How to do telekinesis without meditation
Psychic Ability

10 Things You Should Know About How To Do Telekinesis practice at home

Psychic ability are the powers of our subconscious mind which depend on our morale. Today we will learn about How to do telekinesis without meditation. Telekinesis practice at home which not only easily boost your morale but will soon increase your mental powers in small form which you call telekinesis. Is telekinesis real what really happens in psychic ability practice. How can we develop the superpower with telekinesis easy practice at home?

Telekinesis means move things without any physical contact. If you notice, telekinesis takes place only through 2 mediums, first your eyes and your hands. Why so? If you know this, then you will understand the basic principle of telekinesis. How much we can increase mental capacity, it depends on our own power.

How to do telekinesis without meditation

The powers of our subconscious mind are infinite and we can increase the psychic power anytime through practice. If you know about Telekinesis, then you know that we can move things with gestures. It is our own mental ability to move things by gesture. Even before we want to practice it step by step, then you should start from the beginning.

The first condition to learn any exercise related to mental ability is to eliminate logic. Most of the people fall into this because they start but are not able to finish their arguments during the practice. To move an object, you must first connect to it. We are going to know how we can practice telekinesis at home. About them which may not be proved scientifically but still their existence cannot be denied.

How to do telekinesis

We can’t do any exercise right away, for this we have to work with a plan. If we work with step, then we get confidence as well as success. Let us know about the step by step guide of Telekinesis practice.

Telekinesis is moving an object with your mind. Using mental power you focus your thoughts and energy on a small object and it moves without physical touch. There is no evidence showing that real telekinesis exists. It is generally done by magicians, mentalists, and mind readers.

How this works is pretty simple. They choose extremely light objects, something that would move from the smallest amount of air. For example a dollar bill balanced on its edge, a plastic ball in water, or a piece of paper balanced on a needle (the Psi Wheel).

Basic principle of telekinesis

Telekinesis practice need Pranic energy which is in other languages ​​it is called qi power. Tratak, hypnosis and other practices convert prana into an energy. Our body works like an engine in which Prana acts as fuel. For the simple practice of telekinesis, first when we hold the breath deep inside for a while, it turns into prana energy. If we can control the speed of breathing, then we can store a lot of Prana and also the emotions of the mind.

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Beginning the practice of telekinesis

Before starting the practice of telekinesis, we have to fully prepare the body and mind for telekinesis. It is important that you solve all the doubts in your mind beforehand. Then use your imagination to prepare yourself for telekinesis. Imagination power gives us morale so that we can move forward without any negative effect.

Mental level preparation

When we prepare ourselves physically, then through meditation we should also prepare ourselves mentally. Meditation is the best medium to stop unnecessary thoughts and physical activity from the mind. Also, if doubts arise in your mind, then again and again strengthen yourself with words like “I can” because such interruption in the middle of the practice can spoil your entire practice.

Telekinesis means that developing psychic powers is a work of patience, so it is better not to dream of becoming an expert in a hurry or in a few days. By practicing with constant patience, it develops inside you, so patience has to be taken care of a lot.

How to do telekinesis tutorial

Telekinesis psychic ability practice should be done initially on such object which is very light. You can start with paper. Or on your hair. There is some charge in your hair too and in science you have read that rubbing the comb on the hair generates charge.

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Strengthen morale and willpower

To strengthen self-confidence, start with the simplest telekinesis practice. You can make paper chi wheel which we also called Psi wheel. You can easily make this medium of pyramid shape of paper at home. At the same time, practice by keeping it inside a big glass jar so that the effect of wind is not affected at all because it starts moving with the gesture.

Clean both your hands thoroughly and close the eyes by placing them on both sides of the jar. Give the feeling that your energy is now flowing from the whole body to the hands. After sometime your hands will feel a little warm. When the eyes are closed, feel the energy coming out of the hands with the power of imagination.

Open your eyes and focus yourself on the wheel with a calm and steady mind. Within no time, that wheel starts spinning with your energy. After getting success in roaming here, you give a feeling through imagination that the energy is moving it in the direction you have decided. It is all a game of your imagination and emotion, the stronger the grip, the sooner you will get success in practice.

Start with Concentration on small object for early success. It requires focusing on the smallest of objects. For this you can use matchsticks or you can practice on a medium like needle. Such objects can easily move with less energy and this is very important to boost your morale.

