scarying fact and mystery of most powerful kachha kalwa masan used by tantric

Have you ever heard about some kid soul that can do anything or are most powerful energy spirit that sometime caught by tantric or black magic expert for their personal use? Yes most powerful kachha kalwa / Most powerful kachha kalwa or masan the most powerful even from phantom or ghost attack mostly pregnant women and destroy their womb so miscarriage happen. Some people use it to stop someone descend like growth of their heir. Since a long time ago tantric and Aghori control their power and do bad work like killing someone or destroy someone happiness. Many time most powerful kachha kalwa activate itself while sometime tantric or black magic activate them and control them as a guardian. real story of most powerful kachha kalwa masan .

most powerful kachha kalwa

It is most powerful spirit with infinite energy form that can do anything, tantric search for it and want to make control on them for their personal use. Great black magic expert scared to control or activate it because it is very difficult to control a small kid soul / spirit. If they were fail in making control on Most powerful kachha kalwa it can kill them with seconds and they can’t do anything to save himself. It has no fear even it can enter in temple or religious place. What is the meaning of Masan?

Who is most powerful kachha kalwa?

The souls of young children whose funeral has not been done properly, often takes the form of energy themselves, whereas sometimes black magic expert do some technically ritual on dead children called Most powerful kachha kalwa sadhna for their control and use them. They catch the dangerous forces, do great work and keep them as guardians. They are at their peak, so everyone cannot control them.

What is the power of raw Kalua?

Masan, i.e. raw Kalua, which is also called jharuntia in Rajasthan, has no limit to the powers. Generally, as much as there is unsatisfied soul wandering power, it is the most powerful raw Kalua. The child’s nostalgia can be seen within them. They can also come in the temple as it is a child form, so it is not easy to control them.

Children grow in the womb, who die during birth and children who die at 9 years of age are not cremated, they are buried or flown in the river. Due to not being a systematic funeral, many times they start wandering themselves. If a child is born then his nail is cut off

But when an abortion is done then it cannot happen and the direct connection of the womb of the womb (raw Masan) remains connected to the illusion of Vishnu power (Brahmaad Purush) which makes that organism almost invincible! Generally it is the assumption that after the miscarriage, the game of the organism of that womb is eliminated, but the creature itself does not participate in the Maya illusion and plays a different game from the rest of the world.

Whose category comes in?

There is no category of masan because these young children are made up of souls and their power is at their peak or highest form, they are just duly discharged and they are seen mostly because of their consent that their mothers and father does the same Since this little child has the energy, therefore it is too much satanic. They kill their victims only in game play.

  • Raw Masan / lost Masan: the organism that ends in the womb! Raw Kalua: If a child drinks milk and grows food even before his death.
  • Ancestor: When the child begins to grind food (normally the child starts grinding food till 6 months) and that person should not get married, even if the age of his age should not be 80 years. Such an organism goes after the pitra yoni.
  • Late: The one who has been married but has no children.

Additionally Munjah BrahMa monster. Khavis and Anko is also vaginal! Mens are nobody, most of them are very powerful because with them the God of Onad is self.

Can this be controlled?

Under the tantric worship and rituals they can overcome them because they have no limit to their power as these are the small children’s soul which has infinite energy. That’s why they can come anywhere even in a sacred place like that. These can be overcome by worship and rituals only. Some technicians hold them for their personal selfishness, because it is very difficult to control it.

Pregnant women are most at risk:

If a pregnant woman is in the grip of most powerful kachha kalwa, then her pregnancy becomes very difficult to protect. Raw Kalua is most attracted to them and if a pregnant woman is attacked by raw Kalua i.e., first he target her womb, due to which the womb falls or destroyed.

Not since today, due to inherited jealousy, some people have been using them to prevent their enemy’s descendants from growing. Tantric also uses them for their selfishness but their results are horrible because if the most powerful kachha kalwa gets out of control then it does not leave anyone, and with small measures it does not come under control, so everybody is afraid to use it for itself.

True experience associated with most powerful kachha kalwa

Thakur used to talk about it 10 years ago from the small village of Rajasthan (My native village). There was an old but strong stronghold which is still there. The Thakur of our village lived in the same place, after his death, he was not a chaste person and gradually the glory of the fort was reduced.

The name of the fort will not end, so Thakur’s boy decided to keep anyone there. He kept a watchman and handed it over to the care of him. The watchman took care of the fort in the fort and the night guard start stay in the fort, as well as cleaning work started in the fort.

One part of the fort was very mysterious. There was a strange feeling at that place, like someone who does not want to let anyone come in, so nobody did not even go to that part. One day the watchman decided to sleep in that part and slept on the same night.

At night, suddenly he started to laugh at some of the children. The watchman was shocked to have such a children at that night? He started trying to sleep again, but after some time he had to get up because their voice was very fast.

That experience of most powerful kachha kalwa

When the watchman got up and did not see anything, he decided to stroll for a while, but as soon as he got lifted, he felt some weight on his back as well as the sound of laugh started to accelerate. He saw that a few children were sitting just a little while away the watchman went to him and was about to ask him that the children started growing and growing. Their eyes were streaked and was only watching the watchman.

Suddenly all the children got tangled with that guard, they began to scratch him with his nails, and voice was now telling the watchman to run away from him. The guardians of great difficulty left the children.

On the second day guard called the heirs of the fort, then it was found that in those parts of the fort, whose children were killed in the womb, at birth and during 7-8 years of birth. Since the funeral of newly born children and children cannot be done, they are being buried in the same part of the fort.

Only half the fortress is worth for living

Now the fort was divided into two parts, and only half the part was made to be worshiped, and half of the part remained the same as why the children in that part had the souls of their children. Anyone can go and see during the day. Not only that, there are many times even tantric worship marks. I have also seen myself in all this and yes, besides that watchman, the family of Thakur’s heir also lives here today.

This some specific information related to most powerful kachha kalwa which was taken from my village, some information has been taken from other influential blogs too. If you like the post, do not forget to share and subscribe as well.

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