Top 10 reason why we should do meditation daily for tehese change in our life

As we know meditation is a great way for personal as well as spiritual development. In our daily life we can improve our memory and concentration power with meditation. It is so easy and doesn’t require any special condition or extra thing. Amazing result of daily meditation can change your personality entirely. There are several meditation techniques and meditation benefit that work perfectly in specific condition. Benefit of meditation or reason of doing daily meditation is same. Meditation in Hindi also helps you in your daily basis life.

meditation benefit

If you know how to do simple meditation that has amazing result. You must do it regular at early morning. Best time for meditation practice is between 4-5 am, if you practice meditation in garden you will also get ‘prana-energy’ benefit. Meditation first enhances our concentration power and we can focus on thing for long time. If you are one from these people who almost suffer from attack of unwanted thought you must try meditation few days. There are several reason and benefit of meditation practice. Lets discus some benefit of meditation that can change your life.

meditation benefit according to experience:

We can experience on personal, mental and spiritual level of mind. Daily meditation practice result in all these benefit like

#1. Personal development:
  1. Improve in concentration.
  2. Better focus on work.
  3. Become attractive among society and people.
#2. psychic level development:
  1. Become stable in decision making.
  2. Enhance aura and energy field.
  3. become more energetic and body become energy vessels.
#3. Spiritual level development:
  1. Experience the existence of higher self.
  2. Experience related to paranormal and different dimension like astral travel, out of body experience etc.
  3. samadhi and super-conscious level of mind development.

Why we should do meditation daily:

Spending only 30 minute in meditation can change your personality, mentally after and last it helps us to feel spiritual experience. Doing meditation on daily basis can enhance your memory power within 1 month. Many of you want to listen their inner voice, feel the purity of soul perhaps meditation and trataka can be best option for this. Let’s start with some of them why you should do meditation daily.

1.) Best way to experience higher self:

You have listened about conscious and subconscious mind several time and know about them very well but do you know where our higher-self, inner actual piece exist? It is our super-conscious mind that is connected with higher-self. Our conscious mind never stops thinking and that’s actual problem why we suffer from depression and can’t feel any higher-self experience. It’s our subconscious mind that work in background but with your super-conscious mind you can ignore them without stopping any thought and feel the spiritual experience of higher-self.

2.) Mind becomes cool with meditation:

Do we really know what we have need and what we want? Continuous thinking makes it tough or impossible to focus on actual thing. Meditation is a way to focus on desired thought and we know it very well what is our desire and need. It also helps us to concentrate on specific thought without stopping else activity.

Meditation helps us to ignore waste idea and focus on desired thought without stopping them

Actually meditation never stops any idea it help us to concentrate on specific thought simply by ignoring rest.

3.) Enhance vibration and energy field:

Do you know our thought is nothing else our own energy and you can’t stop them. Doing meditation on daily basis simply focus you on desired thought only for long time. Our vibration and energy field also enhance due to control on ‘prana’ the main energy source. Feeling refresh all time is result of regular meditation.

4.) Cross the limit of belief:

What is impossible? It is just the limitation of our thought. “What we have is result of what we think” if you want to become success think like a success person. our belief affect >> will-power affect >> energy that means if you want to enhance your energy first develop willpower and for developing strong willpower think like it.

law of attraction make dream true and meditation is the simple technique that make it happen. meditation cross the limit of belief so we can think about best way of ideas and we can impliment idea to work thats why meditation benefit is so amazing.

5.) Become more stable:

Meditation enhances self-confidence and will-power level so we can think and decide more stable. Develop in personality can be done with meditation that also results in stable in life decision. Once we stopped affecting from entire situation will automatically connect with higher self.

some time you can not decide what is wrong or right ? in these condition making decision become more tough or confusing. amzing meditation benefit make you stable so you can decide clearly what to do and what is wrong or right.

6.) Meditation converts us in pure energy channel:

In a normal life a person has itself a bio-energy channel. Doing daily meditation enhance the circle of your bio-energy field. It converts us into an energy vessel that is full from energy and become more ‘tejasvi’. It also helps getting rid from affecting low quality person, things. A positive effect reflects from our personality. this is biggest  meditation benefit that encourage us to do it on daily base.

Read : how to do tratak do you know some basic rule that is amazing

7.) We can heal our self easily:

Meditation makes our mind cool and focus on desired thought, we know how to control unwanted situation and how to heal problems. Daily 1 hour meditation help in care rest of 23 hours. We know the best alternate of problem solution method. You can heal your problem your-self without getting any stress or pressure.

8.) Making our higher-self voice more strong:

Taking decision with mind is not a good idea for all time; some decision should be taken with higher-self. You can realize effect of taking decision got a better result in some condition. Mind can tell you lie but higher-self can’t. odd situation may be affect you and your thinking can be changed due to situation but your higher self always provide and guide you right way.

meditation benefit and final Conclusion:

meditation benefit has amazing result in our daily life especially in personal development. If you wish to feel some spiritual experience do ‘sahaj yoga dhyana’ and ‘dark night meditation’ practice both have amazing result within 15-30days. if you seriously want a change in your life or above benefit start doing daily meditation and see how your life change.

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