How to do telekinesis magic with formation of Energy Balls

You must have seen in many movies generating energy balls with hands. Actually it is your life energy. So you can guess how important energy is for telekinesis. If you want to easily flow the life energy in your hands, at your sleeping time, when your mind is calm, move your palms on the pillow in the same way as rotating an iron on a magnet and magnetic properties are created in it.

This practice increases the flow of prana in your palms, but remember that the hands are washed clean.

Tratak is beneficial in telekinesis: While doing Deepak Tratak, a stage comes when the flame of the lamp starts rotating with our gesture i.e. the movement of the pupil of the eye. This stage shows the development of telekinesis from Tratak, in which we get the power to accelerate objects through gestures. The same thing happens in the simple exercise of telekinesis.

Incorporate telekinesis into daily activities: In our daily activities, we can do some activities that easily develop telekinesis. Like holding on to a pen or pencil while sitting and then moving them through gestures. The glass bullet can prove to be the best medium which can move without any hindrance with gestures.

Practice on the pointer when you can easily move objects. Try to fix it other than its default direction.

Basic Science of How to use telekinesis easily

Telekinesis is dependent on life energy, imagination and emotion power. So if you want to be successful in simple exercises of telekinesis, then keep a strong hold on all these. For any exercise, small strengthening exercises lead to great success. So don’t ignore them even after forgetting.

What to do after telekinesis:

How to do telekinesis without meditation brings about mental exhaustion so yoga nidra for a while can help to increase the energy back in your body. Yoga nidra is very important because it creates a kind of lucid dream which strengthens our imagination.

Psychic powers are not magic. It is our ability that makes things move. Therefore, always keep faith in the practice with patience, you will get success only. Now let’s start with step by step guide on How to do telekinesis fast.

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How to do telekinesis tutorial A Step by Step Guide

Telekinesis is a psychic ability in which we get the object to move through the mind, but is it as easy as it sounds. For centuries, human civilization has been searching on whether there really is any psychic power like Telekinesis or not and if it is then what is the science behind it.

If it could be proved scientifically then we could say without any doubt that it really happens but till now even science has not been able to prove it.

According to some people telekinesis is not a rocket science. Telekinesis is possible and don’t need any scientific proof because they believe in it. Although they may not have practiced it himself, but if you do a little quick online search, then you will also start believing in it.

How to do telekinesis? In the first step of practicing, you have to believe that we have psychic powers and we can do telekinesis. We know that whatever our mind believes in can be made true, we have already read in this Law of Attraction and The Power of your subconscious mind. If so, then we should also believe that things can be shaken with the mind. If you are trying this, then first of all you should accept this thing mentally, we can do this.

What does science say?

According to science, without any physical touch, things can be moved only through magnetic force or via gravity. That’s why science has not yet been able to measure the true power of the mind. This is the reason why science still does not accept it as true.

Keeping science aside, even for a while if we assume that this happens, then we should know about how it can be done. Let’s talk about the How to do telekinesis magic easiest 9 step exercise.

Get the right information about what to move

Practice should be done from simple step to advance stage. The lighter the weight of things, the more confidence you will get in practice. If you find even a slight move, then the impression starts forming in you that “yes I can”.

Your brain is not even ready for any exercise for the first time, due to which it is undeveloped to move a solid object. If you practice on a large object in the beginning, then it is time-consuming, frustrating and you also start to feel that it may not happen.

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Concentrate as if your life depended on it

The biggest problem in telekinesis practice is that people lose concentration very quickly. We want to move things, and same time, thousands of unwanted intrusive thoughts keep roaming in our mind. Mostly there are thoughts that have nothing to do with the present.

You should know that if you are losing concentration then you should try again from the beginning and not get angry with yourself. Some people say that they are unable to focus on the object under pressure. This is because they are focused on the people and not on the object which they have to move.

It may not be possible for them to do this until they have complete control over their thoughts and mind. The easiest way for this is the meditative state, in which you get rid of unwanted thoughts. Meditation helps us to get out of random thoughts.

Concentrate your energy

You should know how to concentrate your energy, the scattered energy is of no use. For this, you can make a Tai Chi ball within your hands. This energy ball will help you to move things. In practice, be careful not to do any kind of haste and coercion while doing this.

