ultimate master guide of how to do meditation for first time – how to do it properly

Have you ever meditate first time? What happen with you when you meditate for first time? Meditation for first time may be a strange experience for you as it has so many changes on physical as well as spiritual level. So many research and study prove that meditation for first time can change our IQ level. It also develop grey matter, reduce stress and so many positive benefit. If you want to do meditate but have no idea how to do it. You should try easiest method of meditation like mindfulness and transcendental meditation. Today we will know how to do meditation for first time.

Meditation for first time

In our Hindi blog we have already shared about First time meditation guide in Hindi. Chinese research proved meditation helps to get rid from alcohol and disease like blood pressure, it also build strong immune system so we can ignore any kind of pain. Many people think it’s a long time process to experience in meditation, but I think you need only 1-2 month to experience positive result all depend upon our nature and will-power.

Meditation for first time:

If you are beginner in meditation, you must know how meditation improve our personal and spiritual development. Here we mention some experience in meditation how you feel them after some of meditation practice.

Naturally everybody experience disturbance in meditation like unwanted thoughts, destruction of focus etc. after some days feeling pain automatically stopped as we busy brain’s portion which feel us pain.

Some people may stopped feeling existence of body during meditation and thus scared, but keeping practice continue helps you to understand how to successfully complete this stage.

First time meditation experience:

You can feel so many experience that is quite different from your real life view. Below is some idea you may experience while meditation for first time;

  • We realize that we are also connected with those people who is may be quite different for us.
  • Meditation for first time enhance our patient level. If you are kind of person you can realize that you are become more patience and quite calm. For example anger in traffic.
  • Sitting in meditation calm your mind. Changes happen in our real and meditate state, if you feel some strange happening, you should accept what happen instead of understanding.

Also there are some changes happen when we meditate for first time.We can experience physical, mental and spiritual in less time through meditation. Not only this, by meditation, we can bring the changes that we want in ourselves, but even then if you are not able to do it easily, then you can make a travesty.

First time transcendental meditation guide:

If you are beginner of meditation and want to experience some amazing result, let’s try transcendental meditation in easy steps. Follow some quick tips for TM;

  • First thing sit in a comfortable position and straight your backbone.
  • Balance your inhale and exhale breathing.
  • Nothing to do else sitting in comfortable position so you can sit for long time.

The TM technique allows your mind to easily settle inward, until you experience the most silent and peaceful level of your own awareness. It is completely different to other meditation techniques as it involves no concentrating or focusing, no trying to “empty the mind”

Transcendental meditation Benefit:

  • Reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Lower risk of heart and stroke.
  • Feel more energetic whole day.
  • Increase brain function and creativity.
  • Reduce insomnia.
  • Greater resilience to stress.

In short we can realize every day movement. You should do it twice a day for better result.

Amazing benefit of master in meditation:

we have already discussed why we must spend 30 minute daily in meditation here You may surprise to know we can modify our body and mind at maximum level so we can do some kind of tough work easily that is still a mystery in science like;

# Sitting in same position for long time:

Tibet saint can sit in same position without any problem, it may be longer than time we spend in sleeping. They can adjust their body temperature and adjust it according to condition. Without any cloth in winter a Tibet saint can survive because their body adjust body temperature and warm body in cold weather.

# Control heartbeat at critical level:

Have you ever heard about Samadhi highest condition of meditation? How one can set his heartbeat at zero or survive at this condition, but it’s true because many saint in Himalaya sit in a position since a long time without any survival condition.

# Improve mind capability:

How long you can remember things. Some people claim they can remember anything at first time and remember it for long time. With the help of meditation we can enhance our mind capacity to remember things.

Of course now you will have decided to do meditate definitely because of its amazing result. If you are seen in real life, there is one of the simplest methods of meditation, without any master guide, you can also develop yourself at every level.

Tips for first time meditation:

If you experience some problem in meditation for first time like boring, unable to sit for long time, feel pain in joints, there are some tips how to make first time meditation process easy.

  • Don’t try to stop thoughts it’s a natural process to ignore thoughts instead of trying stop.
  • Feeling joint pain you can use wall support.
  • Sitting in meditation for long time may be feel boring, but watching thought can help you in it. It is just like watching a film.
  • If you feel some kind of sickness after meditation don’t try to shit up forcefully it may feel like sudden shock.

First time meditation may be quite different what we think and what happen.

What author say:

Doing meditation in beginning can’t make you perfect master but can help you control thoughts in short time. A Dutchman who climb mountain with special technique of control breathing. You can easily get rid unwanted thought and focus on what you want.

If you want to meditate but do not understand how to start, stay connected to the blog. Here you can find the master guide in free. Don’t forget to subscribe our blog and share this post to your social media profile so other can reach this blog to get genuine guide.

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