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Top 10 tips for easy practice of how of hypnotize anyone within 5 seconds

How we can hypnotize someone in seconds? Is it possible? Yes there are some quick techniques of hypnotism that can help you to find out hidden secret behind how to hypnotize someone in seconds. This is not a powerful method but can work with anyone. How to hypnotize person in seconds is just like a magic, Powerful technique with quick result. This process can be also defined as instant induction. Instant induction or rapid hypnotism is a pre-process for hypnotize someone. This process is very helpful for that expert who wants to save long time being taken by a medium to be relaxed for hypnotism. Several changes have been done in mesmerism and hypnotism and new technique for quick effect.

How to hypnotize someone in seconds

Thus instant induction proved beneficial for hypnotism expert but it not work at all time or person who feels guilty or nervous. Instant induction can help an expert to hypnotize someone in seconds but before performing this you must remember you are all responsible for medium safety. In our everyday while watching TV, day-dreaming and other thinking process we experience a trance state. During a pre-process of hypnotism expert also experience us trance state. Today we are going to discuss about instant induction and hypnotize someone in seconds.

What is instant induction or rapid hypnotism?

This is a trance state experience in which expert help medium to relax while talking and suddenly he hypnotize someone person within 5 seconds. You can see many magicians perform this. In a Hollywood movie now you can see me have you remember a magician also a part of team who perform magic show cum theft of treasure. In induction hypnotism expert first call a person from people and talk her friendly to convince him. Suddenly they suggest medium to sleep and medium goes to a trance state. Have it done in seconds? No! Hidden magic of hypnotism starts when expert call medium from crowd.

How to hypnotize someone in seconds:

We can hypnotize anyone within 5 seconds doesn’t mean just 5 second, it is a process of instant induction or relaxation. Follow some quick tips and idea to hypnotize someone in seconds.

  1. Observe each and every activity of medium, look into his eyes and try to establish a trust.
  2.  Make some statement like ‘it is hot in here’ followed by a reinforcing movement like fanning yourself. When speaking, sound confident and keep your voice monotone but authoritative. Observe what medium feel.
  3. Ask medium to stand with his close feet together.
  4. Have them look into your eye.
  5. Take their hand and give it a quick, downward jerk (don’t use too much force)

Now you have to Command medium to sleep. Don’t forget to hold him as he falls asleep.

Difference between hypnotism and instant induction:

Both are part of hypnotism and used to sleep medium. Instant hypnotism mostly used by medical expert in hospital to relieve stress. It helps them to cure a patient rapidly. If you are looking for article how to hypnotize someone in seconds? This may help you because instant induction is safe and work in 99%cases.

What to know before hypnotize someone in seconds:

There are some quick tips for how to hypnotize someone in seconds can helps you to get idea.

  • While performing street show must be respectful.
  • You must have basic knowledge about medium health and about him.
  • Perform like a magician; you must have an attitude so people take it seriously.
  •  Try to make a friendly zone while performing show.

Some easy tips how to hypnotize someone in seconds.

If you feel nervous during your beginning, close your eye give some excuse so your subconscious mind can accept and feel positive.

  • Try to give your best while performing stage show with positive energy.
  • Behave like an expert but respect your medium.
  • To make a value among people try to express your positive attitude so it can affect people’s thinking about you.
  • ‘Attitude is everything’ you can perform instant induction easily even you are new in this field also it is very helpful in hypnotism.

Positive attitude as a base of instant induction:

Positive attitude make you more comfort while communicate with others. It also makes you express you different from others. If you want to be different from crowd you must follow a positive attitude. It can be practiced not with people but also in from of mirror.

Top steps how to hypnotize someone in seconds:

Follow these steps to hypnotize anyone in 5 seconds. This technique basically involves steps to hypnotize anyone in seconds. First five steps are used to communicating and feel medium comfortable, rest 5 are used for instant induction.

  1. First of all introduce yourself, ask a person as a medium for your show.
  2. Convince your medium so that he can trust you. Observe his each and every activity and feel him comfortable.
  3. Before performing hypnotism you must check how easily medium accept your command or instruction. Just ask him some related activity like is there hot, isn’t so funny. How quickly he accept your instruction decide he is ready or not.
  4. If medium doesn’t feel comfortable during show, change your tone and instruct him something in friendly manner like you can do this, you can lift your hand easily. Main aim must be try to feel him comfort with you.
  5. Now feel your medium he is special among people that’s why you have chosen him only. He can do something that is impossible for others.

Advanced steps to perform how to hypnotize someone in seconds:

  1. Look straight into medium’s eye; also make sure medium intension only on you.
  2. Make sure medium is relaxed, comfortable with you so he can easily accept what you ask him.
  3.  Don’t feel medium you are going to perform instant induction with him, always busy him with you.
  4. Hold your medium’s arm while talking with him. Go back and instruct medium for sleep.
  5. You must be careful and balanced to hold medium as he is not conscious now.

Above 10 steps can help you to perform a stage induction hypnotism show, street show but remember some quick tips with a positive responsibility.


Instant induction is nothing just a part of convince people with your attitude. if you are able to convince people with your communication anyone can hypnotize someone in seconds. Instant induction can help you to get rid from stress as mostly in medical field doctor gave only simple medicine to patient but tell him it is specially for you imported from outside. And patient with a trust cure him quickly. It is belief nothing else.

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