How to do Pyramid meditation at home for maximum life force and personal development

There are thousands of methods to meditate and all of them have their own advantages. If talked about the meditation system with high level experience then pyramid meditation is one of them. What should be the focus in the pyramid and its benefits is our main topic we today are going to know. Attractive meditation can be relieved by meditation which mentally disturbs us. If you want to make yourself full of life force, that is, you need to put attention in the pyramid.

pyramid meditation

Pyramid meditation is the simplest and prolific practice of life force. Doing Meditation in it stops the loss of life force and we feel ourselves more and more spiritually. If we have laziness or are less interested in any work, then we must pay attention to this practice. For this, we can build pyramids at home. It does not matter what material used in it only degree, angle and its position matter.

  • Sahaj meditation simplest form of meditate
  • Meditation
  • Pyramid meditation
  • Fetal attention (relax whole body and mind)
  • Trataka is also a part of meditation because its function is like meditation.

Pyramid Meditation – maximujm Life Force practice

In order to focus on the pyramid, you should have the design like shape of the pyramid, which you can make by using wooden, metal. The angle of the pyramid is around 52 degrees and this structure helps you to collect prana energy / life force. You can see the importance of such a structure in the book of Vastu Shastra. You can feel some place is such that where you get comforted.

As soon as you go to some place, your brain becomes fearless and meditative. All this depends on the construction of that place. Therefore, the pyramid should be so big that you stay only a little above the height so that when you sit in meditation, it increases the flow of cosmic energy. And its effect on your brain directly. It works to give you quick attention to meditation. For this, you can use the pose of sukhsana / simple sitting form and Vajrasana.

The structure of the pyramid and its importance

The structure of the pyramid you can see in Egypt is very deep in the history. Second, its construction is based on the law of Vastu Shastra. Egypt is associated with two things which are well-known in the world. First, its pyramids which were so large and made in such a way that their formation is still a mystery as it was not possible according to the rules of gravitation.

The second world famous mystery from Egypt is king’s mummy, which was kept in pyramid to protect the body after his death. They believed that they would survive on one day, their belief was on the life force coming from the Sun, that’s why they used to build this kind of structure to do in STORE. These pyramids were the largest source of the life force of STORE HOUSE. For this reason, the structure of the pyramid is given importance, because it provides us a medium. The second way to get into meditation is to give us the opportunity to absorb the maximum energy in maximum quantity.

Position and relaxation in pyramid

To meditate in the pyramid, first sit straight and straighten your spine and pose in simple sitting form without any tension. If you like, sit down with the knowledge mudra (LOCK in both hands). To increase the effect of meditation, you can apply music associated with meditation. In the slightest sound, sit in meditation pose and fix respite, slowly try to zero its process.

Because of the calmness of the heart, your respiratory health begins to subside soon. This leads to a situation of forward thinking in the future. At the end your consciousness starts disappearing and you will be able get absorb the universal energy.

If you want to get fast result, you can put crystal on the pointy tip of the pyramid. From this, life force starts concentrating on one place which directly affects your brain and the subconscious awakens the brain early and makes you healthy.

How to pyramid meditation:

After entering the pyramid, keep in mind that there should no contact between the two of them without the communication of energy in and out of them. The body becomes tensionless when it comes in a comfortable condition. Your whole focus should be focused on breath only. When your breath goes into a state of unconsciousness, then you begin to fall into the depth of meditation and due to the flow of thoughts stopped, the life force starts flowing in your whole body.

What are the advantages of pyramid meditation?

The pyramid has both physical and mental / psychic benefits to meditate. Let’s see what these benefits are.

  • The ability of eyesight increases.
  • Hearing capacity increases.
  • Blood pressure is controlled because of which the problem of high blood pressure is solved.
  • The problem of insomnia goes away. And sleeping in the pyramid gives you deeply sleep. Secondly, the activity of your brain increases as the abundance of energy is increased.
  • Doing pyramid meditation will cure your spinal and back pain problem and heal.
  • Our ability of wound healing increases.
  • Body becomes stunning, physical beauty increases and if you put the herbal medicine inside the pyramid, then the effect becomes double.
  • By using water inside the pyramid, this water is free of negative energy and harmful elements. This method of natural purification of water is unbeatable.
  • If you have frequent complaints of headaches, you can get rid of it by pyramid meditation.
  • Pyramid meditation has great importance in the life of the student, it sharpens their mental health, which increases their memory capacity.
  • Hormone imbalance problem can also be solved by doing this kind of meditation.
Pyramid meditation – amazing technique

We all get different benefits in different ways of meditation. If you want to make yourself enriched with life force, then you should do pyramid meditation. You can also do it to overcome mental stress, depression and fatigue, it can be very easy and can be done by sitting in a pyramid that can be made at home, so it is only necessary to take it in your practical life. If you like to read this post don’t forget to subscribe to us.

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