Always use the energy ball with a calm mind. Any kind of haste during How to do telekinesis practice will not take long to spoil your work and waste energy. Not only this, you can easily get caught in the clutches of Psychic energy vampire.

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Be one with the object

It may sound a bit strange, but telekinesis is not actually moving an object that is different from us. Actually telekinesis means to merge with the object and then move it as it is our part. With such an assumption, when we assume that the object and we are the same then it becomes easy to move it.

All the elements in this universe have their own energy. In such a situation of How to do telekinesis tutorial if we force on an external object, then there are chances that it will reject it. Before working with someone, we should connect with them and then we should move on. Success can be achieved by working together and not by applying force to any external object.

Give it a try

Once you start to feel that the energy of you and the object has become one, then try to move it. It is very easy, if you want, you can move it by moving your hands or you can easily check it by giving your head a light move.

If you are using Tai chi ball energy then this is the way for that too. You have to keep in mind that you are not giving commands to the object, but it is the part of you that you are treating.

Be intentionally patient

If you are doing this exercise step by step then it means that you are really ready for it and want to move forward but, you have to keep in mind that patience is essential for success in any exercise. If you move forward with patience then success is also certain.

There is no quick success in any How to do telekinesis fast. If you are doing mental practice then the time taken is dependent on your practice. In such a situation, you should proceed slowly.

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If you are not able to control yourself in practice and are losing patience, then stop the practice. In practice, do not move forward until you are successful in one step.

Whenever you feel that you are not able to succeed, then give some rest in between the exercises and then move forward with a new enthusiasm.

Measure your attempt

Every day when you after practicing your Daily Routine is also going to be busy in a diary before you have today to note. After leaving the practice, first of all you should assess what you have done today. This type of assessment covers everything that is included in your practice. For example

  • What is included in the exercise?
  • At what time did the practice start?
  • The time at which the exercise is over?

When you do this, you know where to start the next day. Here you should note that we do not have to record the time at which the practice ends. Many times the practice has to be stopped because we lose concentration.

Whenever you move forward in How to do telekinesis without meditation practice, increase the time step by step. Practice makes us successful. The day you become successful, you can easily assess your ability. You get to know with time, to what extent you have achieved success in how much time.

Use it for good

Once the success is achieved on the light object, then start doing the exercise on the heavy object. Choose the object according to your ability and mental pressure.

Always keep one thing in mind whenever you are successful that do not use it to humiliate others or to fulfil your selfishness.

You can help yourself or others, but take care that it does not cause any problem in anyone’s personal life. Using such power just for show can prove to be harmful for you.

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What is the best object to move?

If you are practicing from the very beginning, then it is right for you to use a feather or paper as a best beginner’s tool. While practicing on feathers, understand that it should be the wing of a small bird and not that of a big bird like a crow.

For this, it is right to use a bird’s feather, but take special care that no bird is harmed for the feather. Use separated feathers and not harm any bird for practice.

If you are practicing on any paper, then keep in mind that it should not be bigger and heavier than 3 or 4 inches. It is good to start with as many light objects as possible at the beginning of the exercise. Later on you can practice on bigger objects.

How to do telekinesis magic exercise should be done alone or with someone.

We should do telekinesis practice alone. The practice done by staying alone is done while staying completely focused, while in front of others we can feel nervous or experience destruction. Many times it happens that we are serious about practice but friends or other people start making fun of it.

This kind of effort weakens us mentally. We are not able to feel confident about ourselves. Therefore, if you get influenced very quickly by others, then do this exercise alone.

How to do telekinesis without meditation final word

If any exercise is done with a light concentration, then it is fun to do it. Creative mind can solve any problem easily. If we do any work with serious energy, then it may take a long time to complete that work.

If we enjoy work, then do not do it as a burden, do not do formality, but practice it considering it right for ourselves. I hope you have got clear instructions regarding how to do telekinesis for the very first time. Practice with the right start, you will definitely get success. To keep things fresh, try performing How to do telekinesis without meditation fast 2 or 3 exercises per day.

Start by meditating and visualizing to urge within the zone. Then try spinning a psi wheel, doing flame work, bending a spoon or fork, or rolling a pen or pencil. Practicing a spread of exercises might help make it easier to practice without becoming bored or frustrated. Try doing each exercise for around 20 minutes and practice for about an hour each day.

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