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you must know unknown fact mystery and dangers of mirror tratak before practice on any kind of mirror

Have you ever try to gaze in mirror? What you see in it after some time. Seeing distracted images may astonish you but you should beware from mirror meditation dangers which is also called side effect of mirror tratak gazing. While doing it, you may have felt that we sit on more than one hour of exercise but it seems like we have started a little earlier. Do not be surprised why mirror tratak meditation is so much mysterious that we are lost in it. Most of people do it for hypnotism. Why practice the state of self-hypnotism, then it is only on the practice of the mirror meditation.

mirror meditation dangers

Mirror tratak is one of the spiritual practice in which the brain is totally become thoughtless at the highest level. In addition to this, the breath becomes even lower. In a state where we live in the world, the sense of separation from the world the pleasure of being away from all kinds of things is experienced in this trataka meditation practice. What is the benefit of doing mirror gazing tratak and side effect or dangers of this practice? How can we easily do without any master or guide let’s begin some information about mirror tratak meditation and its hidden secret, fact and dangers?

Mirror meditation dangers

Mirror meditation as it says meditation on mirror but, what kind of mirror? What kind of practice and its proper way to experience the result. You must be careful in selecting of proper mirror as it should be simple not fancy; also it should be not used before in your daily routine work. If you are using mirror in daily routine then you should be careful it may be dangerous for you. Before we start mirror tratak meditation we must clear some point regarding mirror and practice.

Selection of mirror

There is an important part in trataka, the medium on which practice done; if the right medium is available then there is chance in practicing half success. Select the mirror on the following parameter.

  • Mirror should be plain (ordinary).
  • Mirror should be square and not more decorative. Its size is so large that your face can be fully seen in this mirror. It may be larger than this, but the convenience is just as big as the faces, so much attention does not wander in practice.
  • In the room where it is practiced, the lighting system of such a room should be such that the mirror should be placed on the bottom of the light. In whose mirrors the face is clear and reflection of light cannot be with a mirror.

Right placement of mirror to avoid mirror meditation dangers

The practice of mirror tratak meditation is as equally as important as it is dangerous without it doing the practice will distract you, so the first point is to make the mind stable and Bindu tratak meditation make you stable for further progress.

  • Place the mirror on the wall and place it on a distance so that your face will be clearly visible in that mirror.
  • trataka is either done on the eyes or on the middle point of eyesight, it is not easy to initially scrape both eyes, so initially, you should try to tratak on midpoint called third eye.
  • With this, there is ease in retreat. When the high status of emptiness is attained, it can also be tempted on the eyes too.
  • In mirror tratak meditation your mind must be stable, if the mind is not stable then the face and mind constantly and again disappears. If you want to remove mirror meditation dangers keep in mind about your thoughts.
  • Feeling face, disappears, and then appear to be visible by your thoughts in your mind. Therefore, during the practice time, the expression should be practically zero.
  • The mirror is also known as spontaneous practice, because even a few hours of practice feels like a few minutes. The reason for this is that when we look at ourselves, we start getting into higher-self.

In mirror tratak meditation keep in mind these points

There are many experiences that are distracting us, such as the slightest of breath, the illusion of the changing face in the mirror, the body becomes very light, the face disappears, all these experiences are connected with emotion and breath. If we are distracted by these, then we cannot move forward. In this situation, the mind should be restrained and practiced which is not acceptable by accepting logic and argument. When you accept this situation then it does not allow any questions in your mind. And you go on moving forward yourself.

There is no experience of time in the mirror trataka, nor is there any tiredness, that’s why we take our full attention on our face and the time does not come to feel. In the second tragedy, we can feel tired, there is no such effect in this effect. Remember some point about mirror meditation dangers also.

Note: – There can be a difference in partial experience in different situations. It depends on the condition of your intuition.

Hypnosis power secret from mirror tratak meditation

The power of hypnosis is developed from a mirror trataka. We can easily do this exercise, provided we get hold breath and thoughts and make them stable. From this practice we can learn hypnosis. Self-hypnotism can develop your own personality. And much more can be seen, a practice can be done for many benefits.

Mirror meditation dangers – connection with paranormal world

Does the mirror belong to the other world? Mirror can also be haunted? There are many questions that are related to the mystery of the mirror gazing but the biggest secret of all of these is whether the mirror tratak meditation is a tantra ritual. Why during the mirror tratak we have many paranormal experiences which force us to think that the mirror is connected to the world of soul and paranormal powers. Let’s talk about haunting mirror.

