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Hypnotism and Mesmerism

Learn Mesmerism Online an effective method for achieving balance and well being

Mesmerism has been used in spiritual practice since ancient times, but when time started moving from Spiritualism to science, its use was banned because science could not accept it. After all, how can someone be cured without any medicine? With time, the trend of people started increasing in Advance hypnotism technique, its biggest reason why mesmerism started coming into existence from once. Today you can learn it yourself through Learn Mesmerism Online Courses.

This is not some kind of Tantra mantra kriya as it was termed in the early times. In fact, when pure energy is transferred to the medium, it affects its consciousness, due to which the medium goes into a trance state. This change in consciousness is not magic, nor some kind of mechanism, but a demo of your mental power. Its use in the right way can make you spiritual.

Learn mesmerism online

Today, when changes are happening in psychology from time to time and better results are being found through new technology, same changes can also be seen in hypnosis. With every increasing step in hypnosis, we are connecting with our mind and there comes a time when we do not need any kind of tips and guides.

This is where the technique of mesmerism is being applied. Mesmerism is once again becoming the centre of attraction among the people because through this we can change our mind, Can execute secret subconscious mind programming and much more. Lets start How to learn and practice mesmerism at home withought any spiritual Guru.

How to learn mesmerism online in Hindi

If you are looking for Online Mesmerism Course learn from home or center then this article will help you. You can learn it at home without joining any centre. we will provide you basic guide to understand its basic concept. In its basic you have to understand 3 things like

If you were able to take a command on these 3 subjects, then after mesmerism level 2 and 3 and advanced mesmerism is no more difficult for you. To learn it separately, you have to take a course of 3 months in which you will be taught some special things like

  • What is mesmerism basic introduction?
  • Basic of Mesmerism, Magnetism and Fascination and how they used in mesmerism practice.
  • Prepare yourself for instant rapport in shortest time.
  • The power of gaze (Trataka practice)
  • Nonverbal and mesmeristic inductions that include Energetic inductions, mesmeristic passes, nonverbal deep trance inductions.
  • How to prepare yourself to go to Deep trance state as this trick related to completing Self-Healing process.
  • Make your personal hypnotic power stronger.
  • How to use it in daily life by combining the old and new techniques of mesmerism.

Only 10 people are selected in this course to be held every 3 months. And they are guided through mesmerism online classes.

What is basic of mesmerism in Hindi?

Learn mesmerism online is similar to hypnosis but, there is a special difference between the two and that is non-verbal communication. Hypnosis requires you to make a communication with the medium. On the other hand, in mesmerism, for this in some way there is no communication.

In hypnosis it is in a very advanced hypnotic state where the subconscious mind of the medium is freed as far as it can. The more the medium’s mind is free, the more it takes deep unconscious access and makes healing easier. Experts believe that in this one person transfers energy to another, due to which a strong therapeutic effect is created and the medium goes into trance state.

Franz Anton Mesmer is considered to be the first person to discover this technique, but the truth is that even before hypnosis, in ancient times in countries like Egypt, Greece, India, shamans (Spiritual practitioners) themselves able to go in trance state through this technique Used to perform powerful and deep healing.

Even today you can see its use where the exorcist or magician makes a small child a medium and answers the questions or does something new. In this state, every work which is considered difficult in the Conscious State can be done easily. Let us know 3 common words used in basic of learn mesmerism online through which it is performed.

What is Magnetism in Mesmerizing Technique?

It is known as animal magnetism because at the time of its discovery, its idea was found during some such activity which is based on invisible natural force and every living being is responsible for this. For an example, when we meet a special person, then some change felt like the brightness of our eyes and the energy flowing in the body.

If the person we meet is special to us, then we feel a positive energy in the eyes and positive vibes in the body, whereas we experience the opposite energy when we meet those people whom we do not like. Magnetism is like a force that we experience on special condition.

The biggest example of this can be considered a python which never tries to catch its prey, it mesmerizes only through eyes and the prey itself gets caught in its illusion and when the python takes hold of it, prey itself have no sense of being victim.

One of the greatest feelings among humans, which is called love, also works in the same way. If you are attracted towards someone, it is not because of speaking, you like the eyes of the other person, its energy and attraction attracts you towards them, for which no one needs to do anything.

This is actually an animal magnetism. An attraction that flows through your eyes and body without speaking or expressing it. Those who calm and can control their feeling and emotion, they can easily takeover feeling and emotion of same medium person.

Fascination most important part for learn mesmerism online

It simply means attraction. Creating attraction in ourselves while looking at someone, through which we can attract that person. In Tratak sadhna we can create these effects in eyes and in learn mesmerism online this effect happens in every part of our body because through practice of magnetism we learn how to execute it at the highest level at all times in the desired way.

