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How People manipulate someone thought With use of Reverse Psychology

Reverse psychology means to challenge a person by going against their will to get them to agree for something we want. We can also call it changing mind or manipulating thought because in this technique the part of brain triggered which simply forbidden us to do something. In simple word if you want someone to do work, then start doing the exact opposite of that work.

Why do most children do the work they are forbidden to do? Now a day, through reverse psychology in relationships, we unknowingly damage the relationship. Forcing people often loses such an opportunity, which after influencing, responds better to direct requests. If you use opposite psychology everywhere, you lose out on the real potential of some people.

Reverse psychology

You may be surprised to know but if you want, with the help of reverse psychology in relationships, you can get your boyfriend or girlfriend back, we will discuss it later. You should use this technique only where you have to increase someone’s ability or motivate him. The same person is already capable and if you give pressure to him, then he will not be able to do any work in the way he should.

Reverse psychology in simple words is working against your will. You just do it because it hurt your ego. This is a condition where one can work against their limit. Discourage the desired behavior like “you shouldn’t do that” or Forbid them to do something are some common example that explain opposite psychology better way.

What is Changing mind with Reverse Psychology?

In a relationships, it is often used by clever people. Through reverse psychology, you can colorful your relationship once again. If there is any kind of problem in your Romanic relationship, then it can be improved through this. Often boys or girls think that some kind of love is spelled on their love. But in reality all this is mind changing tactic.

Without any spiritual guru you can get your ex love back through simple reverse psychology to get ex back. With the help of Reverse psychology, we can change the mind of the targeted person. If you feel some distance in relationship due to some mentality, you should take its help to correct.

How this technique changes the mind of people

Most of the work of reverse psychology for relationships is to prepare people to do things according to their wishes, in which the other person feels that he is doing the work of his own will but in reality he works according to the will of the other person.

Most of the frustrated parents want to see their kids eating healthy foods like green vegetables or their kids want to keep their room clean and do their own work. In such a situation, reverse psychology as a best suitable technique prepares them to persuade children.

You should know that it does not work in every situation. There are 2 types of people

  1. Compliant people
  2. Resistant people are those who keep opposing others

On the one hand, resistant people always understand about both the aspects of any matter, on the other hand, compliant people start following the direction without much understanding. Before using reverse psychology, you should know what kind of person you are dealing with.

No matter how hard you try, every person has his own free will, kind of decision making and direction he chooses depends on him. If you are doing it for the benefit of others then it is okay but, if you are thinking of your own benefit then think again. You may find your decision right but think beyond selfish and still follow this direction if you think it is right.

Some common reverse psychology example from Real life

There are a number of common examples that can demonstrate how reverse psychology used in everyday life. You can often found some tactic that work on opposite psychology to manipulate people and work them according to someone desire.

  • Parents often use reverse psychology to get their kids to do what they want them to do. For example, a parent might tell their child not to pick up their toys in their room in the hope that the child will actually do the opposite. They can ask him for junk food instead of green vegetable.
  • Marketing and sales strategies often utilize reverse psychology to encourage people to buy goods and services. For example, a salesperson might make a very high sales pitch and pressure the customer to buy something. However, what the salesperson is really trying to do is to get the customer to respond by offering to take a much less costly deal. You can see a motivation speaker show off in seminar to force people think like what he want.
  • In relationships, people also use reverse psychology to get their partner to behave in particular ways. For example, one partner might suggest that they wish their partner would clean up the garage but that they know they probably won’t have time to do it. The partner might then react by cleaning the garage to prove their partner wrong. If you want something from your partner just tell them and leave it. They will do it to show love.

All these common example of reverse psychology can be seen in real life. You can experience how people manipulate others thought by branding, banner and advertisement. Let’s talk about simple effective step to apply mind changing psychology.

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4 step Guide to opposite psychology

Opposite psychology or reverse psychology work on manipulating thought by some emotional challenge and trigger ego. It’s all because nobody tolerate if someone target their ego. You can experience some condition in real life example like.

  • Have you ever felt that you did something that you did not want to do?
  • You have done something against your will
  • Some of your friends or family members have convinced you for that work for which you had refused in the beginning.

Behind all this the power of reverse psychology at work! Works. Although that it is not always positive. Some people get their work done by manipulating others thought through this. Misuse can cause ruin friendships and relationships for you.

If you want to use master the art of reverse psychology properly then you have to work in these 4 simple steps.

