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it works ! how i experience opening the third eye with a seven days challenge – do it yourself

Do you want to know how to open the third eye? A simple practice of open up third eye without meditation can be done at home and you will no need of a master guide. If you have interested to know how it can be done or use it to see the activity of the near future, just practice this simple method at home and get an amazing result. This may be a fast way to open your third eye fast when you practice it within 7 days you will get quick experience. Third eye opening practice is related to spiritual science and here we are learning a spiritual and safe method for it.

open the third eye

The scientist is still experimenting on it and try to understand what its real power is. Most of us have experienced visions and this is not fiction it’s real and true. Sometime in sleeping, we experience some vision related to our near future activity that is the most common example for third eye true power. A mother or loved one can feel any kind of bad incident on their relative that is possible because they have interconnection and feel each other even they were so far from them.

People experience vision but have no control and can’t see what they actually want to see so if you practice this open third eye fast method on daily basis you will definitely able to see clear vision all you need is continuity and practice. You can find out some pdf books for it from our shop.

How to open the third eye quick method

Can you tell me when you had heard about the third eye? I can guess most people listen about it in the spiritual program, fiction serial, and some books. There is a lot of different meaning for it like pineal gland, third eye, Ajna chakra, the supreme command center of conscious etc. opening the third eye is like unfolding an onion. Lot of different layer around the third eye make it hard to open and this layer is nothing else our own thoughts.

Different expert and guru apply different method to open the third eye. Tibet monk apply a cut on the forehead to activate your third eye, some apply meditation or Tratak and some spiritual teacher apply their own method.

You can unfold the layer around third eye / Ajna chakra with simple meditation practice, at last, we are able to catch any waves travel in universes and connect with the spiritual divine spirit or human being.

The amazing fact about the third eye

You must know the basic information and fact about Ajna chakra that clears your doubt and makes your practice easy. Some of these facts are like;

Position: center point of both eyebrow/forehead.
Color: indigo, a mixture of red and blue color.
Sound waves work: divine chant of “Om” in which o represent sun and m represent moon element.
Element: telepathic energy waves.
How can sense: it can be sensed through emotion.

How is Ajna chakra or opening third eye work?

We can see the physical world through the open eye, same way to see the spiritual world and divine vision you need to close eye and sense through the third eye. The third eye work on telepathic energy waves and it cannot be seen but you can sense through emotion.

Your emotional ability should be enough to sense waves travel infinitely in this universe and catch them with your third eye. All this work on daily base practice and you can make it possible even without any meditation guide. Let’s clear it with vision. We all have experienced vision. Do you have questioned yourself?

Why did you see these vision?

In your whole daily routine, you have to think about a specific person/ problem/work or plan and your subconscious mind continue to think about it even you are busy in your daily life. At the sleeping time, your subconscious mind connects you with a specific person/problem or work and you will find out some calculation what will happen next. All this is about to think about specific point then connect with it via brain waves.

A simple practice to do at home to open the third eye

You can practice one simplest method from meditation. This method called “Sahaj meditation” / “mindfulness meditation”. You need to control breathe and focus on Ajna chakra to open the third eye and unlock its true power. I have explained it in 3 steps and you can do it easily so let’s try it.

How to open up the third eye first step

  • First of all, choose a place where nobody can disturb you while practice time.
  • Sit in a comfortable position and relax your whole body. You can practice it in lie down position but you will sleep while relaxing body so tries to do it in sitting.
  • Now focus on the activity of breath.
  • You will face some difficulty while the focus on the breath like distract from thought, unwanted thoughts may come in mind or you will be lost in breathe. Don’t worry this is common in beginning be to continue and do it only for 5-10 minute for first few days to make yourself ready for it.
  • Try to listen and feel the voice of breath, rhythm made from inhaling and exhale breathe.

Second step to open the third eye in a simple way

In the second step, close your eyes and focus attention between the middle of the eyebrow / between your eyes, i.e. the upper extremity of the nose where there is a deep depth between the eyes. Focus at this place.

After some time you will see a shining point. This is exactly like you are entering in depth. But you have to keep your attention at a bright spot rather than that tunnel. Maybe your attention starts to wander, and you start seeing things apart from the point. In such a way, you can ignore them by not paying attention to them.

Feeling uncomfortable to do this, you can keep your thumb touched circle of Ajna chakra to open the third eye. In the beginning, pressures on this field can help you stay concentrated. Like in Tratak we do with open eyes. This will give you an advantage and will start shaking the vibrations of thoughts that come to your mind and you will be able to get much focus.

final step to open the third eye – some advance tips

When you cross both the above steps, then you get a state of thoughtless. In this state, you do not even know your body / have no feeling of the body. When you reach the state of thoughtless then you become free from physical bondage and start catching the waves that surround you. You will be able to see the glimpses of time. In the third phase of the opening third eye, we should aware that our mental state should be balanced. In the case of more or less, we can get trapped in depression or even emotional expression.

Precautions in the opening of the third eye

You should be careful about what you can expect and what you can feel about the third eye activation. Many times we start to feel some of the glimpses of experience that can become a fearful experience for us. In Hinduism, the third eye is connected to our spiritual level. According to them, the third eye means that the Chakra helps us in the journey of inner wisdom. We have read about it in the previous post.

At the time of opening of the third eye, it is not necessary that we have the same experience as we want. As you wish in your mind that you feel the events of the time connected with yourself. But when you reach that stage, then your third eye can catch the unwanted waves that are going on in the universe.

In most of the experience, in the third eye opening, instead of looking at events related to themselves, we start seeing the events of others. It may be right or not, depending on what your purpose is. Some people also do it for use as a business.

How to open the third eye without a master guide – the final word

Every person has the power to watch the near future events. But this is possible when our mind is emotional, in this condition the experience is very quick. Most people seem to be scared of not knowing the working of the third eye, because they cannot share their experiences, fearing that they do not understand the unusual or do not get the wrong advantage of them.

Friends, this is the gift of nature that every human being can feel. But if necessary, then only take the brain to that emotional state for just a few moments. Do you like the thoughts share about open third eye Based on experience and events, we will learn more about the Ajna chakra, vision and the third eye, keep on waiting in the next post and give your feedback.

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