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How to practice safe Kundalini awakening experience Easy Guide

Spiritual Emergence or Kundalini awakening experience brings a lot of changes in energy and consciousness in the life of a seeker and all this is possible through our chakra systems. There are 7 main energy centres located in our body. Each chakra has special qualities and powers associated with us, which helps us to understand life-changing experiences through the Kundalini yoga process. The energy centres located in the body in which different characteristics of our consciousness are stored are actually the source of these powers.

When the flow of energy starts happening properly in the chakra, the psychic ability automatically gets activated. If we understand Kundalini awakening symptoms in the process of awakening, then its process can be made easy. Most of the seekers often do not understand the How to experience Kundalini awakening, due to which they remain trapped in unknowing fear and are unable to move forward.

Kundalini awakening experience

Contrary to the experience told on social media, Kundalini awakening experience is the change coming in the life of a seeker and not a source of any kind of power. The powers that the seeker achieves in his life are his psychic ability powers and not some kind of super human power. Perhaps after knowing this, some people may be disappointed in this process because their motive is not to understand the spiritual awakening process. Was to be achieved.

Sometime we can experience Kundalini awakening during meditation. Let us know in detail the process of First signs of Kundalini awakening, in which we will try to understand the activation of each chakra and its indications in detail. If you suffer from any Bad Kundalini awakening experiences that is the result of lack of guidance you must follow tips to solve this problem.

Kundalini awakening experience

During any spiritual awakening process, we feel certain changes in ourselves. During this, the most physical challenges and psychic shifts are experienced, which sometimes creates an unknown fear. But we must understand that it is nothing but our own aura energy field which is responsible for such changes.

To understand and experience such a change properly, we have to understand some things like yogis common model of chakra, nadi and other such points located in the body which connect the body with the mind and is responsible for the flow of energy. Only after understanding this can we understand the process like transformation and spiritual awakening.

In many systems, the seven chakra system is depicted differently such as the color of each chakra, their sign and significance. If we talk about the most reliable system which is helpful in understanding Kundalini, then it is the yogic science of Kundalini Tantra, it helps us a lot in understanding the changes we experience during the spiritual awakening process.

There are more than 50 chakras in our body in which energy and consciousness store resides. This energy cycle is a field in which energy is stored, so let us know this process of Kundalini awakening as an energy field.

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What is Kundalini rising mean

According to Tantra, Kundalini energy rests kind of a coiled serpent at the bottom of the spine. When this dormant energy flows freely upward through the seven chakras (energy centres) and results in an expanded state of consciousness, it’s referred to as a Kundalini awakening experience or Kundalini rising.

A Kundalini rising may be a remarkably powerful spiritual experience, one that yogis and practitioners spend years preparing for. The experience can happen intentionally through practices like meditation, pranayama, yoga, and prayer, or it can happen all of sudden. This awakening is taken into account to be fairly common within the unseen, but in our Western society, Kundalini awakenings are considered rare.

What happens when Kundalini rises?

Once the Kundalini awakening experience, it will begin to move upward through your main chakras, or energy centres. Starting at the base of the spine, it rises through your genitals, solar plexus, heart, throat and third eye point until it reaches its destination, the crown of your head.

The Foundational Chakra

The lowest chakra in our spinal cord which is also called the foundational chakra or mooladhar chakra or root chakra keep us connected to the physical body. As long as this chakra is not active, we have a feeling of separation from ourselves, due to which we are not able to connect ourselves with others.

The three times tamas (the tendency to lethargy), rajoguna (activity) and satoguna (harmonious balance) arise from this. We all have these three qualities. Over time, these three qualities contribute to our work and make us feel that we are a part of this physical world.

Prana energy i.e. life force remains active on this because this Pranic energy flows throughout the body and makes us feel alive. As long as Kundalini remains dormant, it is stored in the form of residual energy at this place. It remains inactive until we activate it through the spiritual Kundalini awakening experience.

Only the awakening of this chakra and the upward movement of Kundalini energy from it will not be called its complete awakening. Unless the energy passes throughout all the other chakras, this transformation is incomplete. When this happens then our whole body starts feeling the spiritual sense of spacious presence.

In other words, an energy that has only cut through the earth, now it has to move towards the sky like a tree.

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The Sexual and Procreative Centre

The second chakra which is known as swadhisthana is associated with sexual organs in our body. In most people, this chakra remains awake but in a state of out-of-balance. When this happens then man experiences fear, frigidity, condemnation of the body or of life.

