How to do Trataka Meditation
Trataka meditation

How to do Trataka Meditation – Benefits, Experiences and side effect

Trataka meditation and its Divine powers is one the most curious topic in meditation. Trataka Meditation is an ancient form of yogic meditation that help us to cut from outer world and achieve thoughtless state. Trataka yogic gazing exercise is simple yet very powerful technique of meditation to achieve Hidden Divine Powers. Tratak is a type of meditation, where a person can sit and stare and focus continuously at a single point and focus on that point.

Trataka gazing meditation is enough to raise your energy level at your 3rd eye, enhancing your psychic abilities. You may experience high energy or heat at some of your body parts or on the whole body. This is due to your concentration and alignment of body mind soul spirit.

How to do Trataka Meditation

The intensity and effects of meditation will differ from person to person. It may depend on other factors like the state of mind of the person, spiritual level, acceptance at a soul level, concentration/ gazing ability, patience, and so on. That’s why people start experience different things.

You should never compare yourself with others or start practice with comparison. Sometimes the benefits may not be visible immediately, but with continuous practice, you will become a better person than before. Tratak activates your inner potential. The mind is always wavering and oscillating in multiple thoughts. When you continuously gaze at one object, the brain gets habituated to that object. The alpha brain waves increases and connection to the external world reduces.

There comes a point, where a mind is completely shut to an external environment and one becomes blank to all the thoughts. One may experience freedom from both time and space.

What is Trataka Meditation?

Tratak or Trataka meditation is generally taken to mean “spontaneous gazing on some points”. But is it enough to see a gazing, if this was the case, then usually in normal life every person who keeps staring at someone do Tratak gazing meditation.

The real meaning of Tratak is to be one with gazing object. In other words, if you understand this, then you have to stop the movement of thoughts and being one with object you use to gaze.

This is because the more the eyes see, the more thoughts arise in the brain. To some extent it is true that by controlling the movement of the eyes, we can also capture the flow of thought.

“Trataka Meditation is not only gazing on some object its actual practice happen within you. You can feel it by sudden trance state of thoughtless and zero thought state.

In Trataka Meditation Sadhana, when we gaze, first of all our thoughts and Brain activity is focused only on that point on which we are doing Trataka meditation. But this is possible only if you do not control the blinking and closing of the eyes.

Sometimes we forcefully keep our eyes open. This is not a part of practice and absolutely it is wrong.

For Trataka Meditation practice, first of all, open the eyes normally and look at the point till the eyes start blinking. When your eyelids start closing, let them close. By repeating the process over and over again, you will be able to open eyes for a long time period.

When this happens, suddenly the brain starts feeling thoughtless and lightheaded. If not, then understand that you are going in the wrong direction.

What we can achieve with Trataka meditation practice

We can practice Tratak for our physical, mental and spiritual development. As we can change ourselves completely through Tratak and The power of suggestion, and this can be happen only when we follow some special exercises and instructions.

By doing Trataka Meditation as a part of Daily practice we can increase our ability to acquire higher knowledge quickly in studies, People who unable to control their emotion, anger and thought it can be a best practice to get control on everything.

Also Tratak is the solution to every problem of the eyes. We can also enter into spiritual states such as astral travel and out of body experiences. We are now able to understand everything that is mysterious for day life like power of your subconscious mind, manifest and many more.

Apart from this you can get some other like

  • Control over thought, emotion and brain activity.
  • Get rid from weak eyesight, eye diseases, fatigue and sloth and closes the doorway creating these problems.
  • Control migraine eye strain and headache, myopia, astigmatism if do it with right method.
  • Attractive personality.
  • Spiritual experience like Astral travel.
  • Become creative and popular among people.
  • Transform your Personal, mental and spiritual identity completely.
  • Control over others thoughts.
  • Power of hypnotism and strong leadership on others.
  • Develop high concentration and memory power.
  • It can be used as a therapeutic solution for depression, insomnia, allergy, anxiety, postural problems, poor concentration, and memory power.

Much more you can do as you go further and explore deep of Trataka.

When to Do Tratak

Usually this question is in everyone’s mind that how much time should be given to Tratak practice in the beginning and for how many days do it. This question is because you are unaware of the experience in it in the beginning. If someone told you how long you want to achieve the state of bliss, would you like to enjoy within the time limit?

No, neither and that’s the similar for this, in the beginning, of course, we get upset with the change, but later we feel and experience infinite joy, then we will not be able to limit it to the time limit. Therefore, without worrying about the answer to this question, keep practicing as the time will increase as the pleasure increases.

  • Best time of Trataka meditation: 4 AM to 6 AM and usually 2 hour before sunrise.
  • Place to practice: basic practice like gazing on object (tree and other outer things) can be done at park but Trataka Meditation practice should be done in quit place where you can practice without any disturbance.
  • Best object: you should start with Bindu Trataka Meditation (simple dot on a blank paper and hang it on wall)
  • How much time: starting time can be 5-10 second per round (one round mean gazing and closing of eye)

Tratak or meditation what is better option?

