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Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Real Life Trataka Meditation Experience

I have spent about seven years of practicing tratak meditation. The real life experience and benefits of tratak meditation have been mostly on Shakti-Chakra and the simple tratak on points. These trataka practices belong to the physical and spiritual development of any seeker. In the beginning I thought that there is something different in me and maybe that is why all my friends started to think of me a bit weird. After some time I met some people who were not only experienced, but also had the knowledge to share with everyone. Let’s begin some Real life trataka meditation experience I have and you have too.

Real life trataka meditation experience

If you read anything about this practice, you will get the maximum description of 2 things, first in Hypnosis, and second is attract anyone just by looking. No one will say this to you that it also develops our three stages. Well by the three stages I mean physical, mental and spiritual. The person develops in this phase. Beginning of trataka should be done on point or dot so that it strengthen your eyesight and prepare you for this amazing practice to experience three stage development.

Motive for practice trataka meditation

Have you ever wondered why most people just read about it on the Internet? Why they make the mindset to do this kind of practice? The real experience and benefits of tratak meditation are not only related to your entire development, but the particular reason for doing this is because tratak’s attention is better and we can easily enhance our inner powers like subconscious mind and its hidden secret.

Keep in mind that this is only for those seekers who are new or in practice. You can read the post about why trataka is better than meditation carefully. The second reason is that we can easily access and enhance our subconscious mind power with less time. Just because of this, most people are attracted to this spiritual practice.

Real life trataka meditation experience

This is also called external meditation. You have already read about it in the earlier post, because with motivation and guide we can quickly control ourselves through an external medium. Trataka meditation is the best option if you are in early practice and want to control your playful mind soon. Its benefits can be summarized in phase as if your thoughts seem to be at one place i.e. the large amount of thoughts decreases and focuses only on some thoughts.

To take advantage of the Real life trataka meditation experience, concentrate your thoughts on the one place or on one thought by the suggestion power. At the end, you have a state of thoughtless, in which the journey is like meditation. Staying concentrated on one place / thought, awakening the powers or reaching some stage.

Experience / benefits of trataka meditation doing regular practice

We can achieve everything what we want from regular practice of trataka meditation. Meditation requires only special technique and sense power in practice. In trataka meditation your emotion or suggestion works best. As soon as you move forward in practice and control over mind, then you can use the imagination to take into the same state as we want. Everything is possible if you have enough self-confidence and believe in such condition you want. Let’s see what the benefit from this kind of regular practice is

Physical and personal development benefit

You can experience some physical change as we prepare ourselves at the first physical level, such as the control of unwanted physical activity. Apart from this we also focus on body language and gestures then start behaving as well. In short words, physical balance can be possible by regular practice of trataka meditation. It also changes our behavior and resolves your negative thoughts and doubts on yourself and you start doing better.

With Trataka we can think better and take correct decisions. If you are feeling yourself in doubt while taking decision at any time or confused how to make the right decision, then you will definitely find solution to this problem by the trataka meditation practice and suggestion power that enhance subconscious mind functionality. I have got some physical change and shared as Real life trataka meditation experience you can read it below.

Trataka meditation benefit at psychic level

Most of us heard about telepathy, telecommunications, or mental powers, how do this work? If I say that tratak itself make us so powerful and control mind and body with single thoughts that’s why we will be able to activate such kind of superpower.

It is possible to use imagination and emotional strength at the higher level. It is possible to get the real experience and benefits of trataka gazing meditation in less time. If you do this by meditation, it takes a lot of time. This way of practice like trataka makes it better.

Enhance subconscious mind functionality and hidden power

It is not necessary that your psychic power is only belong to your subconscious mind power. Your personality development and skill improvement is also the power of the conscious. If you want to build your personal strength firmly, then you must do regular practice of trataka. It improves your skills. Apart from this, your talent also emerges, which is not able to work properly due to your doubt and low self-confidence.

What can be possible by trataka meditation?

Everything is possible if your will power and emotional strength are strong. If you also want to get some amazing real life personal trataka meditation experience and benefits, you have to learn how to control doubts? As long as you have doubts on yourself that you can do something or not, your subconscious mind will not able to do it. If we talk about some Real life trataka meditation experience you can see mostly of physical and mental level change and control.

Whatever you can think, it is possible to have self-control on advanced level by trataka meditation and controlling the mind. If you think that you can do this work, of course if you have confidence on your own then you can do it well.

Real life trataka meditation experience – motivation for beginner

Many years have passed since I have been experienced both good and bad. The biggest experience was a change in my thinking. In the first, there was madness behind the hypnosis and the mental powers and I am doing it for such kind of super powers. I have watched a lot of Shaktiman best ever childhood serial in my childhood and yet too. Now I am watching it with different purpose i.e. it build a self-confidence and attachment toward calmness.

Real experience of trataka meditation practice

For the real life personal experience and benefits of trataka meditation, I first worked on physical control and found solutions to all the doubts of myself. After doing such work regularly like doing “I can do” or “I will do this work” before doing any work. So that my confidence went up and there was no guidance in my initial stage. Books are your best friends, of course if they are not written just for the purpose of earning money. Soon I will write about my Real life trataka meditation experience and how I use them in life.

As soon as the practice increased emphasis on emotional strength in trataka, soon I have some amazing experience. Keep in mind that first of all you should clear your doubt whether there is harm to do trataka or not. During the practice, we have many experiences that begin to affect our brain’s ability to think and we keep stuck in it. Success in trataka comes only with zero or thoughtless state. If you are stuck in it without any experience, then you do not come under their influence. For this, you just need to know that this experience has to happen.

Advanced step and regular practice

This phase of regular practice was very special for me, because now I started using it in my daily activities. As people like to talk to people and attract girls, which was the ego of power. That was the reason for going back in practice. At this stage, you feel a change in yourself and you start to use them as well. And I did everything that I wanted to do.

In this phase, you become so capable by the trataka meditation that whatever you want is the same. I used it only for my study and kept myself stable in the odd situations. Once you experience such kind of experiences, you can retain them in the future even through less practice. This is because your emotional strength has already been improved.

special credit : how i have done some amazing trataka meditation experience

Real life trataka meditation experience – conclusion

Well I have shared some useful tips and my Real life trataka meditation experience also, hope you all enjoy it. If you think you have some different experience please share here and we will contribute your work with other peoples. Trataka meditation is only way to become success in less time and get something big achievement. Do it as a regular practice and see result. Don’t forget to share what you think about trataka and what you have with it.

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