrors can represent the soul of any person. If you are a fan of vintage mirrors then you should also be aware of its negative, supernatural qualities.

Mirrors can glimpses into some other dimension i.e. ghost dimension. Even today, there are many cultures that perform rituals like communication with spirits through an antique mirror frame during the magical ritual. In such a situation, a mirror acts as portals or doorways to the spirit world for them. Such action promotes the phenomenon of haunted mirrors.

There are many places where the mirror is covered with cloth on special occasions. When someone dies and does not do so, then people believe that the soul should not remain trapped in some mysterious mirror world. Over time people have experienced paranormal activity through antique mirror glass. This type of experience includes a variety of experiences such as

  • Shadow figures / shadow person / shadow being / shadow people
  • shadows, apparitions
  • Entities other than the person in the room appearing in a mirror or sometimes even passing through.

Such experiences have been felt by many spiritual advisers.

Paranormal experience during mirror tratak meditation

Face gazing during Mirror tratak meditation is a kind of Spiritual ritual. While keeping an eye on our face, we have to control it continuously. When we do this, then slowly we start getting into our inner self. When we do this, then our subconscious mind and neural centre which was inactive till now starts becoming active now.

During this, we would have many experiences like changing of face, covering the whole face with bright light and seeing faces which we have never seen before. Apart from this, there are also experiences like seeing some kind of scary figure in the mirror, but apart from this, paranormal activity and experience also starts when you do not cleanse the mirror during sadhna.

When Mirrors are left in one place for a long time, they start acting as a gateway to the Ghost dimension. When this happens, you start having spiritual experiences during the experience. To avoid this we are advised to cover the mirror with red cloth after practice.

Mirror and spirit or ghost i.e. is there really any connection between Mirror and Paranormal experience? This is believed to be because many times bad experiences start happening with people in Mirror Tratak. At that time their negative energy starts getting captured in that mirror. After tratak, does not remove negative energy from the mirror from time to time.

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Mysterious mirror world

Souls don’t have any form, they make their marks according to the imaginations of the people. That’s why people describe them as they think. Apart from this, Mirror tratak meditation is also a medium of communication with spirits. Through this, the spirits are given a form by mixing with the captured energy inside the mirrors and are talked about. Apart from this, there are many such secret practices which mention the Capture negative energy, ghost and soul ritual through mirror.

If you ever feel that there is someone else in your room other than you, especially when a large size mirror present in that room. Sometimes when you look at the mirror alone in the room, do you feel unwanted changes in it like a shadow, like some blur behind you, if you feel like this then you are becoming a victim of Haunted mirror and paranormal experience. Now is the time to cleanse it.

To solve this, cleanse the mirror and remove its negativity. For this, you can remove the negative energies to some extent sitting at home through sea water, rock salt water (rock salt).

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Why mirror should be covered after practice

We had heard that the mirror should always be kept covered after tratak, that too with red cloth, why? the reason that we should be careful even while doing spiritual activity with the mirror because at this time our negative or dark The side of shadow self also gets captured in the mirrors.

During mirror tratak meditation, if you see an unknown face crying, then it should be stopped at that point. If you do not do this, then maybe that negativity starts an effect on you.

You can see an episode in Fear Files regarding this which is related to the real incident. Red cloth eliminates the effect of spiritual powers and does not allow them to dominate in any situation, along with cleansing the mirror should be done from time to time i.e. negative energy removal process should be done. Not doing so can become a reason for your Haunted mirror and paranormal experience.

Do the haunted mirror attract souls?

We should remove the mirror from the room where a sick person lives because the mirror starts sucking the spirit of the sick person in a way. This also happens because mostly negative thoughts remain in the mind of a sick person. Mirror tratak should never be done at night because if we do this then we are able to experience the ghost, spirit in that mirror. Perhaps that is why the shadow person ritual is done at night, which is also a type of mirror tratak.

If a person dies in the house, then the mirror of his room should be covered because if we do not do this, then the spirit of the person who died will either get lost in the mirror or will start wandering. If you believe in Vastu, then it is advised to cover the mirror at night, as well as never keep a mirror in front of the bed in the bedroom, because it is believed that due to this, while sleeping. Spiritual powers can attack you.

