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moon gazing tratak meditation and its surprising health & spiritual benefit you must know about it

Moon gazing Tratak meditation is one among spiritual practice of Trataka. It has many advantages over other Tratak and effect on the seeker. Moon gazing can be performed in step by step and achieve desired results. It is best ever practice for those who have calm nature. Sometimes we can see some change in our behavior when we do mirror, candle and fire meditation. At the time of restraint, we need to balance our mind and process both. The practice of moon gazing meditation Trataka makes us calm, gentle and behavior-efficient.

Moon gazing Tratak meditation

The practice of moon gazing should be done on the basis of night selection, seasonal selection. Take special care of the fact that the Moon shows you clearly. Weather is clean and environment-friendly. However, if your practice starts getting intense then you can see the moon in any season with your will-power. One of the many methods of Trataka has also been described moon meditation Tratak, that in this practice you can also see in the nights of no moon night. It all depends on your mental and willpower.

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Moon gazing Tratak meditation

Moving forward in the category of Trataka, let’s talk about the moon meditation so that we can practice on anything that is easy to look at the eyes and it is stable. But after crossing the initial phase of Trataka to get into spirituality, when we start to perform fire and mirror meditation, then we begin to experience more spiritual experience. Therefore, these practices have their own importance. It takes some BASIC to CLEAR before practicing Tract.

  1. The practice of moon Trataka should be done in the early morning before 6 AM.
  2. During the practice, your conscious should be calm, so that it will be better for not having a stress & depression at the time. Body and mind should be calm before 15 minutes of practice.
  3. Practices should always start with the consternation. These escape from early troubles in Trataka. And also for the experience in practice, mentally prepared.
  4. The practice of Trataka should always be fixed at a regular time and thereby to maintain continuity in practice.
  5. While practicing it, do not start the mirror and candle flame Trataka right in the growing order from the practice, it is possible to lose more.

The practice of Moon gazing Tratak meditation

It is practiced by watching the moon in which we can practice on the terrace or on any high place where peacefully and there is no one to trouble you. First, sit down on the roof and calm down the conscious. After that slowly see the moon.

It should be done after 10-11 o’clock in the night. Take care of one thing in this practice, in the order of increasing the movement of the Trataka with the decrease of the moon, as in the order of the moon being the full moon at the beginning of the moon.

Most people do not know that the moon has an indirect effect on our mind. So keep in mind that in practice, what are you doing from the beginning of practice?

Moon and the human mind

You have seen many movies in which the person becomes wolf watching the moon. What happens like this is that there is a change in our mind from the Moon. Let’s understand the science behind it when the moon’s radiation falls on Earth, then its effect of attraction leads to the reflection of tide and opposite attraction in the sea.

The water fluctuates due to the tide and the human body connects with the same thing, the human body is made of 70% water. Therefore, seeing your own experience, your mind is most playful in the full moon night. It is not superstitious to avoid getting out of the eclipse during the eclipse or to avoid the effects of its rays. All these are the science which results in the study of the moon and the human mind.

Benefit & effect of gazing moon

There is a lot of effect & change done when we start gazing moon with an interest. Most of them are related to change in our thinking, habit and nature so have a look at these effect of moon gazing Tratak meditation.

  1. It cuts down your alcohol consumption.
  2. It creates a sense of awe and wonder that might lead to you taking an interest in Astronomy, Physics or Art.
  3. It gives you something to talk to other moon gazers about, which might lead to a lifelong friendship or even marriage.
  4. It produces a sense of proportion about our place in the cosmos, and with any luck about the shameful way we are treating this planet.
  5. It is very difficult to fight someone whilst staring at the moon.
  6. Anything that gets people off the couch and away from the damned TV is a good thing.

Health benefit of Moon gazing Tratak meditation

Gazing moon not only change our behavior, but it also has some health benefits. People who suffer from eyesight problem can perform its normal practice like just gazing without any intention.

  1. Relief from insomnia.
  2. Enhancement in concentration power and ability.
  3. Correction of eye problems such as myopia, farsightedness and the early stages of cataracts (I haven’t verified this, but it’s a common claim)
  4. As it is a spiritual practice, it can help to develop third eye & intuitive abilities.
  5. Deep relaxation and peace of mind.
  6. Develop master control and will-power.

And many more advantages can be achieved with moon gazing.  You can do it to get rid of stress & depression.

Practice and experience of Moon gazing Tratak meditation

  • Go outside or on the roof where you can see the moon easily.
  • Sit at a comfortable place and relax.
  • Gaze at the moon without blinking as long as you can. Imagine that moon rising inside you that is exactly what it is anyway.
  • Try to relax and make it soften so that you can gaze the moon for a long time and become one with the moon.
  • As the time of practice grow you will start feeling fall in love with the moon and the sense of oneness. Let your eye close after water or strain in your mind.
  • You may notice an imprint of the moon when your eyes are closed. It may be different colors than the actual moon. That’s OK. You should experience some type of impression from your gazing.
  • This is the object you have to focus exactly.

With eyes still closed, point your eyes up toward the point between the eyebrows. You may feel a “sweet spot” that feels just right. Keep watching that impression of the moon.

This impression may disappear after a few seconds, open your eye and gaze moon again then close eye and focus you conscious between your eyes.

experience you may have during practice

In the beginning, you may feel impatient, but as soon as your practice grows, your mind begins to absorb the effects of its rays. Because of which the rays of the Moon do not affect your mind later on. Apart from this, the practice of Moon gazing Tratak meditation gives you experiences that can be beyond your understanding. Like seeing the moon, seeing the Moon coming to you, the phenomenon of the moon rising, or the feeling of its rays on your body, because of its practice, you start getting its attraction power.

So if your mind is playful from the beginning, then start stabilizing your mind before doing this practice. Keep in mind that whatever you see in this world, it’s the creation of your subconscious mind only, therefore nothing can be new for you and when the mind starts to become stable then nothing can distract you.

Moon gazing Tratak meditation – the final word

Friends, the practice of Moon gazing Tratak meditation can make us realize many supernatural experiences. Moon with the Home constellation also brings changes in our lives. And we can see it ourselves using the change in our behavior. Just watch the moon for a while. And by experimenting in the gradient and increasing order of the moon, you will see the desired results.

Many people think which is better to do? Which practice makes us powerful or who can realize the impact of the Tratak meditation in the shortest possible time? So for such people, I will say only that if you do with the imagination of experience, then noting will not be achieved. If you leave the experience at the time and do without any selfishness, then there will be so many results that you will be surprised.

Friends, if you have any questions about Tratak meditation or have any problems, then in our group, you will definitely find a solution to your problem. If you like the post, do not forget to share it. Must subscribe blog to get the latest update in direct your mailbox.

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