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A Few Quick Tips About Out Of Body Experience – how i done it for first time

Astral travel or out of body experience this experience is just like travelling the world. During the vibration our astral form travel outside the body, we can see our bodies see our family as we are in energy form and move in nearby place very easily. Many times we unknowingly experience outside the body even we don’t know about it. Out of body travel like most astral travel world travel times, it is also difficult to differentiate them. During travelling in astral world our subconscious mind may be so active so we can feel or experience such kind of moving out from our physical body. I will share A Few Quick Tips about out Of Body Experience.

out of body experience

Many of us have heard enough about it. Have you felt it yourself? Maybe yes or maybe not Most of the time, we cannot feel the difference between sleeping dream and out of body experience. We can realize the astral body, it can be wake up with prana power, when increasing the amount of life force and concentrating in one place, and we can take it out of the body easily and travel around the entire world. Let’s talk today, such a journey that faced a soul and entered back into its own body. This is a true incident that has been taken from the childhood of a seeker. Essential Tips for Out Of Body Experience

Out of body experience from real life first time

It was summer night, at this time, sleeping in the courtyard with his family and the time between 2:30 am to 4 pm. At the same time, I got a little embarrassed and got up and went out. Suddenly I heard the voice of someone crying, the voice was in someone’s voice that the move suddenly moved towards it. When the door reached, suddenly there was a light and spread all around. Then my eyes were opened and lying on a bed. At 5 o’clock in the morning, I did not pay attention and went back to sleep.

A few days later, at the same time in the night, I started hearing that voice. Started getting up and moving towards the door. As soon as i visit to the door, the same light spread around me and was lying on the backboard. Well, when it was in the morning, I had forgotten.

Suddenly, one night the same sound was heard, in the voice the same person was called, that voice was calling itself. As soon as listening to that voice, automatically started walking towards the door. It started to happen many times but at that time it was forgotten to understand all the dreams. But when it started happening again and again, I talked to the householders, then they said that no such voice can be heard from them, and this can be your deficiency.

 Full moon night and the secret of that voice

No voice was heard in the night, but after one night the moon was scattering its moonlight, that night started to hear the same voice. There was a call of voice in his voice. In a hypnosis, i went to the locked door and today too had left outside. When I got out of the street, there was no one in the street. The deserted alley and the dogs were roaming for some time, just standing there, there was no idea in the mind nor was there the fear of coming out alone.

After a while, I saw a shadow from the distance in the street, whose face was towards the lower side and the cloth black went on me walking through me and then he looked at me and I recognized him as he was the same person who was a month The first was killed in a fight. Then he went ahead and a light was spread over him and spread all over where everything was lost. And today’s whole sentence was just in my mind.

The secret of that shadow

A month ago there was a fight in our neighborhood in which 2 people had been subjected to mutual rivalry. One man was brutally killed in it. The fragments of that man’s body were scattered in that accident. Then everything was normal but the man’s death was settled in my mind and I did not see him die. But at that moment I felt myself in the accident itself.

Out of body experience and way of sleeping

There are many people from us who feel pressurized because of their own hands on their chest, and there is no movement in the body, we cannot do anything even if we want to. We can see our body in front, but nothing can do nor can it enter. Then someone comes and removes the hand from the chest, and we go back into the body. Science behind this is seen, while sleeping at night, the speed of our breath decreases and consciousness starts to disappear as soon as we enter the subconscious mind.

Many times it happens that we get out of the body in astral travel and cannot go back because we did not do it by practice, that is, we did not have control on it. But when an outsider removes our hands from the chest, our consciousness starts returning with the speed of breath and we begin to enter the body again.

How to do out of body experience

We can experience the journey of out of body experience even when what we think in whole day and just before going to bed we feel in our dreams or sleeping. These thoughts start to strengthen our consciousness in the subconscious mind, and energy takes the shape of the astral body.

Friends, this was I have done my first time out of body experience. Experience was very exciting that at that time I was just 8 years old and I have great faith in the name of lord hanuman. Some Hanuman mantra used to pronounce the mantra with the grandfather, which meant that our positive development continued to grow. It is no longer remembered that those mantras were living today, both are living a normal life and the life of a seeker.

You can share your experiences here and keep your suggestions through the comments. Your suggestions motivate us to write.

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