This chakra is considered like a seat. In this chakra our collective unconscious is considered to be the storehouse and here all the darker energies in the deep subconscious reside. When this chakra is activated and Kundalini awakening experiences starts moving through it, then sadhak can see changes like demonic images, sexual interest changes. Mostly it involves having experiences of supernatural powers.

Because of this, many spiritual traditions recommend activating the upper body chakras like third eye chakra first before this chakra. In the process of awakening, once the deep unconscious material is cleared, the seeker becomes free from all kinds of lust, anger and greed.

After awakening, the person starts feeling calm and fearless. Also a strong will and dedication can be seen in his spiritual life.

Kundalini awakening experience – The Seat of Power

This chakra is located at just below our navel, which is named Manipura chakra. It is believed that our navel is the centre where our personal identity lives. This chakra has been named as the power centre. If this chakra is balanced properly then the digestion system of the seeker works properly.

The fire and energy starts flowing in all the organs of our body and has a good effect on our general psychological and physical health. If this chakra is out-of-balance then the seeker finds himself arrogant and demanding, feel driven and be overbearing and feels weak, ineffectual, depressed, energy deficient and helpless.

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Flow of energy during Kundalini awakening

In our body the Pranic energy flows on both sides i.e. upper and downward. Being like this is in a way responsible for our good health and spiritual growth. For all this to happen well, there are some such yogic practices which are designed in such a way that the energy flow should be moved upward i.e. from the bottom up.

Some people have noted issue in spiritual awakening or Kundalini awakening experience. These were common problems such as physical discomfort such as chronic fatigue, listlessness, and even being bedridden for a long period. All these chakra were an indicator of out of balance which was indicating that either the energy is getting burnt or it has been exhausted. Through meditation and yogic kriya, our Pranic energy is transferred to the upper chakra.

It takes time to heal any out-of-balance or damage that comes in this chakras. Yogis say that a sincere spiritual commitment can go a long way in healing this chakra. Being in the right position of this chakra makes the life of the seeker healthy and long-lived.

The complete awakening of the chakra gives a different experience to the seeker during the Kundalini awakening process, in which the seeker starts treating everyone like oneness. Starts experiencing the willpower, spiritual intuition, and intention of the seeker.

The biggest change in the life of a seeker regarding Kundalini spiritual awakening comes in this chakra awakening and once this chakra is awakened then the energy of the seeker never turns towards the downfall.

According to some experience, sadhak can also experience psychic powers in himself. Apart from this one starts looking at the world with deeper intuition and authentic sense of expression in the experience that happens.

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Awakening the Heart chakra

The 4th chakra located in the body is known as Anahata chakra. This chakra is located exactly in the middle of our chest and parallel to the heart. The awakening of this chakra in the Kundalini awakening experience is a sign that the seeker does not have any hopeless thoughts about life, there is no fear of any kind of loss and gain. Sadhak starts enjoying with open thoughts about the whole world.

This chakra is related to our emotion such as creativity, our love of life, appreciation of nature and other people, emotional attachment like compassion and empathy. When Kundalini rises through this chakra, then one gets to see an emotionally balanced in the mind of the seeker. Sadhak starts to feel that life has started becoming quite smooth and whatever he wishes comes to him.

It is not necessary that you have to do some kind of sadhna for this, many times your heart chakra can be activated by staying in contact with someone who already has emotional balance. Some people experience hearing the sound of Anahata sound, which you may experience during the awakening of this chakra. Hearing the voice of people of another dimension can also be a sign of this.

Some people experience psychic powers such as clairvoyant or psychokinetic experiences, and even the ability to heal people through distance healing can be felt during such experiences. Instead of getting entangled in the affairs of the world, the seeker can feel himself in a state of peace.

Some practicing seekers say that during this time you may experience unusual sensations or sudden rising of unconditional love or compassion such as increased heartbeat. It is very important to keep yourself positive no matter what the experience may be during the process of chakra awakening.

Awakening to the Opposites

The 5th chakra located in the body is known as Vishuddhi chakra. This chakra is located at the back of the throat which affects our hearing, speaking and throat ability. Vishuddhi means purification. The main function of the chakra in the Kundalini awakening experience is to understand and accept both the light and dark aspects of life, helping human consciousness.

It brings our mind to a state like harmony, inner peace, compassion and a wise perspective. We start accepting every challenging experiences of life that we have been running so far in life. If we have even the slightest psychic intrusions, it is not affected by it.