If you observe deeply you will find out that both Tratak and meditation, they fulfil the same purpose. But just as there are different practice for each level, Trataka Meditation can be defined as an external meditation practice, because in this, by keeping the eyes open, we attain the same state which is done by closed eyes in meditation.

Success in Trataka Meditation Sadhana comes sooner than meditation because instead of stabilizing the mind, it has to focus in one place and that’s why we can give direction to the brain quickly. Whereas in meditation it is necessary to have a more stable and calm state of mind. Therefore, if your mind is restless and cannot stay in one place for a long time, then you can start with Tratak.

There are 2 types of Trataka practice. I will address antaranga Trataka (interior looking) and bahiranga Trataka (outside looking) and its reflective and purging advantages. Interior looking Trataka is based on practice on object with close eyes and outside looking Trataka is done with open eye gazing until it imprinted in mind.

Dangers of Tratak

Even we know how much beneficial Trataka meditation is but, we shouldn’t ignore its dangerous effect on our eyes, mental condition and other aspects. If you do it without proper knowledge you can suffer from vision-related problems, headaches, and anger and spiritual bypass related issue.

Kids below age of 8 years should not do Tratak. Above 8 years kids can do it with a guidance of guru or guardian.

People with serious eyesight issue shouldn’t do this practice. They can practice tree gazing practice at park or other silent place. If you have myopia (short-sightedness) issue then it’s better to practice with your glasses.

If you have Epilepsy disorder don’t do candle flame gazing meditation practice. Other dangerous are like alone, unable to understand what happen within practice time and feeling sad. Cut off from society and social activity. You have to keep all things within your daily life activity.

Trataka in Hath Yoga

It is accepted that to start the interaction of yoga, one should initially cleanse the body and the psyche. In the antiquated writings of Hatha Yoga (a part of yoga), there are six techniques leaned to achieve this decontamination. They are known as the ‘shatkarma’ or six activities.

Some of them include emptying saline water into your left nostril and eliminating it from the right nostril! Or on the other hand gulping a 30 feet in length piece of cotton fabric and afterward eliminating it out gradually!

In the event that that is making you mull over your arrangements to accomplish moksha, fret not, as there are other, less overwhelming, techniques for refinement as well.

One such strategy is called Trataka Meditation, in a real sense made an interpretation of, it intends to look. Tratak is an instrument to eliminate the unsettling influences of the psyche. It is a basic yet amazing asset. A professional of Tratak needs to fix his/her eyes on an Object. This article can be the fire of a light, candle, a Shiva Linga, or a dark dab on the divider.

This procedure utilizes the basic association between the Mind and the eye. This association has been all around recorded in clinical examinations. At the point when we fix our look on a specific object or point, without moving our body, our brain gets steady. This is the hidden guideline of Tratak which helps in decreasing wanderer considerations.

With ordinary practice, over the long run, stray contemplations become immaterial. It is fitting that kids and the individuals who have existing eye conditions, don’t rehearse Tratak.

Trataka Meditation experience

Trataka meditation gave us Super-Human Vision and unlock our psychic ability and powers. Trataka is also known as yogic gazing that is part of ancient meditation practice, works as cleansing process of the eyes. You can sudden thoughtless state of mind after some day of practice.

You can experience some incident of past life or upcoming event like a film. At this state you become a psychic medium and start exploring your subconscious mind. You can also feel memory power and focus ability development, better control over thoughts and other emotion. Over the time of practice your eye colour can be changed and other people can experience an magnetic force that attract them.

How to practice Trataka meditation

To practice Trataka meditation at home without any guru or spiritual guide just follow some simple steps.

  • Choose your favourite medium (object) for gazing meditation. You can start with a simple dot on wall.
  • Do some yogic exercise that calm your mind and control your breathe.
  • Make a dot size point on wall and sir straight toward that object.
  • Your eyes and that dot should be on parallel condition or just 3-5 inch above from eyes.
  • Now take some fast blinking and make yourself ready.
  • Take a deep breathe open your eye and look at the dot on wall.
  • Your eye should be in normal state or like trance state it should be not so close or too open.
  • Do this for 10 second at the beginning of practice and increase it over time.

Maximum time for starting Trataka Meditation is 5 minute to 15 minute and should not do it forcefully.

How Trataka Meditation can change your life final conclusion

I trust it has made my eyes more grounded and my vision better throughout the long periods of practice. You can experience disconnection with world and deep exploring of mind activity. Trataka meditation can transform your life from a simple boring to creative and skilled life. Everything you can think, manifest you can got what you think.

I personally believe that Trataka gazing exercise make our vision strong and clear. It is a simple eye cleansing exercise that is part of hath yoga and shatkarma. Trataka is simple than meditation and have amazing experience and benefits. You can take advantage of Tratak without any special knowledge.

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