Hypnotism and mesmerism

Hidden mysterious fact about Mesmerism and Hypnotism that will blow your mind

Mesmerism and hypnotism both are may seem very similar. Both practice use magnetic power. It has not been cleared yet whether mesmerism is a ghost or spirit type or not. These questions came in the mind of the people because of the magnetic power enhancing the attraction, we can fill in any other personality or multi personality in anyone. What is the best in both mesmerism and hypnotism? How to learn mesmerism at home? What is mesmerism in psychology? Or many other question will be solved in this article.

Mesmerism and hypnotism

You must have seen some such people in urban or village, who look like a normal person in normal life, but after worshiping the mother, or goddess, the goddess or devata (culture god) descends. In science, it is certainly called Multiple personality, but it also comes in the principle of magnetic attraction. In today’s post, we will learn important information related to mesmerism.

What is Mesmerism and hypnotism?

Mesmerism is a science in which it is believed that a creature can stream the magnetic energy of its body into another body. Its name is derived from the name of Franz Anton Mesmer, 1800 v century. In mesmerism we include the following process, such as stare, i.e. watch and pass merges and hypnosis. Apart from this, it is also affecting another person’s energy field.

Mesmer believed that this magnetic energy flows into every creature whose deficiency or imbalance causes the disease in humans. Chakra imbalances, Reiki, kinesiology and energy healing all come within the mesmerism itself. In the process of mesmerism, the most beginning part is hypnosis sleeping, and after passing the body without touching the body, the pass margin is given which interrupts the client’s energy field and brings it to its effect.

Top 10 mysterious / mind blowing question about mesmerism:

  • What is Mesmerism and hypnotism and how it works?
  • How mesmerism is different from hypnotism?
  • How to learn Mesmerism and hypnotism at home without any master or guru?
  • What is mesmerism used for?
  • Mesmerism and hypnotism technique in Hindi or download PDF guide.

If you are looking any from above question this post will really help you to solve your curiosity about mesmerism.

Mesmerism and hypnotism – History :

As you read above, Mesmerism was started by Franz Anton Mesmer in the 1800’s. This experiment was the beginning of a new revolution in the science and medicine department. But some people from medical science forced Dr. to leave Venice by banning them. Because of his discovery that the disease was done in an extraordinary way without any medication, the doctor and the scientist felt that his career would end. Dr. Mesmer then lived in another country but did not stop using it.

They had constructed such rooms that had a large and powerful magnet. The patients were kept in it and the normal water was given in the name of treatment, whose bottle was labeled with bigger medicines. All these patients are being given expensive treatment to get them to believe that they can be cured quickly.

What is animal magnetism?

Dr. Mesmer believed that there is the same quality in the magnet that can affect someone’s energy field. Later, he realized that the animal magnetism means that the magnetic power flows in, then why the external medium? Therefore, he started using the physical magnetic power in which he had immense success, and subsequent to this science hypnosis, that is, hypnotism was born.

Both mesmerism and hypnotism are not alike

If you have learned the essence of Mesmerism and hypnotism, then you will find that mesmerism and hypnotism are not the same. In hypnosis, words are brought into the form of emotions, which means that the person is brought to the state of hypnosis. As well as suggesting, it is possible to see the intensity and capture his consciousness by intensely penetrating into the energy field of the front.

On the one hand, where the first passes in Mesmerism bring hypnosis sleep to the pass margin, on the other hand, this condition is quickly received by suggestion in hypnosis. That is why we can capture the consciousness of a person, which is just the beginning of Mesmerism.

Can Mesmerism be used with hypnosis:

Traditional hypnosis of hypnotism, i.e., in the state of hypnosis, good results were achieved using a mixture of both. But in modern hypnotism, NLP i.e. Neuron Linguistic Programming, which influenced the nervous system, was used to influence the language. The person in front was given the same realization that he wanted.

This kind of technique is used by the Medical Department and Police Department to open the mouth of the people. Through it, first of all, the human nervous system, i.e. nervous system, is numbed and the consciousness of the person disappears and it does not know the difference between right and wrong.

This condition only works in the upper case. Cannot answer the person’s inclinations and if the person is able to control the strong nature, then he can lie and you will not even catch him. Instead of mixing mesmerism and hypnotism in techniques, the depth of consciousness can be landed and the internal mind can also be captured.

Mesmerism is not a science:

You may have heard or read anything that the spirits can be attracted by Mesmerism. This is certainly possible in the higher stage of mesmerism, but they have more effect than other interactions with mesmerism. Some special exercises can be successful in this.

Some people also believe that some people on whom the mother rides go through a similar experience in which the practice of Mesmerism is done. This is the reason why people have begun to understand the mesmerism as a result of lack of accurate knowledge. While this is a science which cannot be explained correctly, but it is not an exorcism or ghost or vibration.

Why should hypnotist know about mesmerism and hypnotism?

Mesmerism was abandoned just because it did not fit the test of scientific logic just like hypnosis. But do you know that more than 150 years of research on mesmerism shows that Mesmerism is more effective than hypnotics. Learn how:

  • In Mesmerism, we can reach in the depth of the internal inner mind of the medium more than hypnosis.
  • Mesmerism leaves a positive effect on the energy sector of the body of the medium.
  • In this we can establish more and stronger relationships with clients than hypnotism.
  • The most important feature of mesmerism is that instead of the spirit given in hypnosis, it can be effective in treating diseases such as joint pain and waist pain.
  • Most modern doctors who use hypnotherapy also use mesmerism.

These special features of Mesmerism show why we should practice mesmerism along with hypnosis. Why the mixture of both is a double-serving experiment. You must have already understood that Mesmerism is not a science.

Mesmerism and hypnotism – final word

The mixed form of both mesmerism and hypnotism can prove to be more beneficial to us. If you like today’s post or have any questions in your mind then you can ask us in the comments. Your suggestion on the post will definitely give us a motivation to write rarer article from mysterious world. mesmerism is a pure science on how we think and what we see. hope you like this post dont forget to share your thought.

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