Mirror and spirit or ghost connection is that really is a relation with the mirror with the power of the paranormal powers. It is believed to be why the mirror seems to be mistaken for many times with the people during gazing meditation practice, because at that time their negative energy starts capturing by the mirror, or from time to time they forget to remove negative energy from the mirror. Not there. Most of the mirrors that remain in a place for a long time start filling negative energy.

Mirror meditation dangers the most using medium of spirit calling

There is no form of soul; they make their looks according to the imagination of the people. Because of this, people describe them as they think. Apart from this, there is also a way of calling spirit in mirror pursuit. By doing this, the soul is given a form by mixing with the energy of the mirror and talked about. Apart from this, there are many such occult practices that mention negative energy and the process of catching souls through mirrors.

Haunted mirror – looks like the power of the paranormal powers

If you ever feel that there is someone else in your room except you, especially when an old large mirror is present in that room. When you see a mirror in the room alone, do you feel distracted changes in it like a shadow, some blurry behind you? If you feel like this then you have captured negative energy on your room mirror, but it is time to remove it.

To solve this, clean the mirror and remove its negativity. For this, you can overcome the negative energy with sea water, rock salt water (rocky salt) through them, to some extent.

Keep the mirror covered due to mirror meditation dangers

We had heard that the mirror should always be kept covered after the practice with the red cloth, we should also be careful while performing spiritual activities with the mirror, because at this time our reflection of Negativity is caught in the mirror. During the mirror tratak meditation, if you see an unconscious crying cry, then should stop it. If you do not do that, then that negativity may start to affect you.

You can see an episode in the Fear files that is connected to the real event. Red cloth eliminates the effect of the spirit of power and does not allow them to dominate in any situation, as well as periodically mirror should be kept cleansing i.e. should continue doing negative energy removal process.

Mirror meditation dangers do it attract souls & spirits?

From the room where there is a sick person in the house, we should remove the mirror why the mirror starts sucking a sick person spirit in a way. This is also happens because most of the negative thoughts remain in the mind of the sick person.

  • Mirror tratak should never be done in the night because if we do this then we can experience spirits, shadow in that mirror. Perhaps this is why shadow person cultivation is done in the night, which is also a kind of mirror ritual.
  • If a person dies in the house then the mirror of his room should be covered, because if we do not do this, then the soul of the person who dies will either captured in the mirror or he will go wandering.
  • If you believe in Vastu, then it is advisable to cover the mirror in the night, and in the bedroom, advice is given to keep the mirror aside from front of the bed, because it is believed that while sleeping paranormal powers can attack you
  • The mirror is the gateway to the other world (dimension) so if you do not want the power of another world enters your home, and then the mirror should be in place from one place to another.
  • Large mirrors that remain in a place with a solid back position for a long time become the gateway of the dimensions of the other world.

Mirror meditation dangers & experiences overwhelming and activity

So far, such a case has come out from all over the world in which there is a problem due to the mirror, most of the people have experienced a haunted mirror.

  • Bring old mirror in home and experience haunted activity after some time around that mirror.
  • The people who go to the new house keep the previous owner’s haunted mirror.
  • While performing a paranormal activity such as Ouija Board, if there is a mirror nearby, it is believed that the mirror of the other world has become the gateway to the world, and that powers have been dragged into this world.
  • Many times people have experienced haunted mirror in places of roaming, hotels and places which were not always but sometimes it was really why where such a place was built that was previously occupied by some power.

Top fact about mirror meditation dangers

The mirror is not just to see the face; there are many other facts that can surprise you. However, in many cases, due to the fear of the person, he has such an experience, but now he talks about the experience of those mirrors

Haunted mirror and shadow people

Many such cases have been revealed, especially in London and United States of America, where people have experienced Shadow People, the people say that they not only saw the shadow people around mirror but also enter from and mirror and back is. Such a shadow that does not talk to them just stares at them and they all have experienced it in the mirror too.

Mirror meditation dangers relation of unusual mist

Such rooms which have been closed for a long time and have a large mirror have experienced an unknown mist. The people say that they have not only seen the haze but have also experienced it while taking a shape. Most of those reporting such people were of Negative Nature, but in the investigation it was confirmed that there is a spirit of power.

Mirrors and unknowingly face

Looking at the mirror for a long time, showing unknowingly faces i.e. unknown faces also indicates the presence of the spiritual powers. Many times, these faces look at many emotions like crying, laughing, sadness etc. It also points to haunted mirror and the gateway of the other world.

special thanks : haunted mirror unknown fact

Mirror meditation dangers gateway to other world

Gateway of another world is a gate that connects two worlds together. In any case, every world, every dimension is different from each other and between them there is a barrier that no one can cross but in every world there is no medium that connects them to another world. This is what we call the portal. The best and the bad medium to join our world from another world is a mirror.

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