First step of Reverse psychology

If you want to get your work / job done across to a person, then you have to first work on planting the seed of choice in their mind. Given the choice to the people and try to refuse them for the choice you want. Give different options to complete any work and try that in the end they come to the same option on which you want.

If you want, you can tell the person in front that if he does something, then what will be the result in the future. When most people associate a task with a future sentence, the probability of completing the task increases.

Second step of master of art in opposite psychology

Ask questions related to the options you have given. Try to know what they think about the options you have given them and what effect they have on option. This will give you an idea of ​​which option they are inclined towards. Also, you can try to increase their tendency towards the option you want.

Try to change their mind through such things which force them to think on the same point, even if they have refused it in the beginning.

Work should be done with Step 3

Start offering the choice you have given on real time. Talk about what will happen to them in the present if they choose any option. It is just like telling a person the benefits of eating mango and then suddenly refuse. With this, the same thing will come by staying in the mind of the person in front and they start getting attracted towards it.

If you want children to eat green vegetables, then first keep telling them its benefits and when you have told everything, tell them that maybe green vegetables are not for you, you can eat junk food. It will happen that children will think that why they are denying us after telling so many benefits. They will try to taste the vegetable even without wanting to.

All this because they feel that you consider them weak. Wants to keep things away.

Step 4

Once the children are ready to eat green vegetables, ask them again and again for junk food. This makes it easy for you to know whether children really want to eat green vegetables or are they just thinking.

Try to take it to that level until the same person starts making a strong desire for it. Always keep in mind that never use it to hurt others. Sometimes we may take more time for its result.

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How to master the art of reverse psychology

Opposite psychology proves to be an effective method to get other people agree with you. You just have to tell them the exact opposite which is your desired thought. If you want to become a master in this technique, then you have to understand these top 10 tips such as

  1. This technique is more effective on those people who are resistant by nature and they do not like that someone forbids them to do any work like kids.
  2. This technique is also best suitable on people like emotional, over-confident, and irritable people.
  3. To challenge or insist on someone, if you want them to follow your path, then give them the option and leave them to think about it themselves.
  4. If you are applying reverse psychology to children, then it is very important for you to be calm.
  5. During changing someone mind the end goal should always be in your mind.
  6. You have to do the exact opposite of what you want and keep your tone the same.
  7. If you want to attract someone to the relationship and the person in front wants to have only friendship, then tell them that you agree only for friendship.
  8. If a person has to get any work done, then challenge him that it is not your business or you cannot do it at all.
  9. Always try to make sure that whatever technique you want to implement, it is worth convincing to the person in front.
  10. Be careful while using Reverse Psychology and it is better not to use it in serious situations.

Use it to motivate others not to fulfil your selfishness. Above tips of master the art of reverse psychology will help you to get desired result from same people you want to do job for you.

Can you use reverse psychology on yourself?

Yes anybody can use psychological manipulation to encourage achieving desired goal. All to do is just think the benefit, future effect and everything in positive way you can think about that work. After this let your Conscious and subconscious mind to decide what to do.


People with resistant nature can do it without any delay. Like morning exercise if you feel tired you can think about the after effect of exercise and a better future. Positive thought pull you to do exercise even after you are tired.

There are lot of condition where you can apply opposite psychology in real life.

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Impact of Reverse Psychology

No doubt reverse psychology in daily life have some advantage and beneficial for some people but, on other side we shouldn’t ignore its downside also. In a positive side we can engage peoples in behavior that are in their best interest. Forbidden people for someone create a curiosity in same matter. According to human psychology;

We attract toward activity most that other forbid us to do

Like not to go at specific part of home, jungle, not to touch some object that can be damaged etc. People with rebel against norms nature can easily be a part of your wish. You can easily convince them to do something you want by just telling them and forbidden to do.

This is a kind of persuasion tactic that manipulate people thinking and force them to do. If you use it again and again people came to know you are using them and they can’t trust you anymore so use it in specific condition or whenever you need it most.

Why you shouldn’t use Reverse psychology final thought

If you want to get some work done by someone, then just give the option related to your work and then when you have told them completely, then suddenly refuse. We know this as reverse psychology or opposite psychology. In this, by using mind changing tactics, we convince them to work despite the lack of interest in the front.

This way of get one’s work done is not right at all. By using reverse psychology to get your ex back, we can bring our lost love back. If you are doing reverse psychology for relationships then it can spoil your relationship. If you are using it for the right reason for others then it is a good thing otherwise its disadvantages can cut off you from others.

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