With time, the seeker starts getting benefits like Greater creativity, and insight into spiritual teachings, bliss and a long life, everything is possible only and only by awakening this chakra along with this sometimes we can control the mind of another person. You can also read thoughts.

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Blocking problem issue during Kundalini awakening

When Vishuddhi chakra gets out of balance or blocked then the thyroid can be damaged as well as problems like ears, throat and hearing can be arising. It can be very difficult to express any kind of thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we can feel any kind of pulsation in the neck and head as well.

If a seeker gets attracted by any kind of psychic powers during Kundalini awakening experience, then he can get trapped in it. His thoughts and feelings can be put in bondage. If you want to awaken this chakra, then you should adopt those yoga’s in which sound is produced such as nada yoga or this can also be done through some kind of mantras, music, and chanting. If a person is very religious, then this chakra automatically starts awakening.

It is believed that a person who is perfect in speaking, singing and eloquence from the beginning is due to this chakra being in the waking state.

Ajna: The 3Rd Eye and Kundalini awakening kriya

Ajna means to know or follow. This chakra is located in the centre of the forehead which is called the command centre of the entire subtle body system. This cycle is related to the pineal gland, whose shutdown starts in children after the age of 9-10 years.

There are many such esoteric and meditation practices through which we can add attention to the third eye chakra. It is believed that this action prepares the entire energy system along with purifying the mind process.

There are many series of spiritual events associated with this that we experience during awakening such as flashes of great light, falling into light or bliss, visions , profound stillness, and psychic revelations . When it is awakened, then the seeker starts to understand the unreality, due to which one starts getting detached from the physical world. He does not give importance to any kind of emotion and starts looking at everyone with oneness.

During the process of its awakening, the seeker can feel the sense of Samadhi. Connecting to the Universal Light and feeling lost can be a symptom of this. Our consciousness disappears and gets attached to this entire universe outside the body.

The awakening of this chakra is not a part of the completion of the energy process, but we also have to decide the journey beyond this. The flow of energy from this chakra starts moving back towards the lower chakras so that they can be cleaned and purified more.

If you are not careful during this time then any Bad Kundalini awakening experiences can bring out your personal and collective unconscious material which we can call hidden fear. If this happens then you will not be able to move forward and will be stuck in it.

This is one reason enough because of which all spiritual traditions give importance to the guidance of a right guru during this whole process.

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A Thousand Petals in Sahasrar

In Kundalini awakening experience we call Sahasrar chakra i.e. Sahasrar Chakra as a thousand-petalled lotus, which is located at the top of our head. In Kundalini awakening Tantra, it is considered as an indicator of complete knowledge, through which we can know that the right knowledge which is ” nothing in reality ” and ” everything is ” correctly explains.

All the egos of human beings are destroyed here during the Samadhi experience. True knowledge of what our purpose is and what we can do is an indicator of the awakening of this chakra. Apart from this chakra, there are thousands more such chakras which inspire us to enter other dimensional experiences and relationships.

During the awakening of this chakra, First signs of Kundalini awakening the flow of energy starts from bottom to top, due to which we start having experiences like itching, crawling, burning, vibrating and other sensations in the head which nothing else the energy penetrates. Is a result of the upper body? To be like this is like drilling on a surface. According to the experience of the seekers, they feel as if the energy is coming out of them like a drill.

If you are having trouble with Kundalini awakening experience then you have to go into a strong detachment of emotion state for this. Here you do not have to react to any kind of emotion.

Some religions do not consider Samadhi to be complete. According to them, it is not enough to just go to the state of Samadhi, to come out of it and start life back is perfection. There are many techniques and practices to transmit the energy back to our physical and astral bodies through which the stage of final clearing of deep unconscious material can be prepared and a person can be prepared back to lead a normal life.

There are many other factors in the subtle energy system of our body which play their important role. Points in which we have a confluence of many small chakras and the flow of energy plays its role in them. Apart from this sushumna which is considered to be the biggest nadi in the spinal card and Ida as a cooling mental energy, the same pingala i.e. heating prana energy is also important. Our energy fields are quite complex which is very difficult to understand but everyone has their own contribution.

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How to experience Kundalini awakening final conclusion

In short, the importance of Kundalini awakening experience is to awaken the sleeping potential of a human body. The flow of energy has to be sent from the bottom to the top and feel yourself being free. Our modern tradition, instead of understanding this change, gives it the name of some kind of disease.

In the life of a seeker, if his purpose becomes a spiritual awakening experience, then psychic powers start getting him automatically. Powers are already in every energy centre of our body, through which we can awaken and move forward through the necessary prana energy.

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