Now you have understood that what is mesmerism really? By tying the person in his attraction, without saying anything or while being active, the energy that is transferred and affected on the front is called mesmerism. It is different from hypnosis only in communication. In hypnosis we have to be active but mesmerism is not necessary.

If we talk about ancient spiritual practice, through this work like giving distance healing was done, for which it is not necessary to be in front of the medium.

Nonverbal and mesmeristic inductions

It is done in 3 ways, first Energetic inductions i.e. energy shifting, second mesmeristic passes to transfer energy through special type of movement and third nonverbal deep trance inductions without saying anything to move the medium into deep trance state.

In hypnosis this work is done through suggestion and in learn mesmerism online we done this through energy in our nonverbal communication. Induction is a process in which we overpower the aura energy field of the medium and reduce it to such a level that its consciousness shifts to a low level trance state.

Deep trance and the self-healing state

In the practice of Learn mesmerism online, this is the stage where we learn How to free the mind. In fact, this practice is the act of balancing our body, mind, soul and spirit, where we achieve different levels of consciousness. The more one grows from Conscious to Unconscious, the deeper brain programming access increases. This is the state where we control our thinking and emotions.

In this state of mind thinking can be changed, new thinking can be created, thinking can be locked or they can be erased, it can be for some time temperory or permanently.

The self-healing state is similar to yoga-nidra (yogic sleeping) to an extent. When we align the body with the mind, it starts to heal itself, which is the natural process of our body. To some extent we correct it by taking enough sleep, but if the problem is related to mental level then we have to take the help of Yoga Nidra.

How to increase your personal hypnotic power

To increase the hypnotic power i.e. attraction power, we have to have to enough control on 2 things, first the ability to shift our consciousness to different level in the desired way, which we get through Tratak sadhna , second yoga nidra which not only does healing but It also serves to conserve energy.

If you want to see the difference yourself, then try practicing yoga nidra for just 21 days, you will feel that now the attraction power of your body has increased immensely and you are able to feel an energy in yourself. Apart from this, the body part on which you focus yourself becomes very active. If you become a part of learn mesmerism online basic guide, then definitely you have to perform this practice.

Advantage and benefit of mesmerism in Hindi

Mesmerism was never allowed to be a part of practice because of which Politics and medical science. Medical believes in science, whereas mesmerism was a technology built entirely on energy, for which science had no explanation as to how it works.

Over time, medicine began to believe in hypnosis because it seemed a bit scientific. Let us know about the benefits of mesmerism, which was never allowed to become popular.

  • With the use of incredible control over thoughts and emotion in mesmerism, mental illness could be cured, difficult surgery could also be made easier by simply shifting consciousness without any fainting. Mesmer used it during his many operations and got success.
  • Super conscious the part of our brain that controls our emotion, thought can also be accessed through learn mesmerism online that is if we want, through this we can control the memories of a person. Both Good and bad thing can be done through mesmerism. However, the modern hypnosis technique is nothing but also a part of
  • In psychotherapy, mesmerism is the only means that can heal anything. Remember, it is not a part of fixing a mad person, but a damaged brain can be repaired because it works on memories.
  • Superior intelligence to improve thinking means passing is possible because when we Conscious shifting through mesmerism changes in the way we think. Because of this change in experiences and capacities brings changes in our body and mind.
  • Control over conscious thought and emotion. we are mostly trapped in unwanted intrusive thoughts in conscious state but in mesmerism we control our consciousness, feeling and thinking. When this happens then we can modify ourselves into the personality we want, through it your Personal development or sharpen your skills even more.

All these are such benefits due to which medical science was beginning to threaten its existence. Because of all this, mesmerism started being spread as a witchcraft ritual and it was banned as superstition. It was a matter of time when people were turning towards science instead of Spiritualism.

Learn mesmerism online my own thought

You can practice it yourself through Mesmerism practice online guide. This practice is 100% safe but depends on psychic ability where you free your mind. This is the time when your suppressed Consciousness comes in front of you which can be both good and bad. If you can move forward without getting affected by it, then practice simple but effective learn mesmerism online.

When we do any such practice which aligns our body and mind, first of all we face the dark side inside us also called shadow work. If we rise above them, we can attain different levels of consciousness, otherwise we may face the problem of mental breakdown due to facing our own dark side which is dangerous.

By the way, no guide is required in this, we are our own gurus but if you want any kind of guide, then you can join our online course. For the solution of any problem, you can ask in the comment.

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