Hypnotism and mesmerism

you must know these important points before doing any hypnotism practice at home

Hypnotism and mesmerism both are part of mind power known as psychic power or ability. Do you know what the difference between hypnotism and mesmerism is? How mesmerism and hypnotism works? Easy and simple way to learn hypnotism tricks at your home are also can be possible. Yes you can learn without any master. Basic working principle of hypnotism is control someone thinking power known as “agyachakra”, suggest him what to think and do is also a part of hypnotism. Major difference between hypnotism and mesmerism is limit of work as hypnotism only work with our conscious, mesmerism is art of free your conscious with no limit. Hypnotism v / s mesmerism which one is more powerful decide with this article.

hypnotism and mesmerism

Mesmerism is just different from hypnotism because it works with pure attraction power or “akrshn-shakti” that is able to catch nearby spirit. Dr. Mesmer father of hypnotism and mesmerism explain Mesmerism is the art of free your conscious. With this art one can be able to connect with spirit. Now a time online mesmerism and hypnotism course in India or other country like U S A, UK, Australia become popular. Is hypnosis work? How to do simple hypnotism or looking for online books of hypnotism and mesmerism. You visit sachhiprerna a spiritual development blog. Several masters provide hypnotism and mesmerism training on international level.

Hypnotism and mesmerism:

Hypnotism and mesmerism both can be done without any master. If you work with some basic rule and follow it carefully you can be able to perform hypnotism. Our prana with the help of trataka convert into attraction power and someone can be easily captured within single glance of watching.

Both of them need a hard practice. Here we share some of them in simple way so you can learn amazing tricks of hypnotism that work without any harm and waste of time. Let’s start with ancient history and developed part of mesmerism.

who is Dr. mesmer:

Dr. Mesmer called father of hypnotism and mesmerism but they only explain it. They work on hypnotism field only because mesmerism already exists in nature. Dr Mesmer explains it used hypnotism in medical field and surprised when they get amazing result. People cure without any medicine, surprising benefit of suggestion power and magnet heal all problems of people. This is miracle in medical field but some of medical field expert not like this. afraid of vanishing of their career they force Dr. Mesmer to leave their country but they start their practice with new method and get beneficial result. They also told other people about it that’s why we are now getting amazing benefit of hypnotism.

Animal magnetism:

Do you know python don’t move for his victim? He just stays on his place and when other small animal look python they mesmerized and unable to move so python can easily catches them without any extra force. This ability called animal magnetism. Some animal have nature or god gift that are lazy to move. If you want to understand everything about both hypnotism and mesmerism you must know about some other things used to denote ancient method.


Ancient method used to connect spirit, distance person. According to some people if we have enough control on this power we can be able to searching some secret like buried treasure and ‘nagmani’, even there is also discussion about ‘magic surma’.


Like some magic or ancient healing method it is used to cure disease. Dr. Mesmer explains mesmerism according to its function like;

  • Hypnotic

Like a sleep this is the state of hypnosis where medium is unable to dreams.

  • Somulisrm:

In this state medium looks like sleeping but he is aware about what happen around him and able to answer what a Mesmer / hypnotism expert ask him.

  • Psachie:

Like Samadhi medium get deeper state of sleeping and able to travel in past, present and future.

Difference between hypnotism and mesmerism:

Mesmerism can explain through scientific way it is related to spiritual development and may be a great reason why people think about this as a magic. Some people show some play with mesmerism and people think it like a magic but actually it is mesmerism a ‘jugglery’. While hypnotism is a part of mesmerism, result of innovation with time.

Mesmerism and jugglery:

Dr Mesmer just explains mesmerism and father of hypnotism but mesmerism already exist in nature. Best suitable word for mesmerism is jugglery because mesmerism zeros the power of conscious mind and unable to decide what is actually going to happen. In jugglery of mesmerism one can’t think itself he just think and saw what expert want to show him. It stops the thinking power of conscious mind completely so we can’t difference between illusion and reality.

In ancient there jugglery is explained as ‘mayajal’ used by asura or demon. They misguide victim and finish without any extra power. Shree Krishna a god who is expert in jugglery. In shree Krishna a popular TV program you can see how shree Krishna misguide other with their jugglery. It’s a creation of mesmerism.

Our body part and mesmerism:

With enough level of prana energy the source of living anyone can perform mesmerism or hypnotism. Mostly our eye and point of finger both are the main source of attraction power. Prana can be transformed in to magnetic energy, electric energy and attraction power by some technique we will discuss later.

In hypnotism and mesmerism first we capture someone attention then finds out their conscious. Whole process is done with eye and mind power. How easily we can control someone mind depend upon our own subconscious mind and will-power, if willpower enough strong to make someone quickly force to think that you suggest them can easily mesmerized or hypnotized.

Caution in hypnotism and mesmerism:

If you have enough attraction power result of the ‘prana’ you can try mesmerism practice but always remember some tips to get benefit otherwise there is more chance of harm than any result.

  1. Practice must be done on above 14 years age you can choose a young and healthy medium.
  2. Avoid doing mesmerism practice on children.
  3. Try to do practice at peaceful place so you can focus on your work.
  4. Mesmerism practice time should be after 10pm of night as this time is best for practice. This is the time for rest and you can practice well.
  5. You must enhance your ‘prana’ energy as it requires high level of attraction power.
  6. You have enough practice on how to free your conscious so you can be able to awake subconscious mind.
  7. Mesmerism is also able to connect with spirit so be careful.
  8. You must be a healthy not only physically but mentally and spiritual level also.

Final word:

As a father of Hypnotism, Mesmer they done several work and research in medical field, they cure disease easily without any medicine that is amazing. Later they realize the power of suggestion and now a day hypnotism expert work on this practice to perform hypnosis, hypnotic state, also in psychology treatment.

So you have basic knowledge about mesmerism and hypnotism. Doing hypnotism is easier than mesmerism. In later article we will share how to enhance prana level for hypnotism, how to do simple hypnotism tricks at home without any master. If you want to learn everything about hypnotism with easy and simple article or tutorial for free subscribe our newsletter.

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