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Multiple personality disorder or trap of the bad soul strange fact and hidden secret behind it

Many time we experience some people with split personality disorder / multiple personality disorder cases. There is some multiple personality disorder symptom that can be found in a patient. It happens due to dual vocal phase present in our throat muscles. Is there any relationship with supernatural experience? Sometimes people say it is due to trapped in bad shadow. Multiple personality disorder that is known as the trap of bad soul and cure with exorcism process. Let’s know how people treat it in a good or bad manner. What is the reality of Hollywood movie Exorcism of Emily Rose? Is it happens or just a movie, this movie is based on a true story.

multiple personality disorder

The dual vocal phase is the art of talking two types of voices together, it is well known as a multiple personality disorder, but in reality, it is due to the activation of both vocal phases. What is the reason that I am being asked to do so? Buddhist saints use it in the method of ancient exorcism or in the awakening of the mantra, due to which they fulfill the particular method. When we listen to their voice, they may seem scary. Due to mastering this art, they easily complete many types of actions. In the accent of many mantras, the voice of the seeker is not normal, especially if one pronounces it in a proper manner the seed mantra, then the vibration of the sound coming out of his throat is changed, it becomes due to the awakening of the vibrating mantra.

What is multiple personality disorder?

We use only single phases of the throat in speech. We all know that the sound/voice came out from throat muscles but, there is another phase behind it which is not used in the normal form. In many situations or some, it becomes activate according to the sudden situation, and a voice with or out of the normal voice comes out and which can be very awkward and scary in hearing.

Some people think that this is the essence of the soul, the doctor called it multiple personality disorder but in reality, it is just a voice. For example, when a small child is afraid of a dog, suddenly a strange sound comes out of his mouth as if he is scaring the dog. At that time the situation of the child is also of fear and he also wants to intimidate the dog.

Activate and perform mantra ritual with dual vocal phase

Dual Vocal Phase is also used in the accomplishment of the mantra. Some people say that this is the accomplishment of the mantra quickly because every mantra has different vocal and there are many mantras in which the voice of the seeker should be different from the normal. Like the mantra in black worship, it is pronounced in a fiery vocal. Not many times the voice of the seeker also feels different.

Buddhist Saints i.e. monk use dual vocal phase in many verbs like an exorcism in which they pronounce the two vocals together. Listen to any Tibetan sadhu while uttering the mantra. You will find two different vocals in his voice. The use of both vocals can be felt on the throat.

Multiple personality disorder symptoms

You can find out multiple personality disorder symptoms in these three level.

Behavioral: impulsivity, self-destructive behavior, or self-harm

Mood: anxiety, feeling detached from self, or mood swings

Psychological: altered consciousness, depression, or flashback

Also common: amnesia or blackout

Dual vocal phase and multiple personalities:

Under some kind of mental pressure, the voice of the dual vocal phase unknowingly begins to give people the name of the soul or as well as the personality disorder. It is true that sometimes the soul can fall on the people and somebody else’s personality can also be felt, but we can also feel the odd voice out of the throat, in general. It is not necessary that there is any kind of disease in it.

Exorcism and dual vocal phase

A special ceremony to separate a bad shadow from the body in which the Buddhist sages take out the shadow of the soul by very special mantras and musical instruments. Hollywood movie Emily rose exorcism is based on the same exorcism process. This film is based on a real story. Amelie’s voice began to sound two kinds of sounds suddenly, all of which were also recorded in the recorder.

Exorcism has also been mentioned in the episode of another Fear file, in which voice of 9 types of people emerged from the throat of a woman. Buddhist sages, through special rituals, capture those nine souls. These episodes were based on the real event and can see and understand Buddhist saint’s methods of utterance.

Dual vocal phase and trap of bad shadow

Does dual vocal phase have any relation with souls? What is the secret that a man’s voice suddenly changes? There is no deep secret behind this. Many types of personality can be taken alive in the same body. When we keep thinking about a fictional character, mentally, it starts playing with his character.

Because of the shadow of the soul, a person can also raise two kinds of sounds that can afraid you. There is a special action to solve the supernatural problems, and we do not promote any kind of superstition by saying this, but even today, it is true that we can be trapped under bad shadow and jinnat. But the dual vocal phase is the form of the second voice of our own throat.

What the writer think about dual vocal phase

Friends, the dual vocal phase is that there is no disease coming out of two kinds of sounds, it happens suddenly due to the movement of your muscles of the throat. In the song, Mantra it gives a different experience which is mixed with fear and other expressions. If you have any kind of information about dual vocal phase then you can share it with us. If you have experienced this kind of thing around you or not, tell us through a comment. dont forget to read these article also

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