Mirror works as a doorway or portal for spirit or ghost, so if you do not want spirits of other dimension to enter your house, keep the mirror from one place to another from time to time. Large mirrors that stay in one place for a long time with a solid back position become gateway to the dimension of another world. This is biggest reason for Haunted mirror and paranormal experience.

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Haunted mirror myth and urban legend

So far, many such cases have come to the fore from all over the world, in which someone has had a problem due to mirror, most of the people have experienced mirror and paranormal experience.

  • Bringing antique mirrors home and having a paranormal experience by people who are fond of old things.
  • People who move to a new house have a haunted mirror experience from the vintage mirror of the previous owner.
  • While performing rituals like communication with spirit like Ouija board, even if there is a mirror nearby, it is believed that by becoming a doorway of other dimension, the mirror has drawn spiritual powers into this world.
  • Many times people experienced haunted mirrors at places to visit, hotels and such places which is not always there but sometimes it was really because such a place where it was built was previously occupied by some spiritual power.

Many such experiences have been done by people when people have felt the unknown power. Seeing the shadow person figure in the mirror or feeling an unknown environment around that place are all indications that that mirror has now become a medium to capture negative energy.

Some spiritual powers and connection with to Haunted mirrors

Mirror is not just for seeing the face, there are many other such facts which can surprise you. Although in many cases the person has had such an experience due to his fear, but now let’s talk about those spiritual experiences that can happen through a mirror.

Many such cases have come to the notice of haunted mirror and shadow people, especially in London and the United States of America where people have experienced shadow people encounters. Feel it even while leaving. Such a shadow who does not talk to him just keeps staring at him and has experienced all this in the haunted mirror too.

Mysterious mist in rooms that have been closed for a long time and have a large mirror have experienced a strange mist. People say that they have not only seen that mist but have also experienced it while taking shape. Most of the people who made such reports were of negative nature but in the investigation it was confirmed that there is a spiritual power in that room.

Strange face and demonic figure in mirror after looking at the haunted mansion mirror for a long time, the appearance of unknown faces also indicates the presence of spiritual powers. Sometimes these faces are seen making many postures like crying, laughing, sad etc. This also points to haunted mirrors and gateways to other worlds.

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Haunted mirror as a portal of ghost dimension

A gateway to another world is a gate that connects two dimension together. Although every world, every dimension is separate from each other and there is a barrier between them which no one can cross, but in every world there is some medium which connects them to the other world. We call this portal. Mirror is the best and worst medium to connect with our world in other world.

There are many such haunted mirror and paranormal experiences which prove that they act as a portal for ghosts and spirits. Mirrors that are not cleansed for a long time start capturing negative energy. Many times during spiritual ritual we start experiencing shadow people encounter.

What happens when you look at the face in the mirror continuously?

When we keep staring at our face in the mirror continuously then the process of strange-face illusion starts. During this process, our face starts feeling bright or disappearing. Our own face starts distorted during this time. If there is low light in the room during this time then we start experiencing many strange illusions like shadow people or shadow being.

Because of constantly sitting at the same place and looking in the mirror, we can connect to other portals. Changes begin to take place in our vision, due to which the formation of the face starts to deteriorate.

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Haunted mirror and Paranormal experience final conclusion

The more ordinary they look, the more mysterious they are. People who are fond of keeping antique mirrors should know the history related to those mirrors. When antique mirrors are kept in one place for a long time, then they start capturing the negative energy around them. If you feel strange shadow figure in your house or any kind of unknown atmospheric changes around the mirror, then be careful as it can become the reason for some bad paranormal experience.

Haunted Mirror and Paranormal experience have a very deep connection because according to ancient culture mirrors start capturing negative energy. Many times these mirrors which are kept in one place for a long time start behaving like portal or door way of other dimension.

The experiences that occur during a continuous 10-minute session of mirror gazing can also make for a very strange experience. Due to constant watching, many types of emotional changes are seen, so there can be experiences like strange face, shadow people figure, entity. If you are experiencing any kind of transcendental and spiritual experience around the mirror in your house, then be careful. The reason for this kind of experience is that they are constantly kept at one place.

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