Do You Need A Real Life Paranormal Activity Stories? you can read some of them

We all have been listened so many ghost stories from grandmother in our childhood but, do you think they are just part of our stories or they really exist? We have experienced ghost or spirits in our real life but unfortunately we can’t remember it or think it just a bad incident only. In this article I am sharing some of my real life ghost experience that is still a mystery for me. The only purpose to share this ghost story is to tell you some paranormal activity from my life. lets know some of my Real Life Paranormal Activity Stories and how they were still a mystery for me.

Real life paranormal activity stories

India is one of those countries, where even today science is accompanied by spirituality, besides South Africa is still famous for Black magic and tantra mantra. Whether we not believe in paranormal activity, but sometimes at some point we are attracted to events which is a magic or extraordinary event for us. Why paranormal as it is not limited to just the ghosts but sometime it is related to some spiritual journey also. Let’s know about some similar events that may have been a part of your life too.

Real life paranormal activity stories

Often, in the childhood whatever we used to hear from the elders and started searching for a curiosity. There are two types of people, especially children. First, if you say anything then they would accept it directly and others would try to know the reason behind it. Within their searching, he used to overcome his fear, or they would have realized that there is something unique in that places and activities.

Hello friends, I am going to tell you some Real life paranormal activity stories which are not resolved yet. Even after meeting many people, they still do not know the reason behind those mysterious events. There may be such incidents with you, as if there is a feeling of being in such a deserted place where no one likes to come. There are many such events that are supernatural. Let’s talk about real life paranormal activity of my life.

1.) Supernatural activity around me

Have you heard about the goddess riding? After sleeping at night, goddess travel which is called mata ki palki in local Rajasthani language passes over our house and during this time we should not walk out of the house and if we see it, then we can be victims of physical disorder i.e. a part of the body can be bad . The story of the such supernatural power was heard in my childhood that on the night the mother (local village) passes through the air in her sedan above the house and during this time we should not see them.

One day when i was in my farm, my mother was working on a distance. At that time I had no one. Suddenly, on seeing me I saw a sedentary object moving in the air from a tree at a distance of almost 50 meters away in the air. This sedan was like the kids’ cradle. Suddenly he disappeared after walking in the air at a distance of 100 meters. During that time, looking at any attraction tied to it, not experiencing any fear or feeling alone.

Nobody else has realized – Real life paranormal activity stories

When the sedan disappeared then after some time the mother came and I asked them if they also saw her and said that she did not show anything like that. I was surprised that such a thing just appeared to me. If there is anything then why did not anything happen! I did ask about this from many places but I did not find any answer that could satisfy me. But that event has always been in my mind.

I was told that watching goddess sedan could be infected with physical disorder. This has happened to my relative as well, not only with many different places such as mother’s sister and nanny house also. Sleeping out of the mother’s sister and sedan passed over them and disorder in their body which was very effective. But why does this happen and why I did not understand it so far.

2.) Real life paranormal activity stories – lamp in the air

This is a phenomenon which has 90% superstition, but it happens in reality also. People lives in urban villages still believe that in no moon night at the time of sunset where the darkness deepens, people see a lamp travel in air with around half and one kilometer and suddenly invisible. People went there and see a lamp but nobody there.

This is one of my Real life paranormal activity stories. Who does this and why it does so. Although this phenomenon is not observed in modern times but it can be seen 15 years ago. i.e., in 2000 century. Whereas, people saw lamp walking in the air, but did not try to know the reason behind it.

Special worship behind the lamp in air

At that time, we went to the playground outside the village to play, from where we used to see it from a distance very well. One evening when we were playing there and sudden darkness deepen. We saw a lamp travel in air. At that time, most people used to drink cigarette, so once we felt like it would be someone smoking there. Then a boy said that the witch is going to worship, do not go there.

Some of my friends insisted that let’s see how the witch worships. Maybe you get some sweets. Some boys got ready after listening about sweets. When we reached near that old tree, we found a lamp, glass and plates with sweets. I did not eat that sweet, but some boys ate.

Real life paranormal activity stories – what is really happen after

On the second day, some of my friends who ate that sweets had high fever and the deodorant came to their body, at the same time at least their relative and family house member did not know what were the paranormal activity behind it. When I told them, at the same time, they called scholar home and showed the boy. They kept the same worship material on those trees by the hands of those boys till evening even those boys became cure.

