How to do photo vashikaran at home simple guide with effective result

How to do vashikaran by photo? Is it possible to control someone by photos? You will wonder if this is possible and anyone can perform photo vashikaran without any guru or baba. Today we are going to share one of our amazing guide from our Hindi blog about vashikaran by photos. Is there any practice of how to do vashikaran on boys by photos? what is mystery behind vashikaran and how is it possible to control some one by a photo.

photo vashikaran

There are several people and baba (actually they are big cheater and liar) claimed himself as a Bengali baba and can solve all kind of paranormal problem like black magic, vashikaran and love problem. What if I say you can done this yourself at your home without any spiritual master. Let’s know some basic about how we can do photo vashikaran at home without any master guide. Lot of people ask us about is vashikaran by photo is real.

Some cheater and fraud baba promise you to solve any kind of problem by just providing them some photos and basic detail. Why they ask you for photos? If you believe a little bit in power of your subconscious mind, you can do it simply by spending one hours a day.

What we are going to learn:

We are going to learn some below points search by people on Google like

  • How to do simple vashikaran on boy / girl by photo.
  • Fast vashikaran or simple vashikaran by photo.
  • How Bengali baba do vashikaran by name and photo.
  • Powerful vashikaran practice at home without any master guide.
  • How to do vashikaran at home in Hindi.

If you are one of theme this post will surely work on you. Let’s start about this

Basic principle of photo vashikaran:

When you imagine the nature of someone, then you get attached to his wave in this universe. Well it is not enough just to be photographed. Before sending your waves, you should also have an idea of the front position. From this we keep sending our imaginations through power or vision. It has some advantages like

Mind become stable on single thoughts

Our confidence grows because in Vision, we see our waves reaching the front (receiver) and are motivated to continue their practice further. Apart from it, willpower and sense power show the right way to our waves.

Right way to transfer alpha waves

Just as you cannot read a thick (higher class level) book in the beginning, you have to strengthen your will by reading the small books first, in the same way we should practice this way at a low distance in the beginning, which will increase our confidence as our skills improve.

If you initially get success in sending your thoughts on a short distance, then you can easily communicate to receiver and self-confidence in a way that I can do it in Yes.

Many times we sit down to send the message through alpha waves, but after a lot of time, we start to feel mental exhaustion, our self-confidence starts to break, because we do not get any response whether we have succeeded or not. So, at the beginning, do it on a short distance.

Vashikaran by photo at home

As the three states of hypnosis, photo vashikaran is also the third stage of the hypnotism, sending the message and suggesting it through its initial 2 stages. Sending a message means sending someone’s message to someone and putting it in his mind. In other words it is to reach the point of your mind without telling it to others.

At this stage we send some of our suggestions. Under this, we give some suggestions to the receiver to test the success of our work which is not already in its mind. When we give these suggestions, he work according to our thoughts and we find out that we have become successful. At this stage, we can remember the most common example and remember someone’s phone.

Third and advanced stage of photo vashikaran

At this stage we can call anyone without any medium. One of the uses was in the US in which some expert chose such a person for which he was totally unaware. They constantly suggested him after sleeping for 25-30 days, to meet at a particular place in America as well as to see fictional scenes.

After 29 days, the person reaches an unknown place to that strange place where he never went before, but for him there was no stranger on the spot, because he had already been described by those emotions in the brain. The truth came when he met those people.

quick easy guide how to do Photo vashikaran at home

Ok basic things are over and it’s time to learn something real and amazing. In photo vashikaran sadhna we need following thing like

  • Receiver’s location
  • When he goes to sleep
  • Some idea about receiver like his habit and nature.

Final and last thing a bunch of thought we want to transfer, it should be clear and easy to understand.

We can send our waves to receiver only when he is in middle of conscious and subconscious mind state in dream. That’s why he can understand it is not only a dream.

State of meditation

It is necessary to become in state of meditation where we are thoughtless. In this state we can transfer our waves in better way, clear and stable, also our willpower and emotion can perform our best.

Transfer your thoughts to receiver

We should first prepare some sentences or suggestions in our mind so that we know what we need to suggest. Try to start with suggestions that are small and at least in words, the effect is greater.Focus on thoughts above receiver’s photos.

Looking at the photo, we have to maintain an external pattern, i.e., with the photo as well as continuous portrayal of his photo in the inner mind. With this, we succeed in getting ourselves into a state of vision. In which we see ourselves in the actual form giving the suggestion to the receiver.

At least practice 15 minute daily

At the beginning we do not even get any feedback on the short distance. This does not mean that you have not succeeded. Your idea is reaching the receiver, but it does not dominate. For this, you can see this practice doing some exercises for a few days in a row. In a few days, he starts reacting according to your suggestion. This is my own experience which is far less than that which has been successful till the room near my room.

Increase your time

When it succeeds at a distance, try to send a suggestion to someone in your colony and after this, the correct procedure for sending your city and then away thoughts is the same as why every task should be done by moving on to the maximum. This procedure strengthens our self-confidence.

Higher stage of photo vashikaran

Vashikaran by photos is the process after all of these above procedure. For this, our brain emulates the kind of waves that emits. Keep in mind what your expressions are. As if you want to make a change in your mind by telling someone your words, then you can make it possible by sending general thoughts. But when it comes to forcefully influence the thoughts of any person in your mind, there is tremendous resistance to you.

In this practice you have to take vengeful effect in your thoughts and it is very important to dominate. From the beginning you sent a single idea to normalize so that it would dominate it. In your thoughts for captivating the photo, in the form of the waves which reach to the receiver, they should have the effect and simultaneously keep the imagination in your vision as you want.

If you can get success in above whole process of photo vashikaran, you will be able to transfer your thought in waves directly without any medium or receivers photos. You need only an imagination about receivers and his nature. It’s all about awaken your subconscious mind power.

Precaution in photo vashikaran

  • The photo should always be kept black and white so that a clear illustration can be made in the mind.
  • Always send suggestions in order and follow all steps so that you do not have mental damage (mental tiredness).
  • If you start exercising on the long distances in the beginning, then make sure to strengthen your self-confidence first and if you do not get success in practice then it is most affected chance to harm yours self-confidence.
  • Do not practice this practice with weak determination, neither leave practice in the middle.
  • In this exercise may be a chance of mental energy decay, therefore, breathing, yoga-sleep or trust should be done with vashikaran by photos practice and continue to meditate.

vashikaran by photo – Final word

Friends, I did this exercise but in the form of suggestions in a small form. I had achieved success in it, but this kind of practice should not be done to the general public. If we meditate regularly, then this state itself begins to develop inside us. Tell us what you think about vashikaran by photos, comment and share also don’t forget to subscribe us.

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