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In many haunted serial program like fear file or shhhh koi h we have watched how maulanas control Djinn by some ilm and reading of holy kuran. How easily they control over a spirit that made up of fire element? Is it really possible, have you seen someone around who is possessed by a Djinn? If your answer is No! It can’t be ignored that Djinn are really existence and most powerful spirit among other dimensional phantom. You must be aware such places where Djinn lives and stay away from there. How can one get Jinn’s under control using the Quranic verses in Islam? Is it possible to talk to the jinn and use them? Let’s know more about it.

Talk To The Jinn

Mostly people don’t believe such kind of phantom nor magical power of tantra mantra so in this post I am going to share some real life stories / incident that may blow your mind and you will think twice before going some places. Both jinn and genes can have different words in different ways. There is a difference between the one thing you have seen and the real genie in reality. Many people come to get rid of Djinn and phantom powers with Maulanas. But do you know why such thing happens that only the black magic of Maulanas or any other spiritual magic can be bitten only. What is the hypocrisy in our Hindu religion that we cannot control the souls?

Is it really possible Talk to the jinn and control them?

Djinns are not like the usual spirit of power. They also have spiritual book power power which is near a maulanas. Ayat a set of spiritual chant that is used as daily prayer. Djinn also performs prayers like a Muslim during the night. Apart from this, they also live in the habitation, due to which they do not weaken. It also proves to be a true friend also. That is why no one wants to fall in the case of Djinn. The peers or maulanas who have reached these places can control the same as all-time reads the verses of the Qur’an.

It is not such that in the Hindu religion today Vashikaran, black magic or any other mechanism-mantra-yantra does not work. But in Hindu religion, only white magic is emphasized. Very few people have survived, who have mastery of every kind of power. Why today there is the emphasis on hypocrisy everywhere. Today’s post is about talking about Djinn and how to overcome them.

What djinn like mostly

Jinn loves the whitest things. It depends on which nature they belong to. If he has a calm attitude, then you will feel the feeling of being equal to him. If you go to their jurisdiction, then they will treat you just as an elderly person with some instructions. On the contrary, the bad kind of jinn spirit of evil tendency continues to dominate the people around them, feeling their own. If you want to talk to the jinn you must know some basic thing about them.

It is to be mentioned that Rajasthan is famous for both the places Sadulpur and Tarnagar for jinn and Djinn. Which you will be told in detail about. If a Djinn around you is kind of spiritual nature can easily convince him just by talking.

Popular incident of Djinn from Sadulpur

If you have gone to Sadulpur, then you must have visited the area around the railway station there. From 5-7 years ago there was a famous shop of sweets. The most amazing fact is that a group of Djinn himself comes this shop to collect sweets. It lasted for almost a long time. The shopkeeper came to know about this when he used to take his case after every time they went and there was no money in it. How were the money made by jiggery, but after some time they themselves disappeared.

The witness of this story was not only a shopkeeper but also an auto driver whose auto used to travel a deserted place nearby places. According to him, he used to go to a place every night, and when he wanted to pay back money that nobody was behind. He felt even the most afraid of them, but jinn said that they would not harm him so he used to leave them every day.

Talk to the jinn most famous incident of Taranagar

Tarnagar which is a tehsil of Churu district and is the nearest city of my village. There was also a lot to hear about the incident of a Djinn. But after hearing this story, the fear of my life was exhausted due to the kindness of Djinn. That event was something like this:

Abdul and his wife Fatima, after a long time, came to their ancestor’s home. Their forefathers had abandoned this house for them, which had resented there some time ago due to work. Fatima was very happy when she came home and Abdul was happy that he had gone back to her relatives. The house was big enough, so he made some rooms worth living for himself and left the other rooms as such.

Possession of jinn and patriotism

If there is no religious work like cleanliness and worship in a house for a long time, then the phantom powers are occupied in that house. This is true because these powers are the most preferred place in a deserted place. So you should have seen that in the evening, if your house is new or the construction is going on, don’t forget to keeps the lamp in it. This is so that they can communicate the auspicious power. The rooms which were not cleaned by Fatima had a look in the room. It was because there was no one’s initiative.

The people living in the house did not even have the news that their house was possessed by a Djinn. One day, Fatima, sitting in the house, cleansing all the rooms, cleaning the rooms, she went to the room where there was a place of residence. Seeing the cleaning of Fatima, Jinn was happy and he gave him a voice that this room cleared you here. I was very happy, now put a water pot in it and never come in this room. Fatima ever not try to talk to the jinn but she can hear voice of jinn clearly.

Secret revealed to peoples

When Fatima heard this, she was scared. When she told this thing to Abdul, he did not believe in the first, but after emphasizing he agreed to meet the maulanas i.e. Maulavi. When Maulanas visited home, he realized that he was alive. In order to control Jinn, he prepared to fight directly with Jinn. But he forgot that even Jinn was two steps ahead of him. Whenever Maulanas arrives, jinn also starts reading Ayat. Controlling him was really difficult for Maulanas. In the end, jinn put Maulana out of that room.

Abdul and his family were now quite frustrated. Although jinn had not yet harmed anyone, what was the reason for Jinn’s influence? He met a lot of people, then a good man came to help him. He took some sweets and gifts and went to the room. He went there and greeted Djinn and presented gifts.

Jinn was impressed with his behavior and started talking to him. He started all the details of how he looked at that room. Then the bandit asked him to stay away from the human habitation, why the meeting of both could not be possible. He took his note seriously and he left there. After this they had no such experience like talk to the jinn or their existence at their house.

How to make a them like a friend and talk to the jinn?

Jinn knows the language of friendship and can do anything for the sake of friendship. Therefore, it is understood that if Jinn has a good tendency, then he can be convince with conversation. Djinn also have attractive personality. If a person see in his eyes in the human habitation, he also makes a true love to him. Many times it is the desire of oneself, many times it can control the mind too. Controlling the djinn is a very difficult task.

Most powerful spell used to talk to the jinn

The Quran is recited to call and remove or control the jinn. Although I do not have any experience of mine or I have more publicity about the Quran but due to its curiosity, I had a conversation with my special friend who is a Muslim. According to him, it is most powerful in coming to Islam. The composite form of Ilm and Ayat makes Maulana stronger. But when it comes to controlling the Djinn, then the big guys get rid of sweat.

To control Djinn and make them your own

This is because jinn own reading of the Ayat. Djinn also performs namaz like a true Muslim but his time is of night. Maulana when through the night to read verses from the Quran drew him roam around Maulana many spiritual powers and jinn. Many of them suggest Maulana to become his pupil. This is the reason why more experience associated with the spiritual Powers in Djinn is in Islam. talk to the jinn is a part of reading.

How to control a Djinn or get rid from them is not so easy and this is our main motto to aware people how to solve such kind of problem in real life. If you love to read our article please share this post to social media and subscribe us for same kind of article.

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