However, today nothing like this can be seen, but such incidents can be seen near the pond of the village. That witches not there today, but in his place some people have been engaged in worshiping devils for their selfish interests. That incident is a mystery paranormal activity till and cannot be seen today.

3.) Real life paranormal activity stories and shadow person experience

This paranormal activity is not too old. During the shadow person cultivation, I got to know about some bad experience. This incident happen when I met those people who came under the attack of jinn. I also met that maulana. They told me to experience shadow person during mirror trataka meditation. At the same time I have done Shakti chakra trataka and want to practice on mirror.

According to Maulana, after 11:30 night, I have started mirror practice. Everything was going well for some days of the beginning but after 4 to 5 days during the practice of trataka, mind became absolutely thoughtless. Suddenly everything changed and there was nothing in my room that was in my room at the same time. I have felt some void condition at the same time. Someone who is behind me is constantly staring at me and waiting for me to look after. It seemed like it was not the realization that the incident is happening, it is a part of the trataka meditation, and I am feeling all this happening in reality.

What is that practice actually mirror trataka or shadow person cultivation?

I felt as someone standing behind me and looking at me with hatred. Suddenly all of them disappeared. The practice was ended and I asleep after the end, but it seemed like it was repeatedly watching me on the wall in front of me. For a while, it seemed like that and suddenly I fall asleep. I am still unaware that something happens like this and become a part of Real life paranormal activity stories.

When I met Maulana the other day and told him all the while, he said that now do not try to practice on the mirror. If you continue this, then you will make him active and part of your life. You will be able to do it easily after the age of 28, do some secret practice till your mind and body will become worthy of it.

In those exercises, I did not know what magic was that, my mind started to remain pure, as well as in life all seemed right. Even today, from those exercises, I use myself from time to time in the future planning. But the experience of that mirror trataka meditation was not less than that of any paranormal activity for me. Everything is like a Real life paranormal activity stories.

4.) Every night I heard that voice

In some of my past article, I have mentioned some out of body experience. This incident is related to the Real life paranormal activity stories which I have no answer. That incident is happened when I was 8 years old, at that time I used to practice the hanuman protection shield mantra with my grandfather. These mantras give you a protection in a way that can be done easily by all the rituals of the night.

The existence of souls – Real life paranormal activity stories

During those days, I was hearing the voice of someone crying every night from 2 to 3 o’clock. I did not have any disease, but I did not know how I reach the door of the house always in sleep! But one day I experienced something that can easily force you to believe in such kind of paranormal activities.

The sky was completely clear that night and as I was out of the house. Suddenly, I have seen a walk in the cloak from the other end of the street. Dogs were constantly barking on that person who passed near me, but I know him well known. I had recognized him that the person died a few days ago. After that night, I never experienced such an experience again. But this incident has so far been my secret that only this happened to me?

5.) Real life paranormal activity stories – that mysterious place

An intersection appears when leaving the village. At that crossroads, the village performs many paranormal powers and goddess worship activities such as tortoise, transcript of the gods or any other kind of worship. If you have not heard of Jugglery, then I would like to tell that this is often happen such a place which is completely deserted and full of accidents. At such a place we sometimes have such an experience like someone is losing our balance during this time due to which we are either injured.

That afternoon my known was going back to his village on noon. After a while, his call came that he has fallen from the bike and he has injured a lot. We went to the crossroads outside the village where my relative had fallen. He told that he was going on a bike that suddenly something went in front of him. Seeing this, he suddenly broke the brakes, because of which he lost his balance and fell.

Real life paranormal activity stories – what is the jugglery?

After that incident, I became convinced that the jugglery still happens today. This is a paranormal activity in which we feel suddenly being in a deserted place. People who refuse transnational events try to deny it by referring to an animal. But the reality is that there is some reason to wander on the same reason as the reason for the accident at such a place.

It takes the form of hoaxes. It is a negative energy called tulpas that is responsible for the accidents of people. If you do not believe then you can feel yourself at such places. The atmosphere of this place gives you the feeling of supernatural power. Rajasthan, Maharashtra and so many places where local people aware of this jugglery. This anecdote still not fully proved.

What is Paranormal Activity Reality?

Friends, life of all of us can be filled with such incidents. The only difference is that some people try to understand them; some understand it as a hypothesis and forget it. But in reality paranormal activity is as true as science what do you think about these events? All of above incident are part of my Real life paranormal activity stories and if you enjoy them please share your view on it.

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