Why do I see Shadow People top 5 Reason you may Encounter a powerful Shadow Being

We all experience sometime especially at dark places some kind of entity like Shadow people or shadow person. What they actually are? They are dark shadows shaped like humans sometime aggressive and can be noticed in some activities like walking, staring and knock on the door. This look like a typical ghost sightings but not all time this is paranormal activity and we face some shadow people encounter in real life.

According to psychology it is our subconscious mind creation. Our brain hallucinate in dark place which show us someone watching over us and looking us. Some paranormal expert called them in a category of creature called the Djinn. Shadow figures with hands is our brain creation or a mysterious entity that our brain show us when we are alone at strange place.

who are the shadow people

In Indian Tantra mantra some spiritualist believe that shadow person is the result of true power of our subconscious mind. As we all know we can create anything with law of attraction and power of manifest. Shadow being can be created through energy according to the kind of nature we have in sadhana.  According to some people, different shadows with hands have negative energy but, this is not always the case.

After awakening the shadow people, you can do anything. Its construction is also done in the same way as we make tulpa.

Shadow people phenomenon is a group of those theory which people have given on the basis of their shadow person encounter. The experience mentioned here is about different theory, so right or wrong is up to you. If you want, you can consider it right or wrong. If you have had such experience, then you can definitely put your thoughts in the comments. If you like it, we will definitely add it to the post.

What is shadow people

It is supernatural and divine or satanic, it comes to your mind when you hear about it from people. Actually, shadow people is the form of your shadow or your inner energy. If you know a little bit more than usual about the subconscious mind, then you cannot deny. As per my experience shadows of people is the result of our subconscious mind creation. it is proved that

Our subconscious mind is so powerful that it can turn every fantasy or idea that you can imagine into reality. Provided you know the right way to do it.

The more experiences, the more talk and the more confusing theories. For some people it is a ghost, for some people it is an interdimensional traveler. What exactly is this, no one has been able to prove it till date.

By turning off the lights at night, you are playing games on your mobile and watching some movies. Suddenly you feel that something has passed through you. If you look, you see something like a shadow in your darkness. By ignoring it, you get into the mobile again, but after some time you start having the same experience again. Looking at the wall, you find that there is something there and that too in human form but just like a shadow.

Such experiences have often happened with people but no one has been able to know what it was really. Was it really a natural shadow or a ghost? When people could not solve it for a long time, they gave it a name “shadow people” or “shadow beings”.

A name was given to such a shape, but its mystery was not solved yet. Initially people who worked on experiencing and studying the shadow person phenomenon believed that they are visible to us only on some kind of corner which does not last long. This may be just an illusion but, over time this perception had to be changed.

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Special theory and experience of people related to shadow being

People believed that these shadow people are now clearly visible to them, that too in front of them. Some people have even claimed to have eyes which were red in color. Over time the people who study on mysterious sightings paranormal and experience had already become a hot topic of.

People have presented a lot of theories about who are the shadow people and where they come from.

Theory 1. A Figment of the Imagination

According to this theory explanation which is taken from Skeptics and mainstream science, the shadow people phenomenon is just a kind of active human imagination. You will be surprised to know that the people who have spread this theory have never faced a situation like real life shadow people encounter.

People who believe in this theory say that your mind plays with you and for a few seconds creates a situation in which we get the illusion of being someone. We call this condition hellucination. This is because human eyes and brain can be easily fooled.

A solid reason behind believing this was that according to science, our mind is always thinking. In such a situation, when we are not able to see anything clearly, then the brain creates the scenes in front of us using imaginations. These scenes are based on our own thinking and according to a fact the human mind is not able to make any kind of clear picture in the dark place, due to which it shows us only as a shape and we get deceived.

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Theory 2. Are shadow people ghost?

Some people believe that this shadow may be a ghost. As we are shown, the spirits are visible only in the form of a shadow, this is the reason why some people considered it as a kind of demonic entity. But is it really so? Before accepting this as true, you have to understand a special theory and sign related to these two.

Another ghost entity has been claimed by the people to be seen in white clothes. In an environment in which you feel cold, the surroundings are blurred and in such an environment people have claimed that they have seen a shadow wrapped in white clothes. On the other hand, according to the shadow people phenomenon, they have been seen only as a dark black entity.

Theory 3. Demons or Other Spirit Entities

Whenever we are in a dark and deserted place, then only we feel the existence of this kind of dark shadow people or demonic entity. At that time, there is a kind of change in our body mixed with excitement and fear. Even if it is not a ghost, it cannot be seen by associating it with any good spirit.

The reason for this is that we never have any good experience related to it. Whenever we experience this, most of the fear feels due to which they have been considered as demonic entity. The most convincing reason behind believing this is that due to their existence, we definitely feel fear, but we have never heard that they have caused any kind of harm to us.

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Theory 4 Astral body

Whenever we sleep we start experiencing out of body. This is the reason why we see such ephemeral astral bodies which are a part of twilight travelers. A teacher gives this theory who is famous in Jerry Gross, an author, lecturer, and teacher of astral travel.

According to her, the dark entity that we see can be the astral body of any person who is experiencing out of body at that time. This may be the reason that it is only visible to us and does not cause any kind of harm.

Theory 5 Shadow people are Time traveler

According to another theory, the shadow people we see may have come from the future. Their appearance in the form of a shadow like this could be some kind of future technology, due to which it is possible for them to achieve this state. It could be some kind of time traveling during which they watching us.

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Shadow people may be Inter-dimensional Beings

So far we have come acquainted with the world of only three dimensions, but, it is believed that there are many more such dimensions. The fourth dimension is one of them which is a mystery till date. Sangreela ghati is such a place on earth which is far from reach even though it is in this world. People certainly consider it to be imaginary but, it may be related to our parallel universe.

According to one theory, there is another parallel universe or dimensional world in our very close. So far, we have been able to understand quantum physics at a very low level and all these events show its high level. It is believed that the shadow people phenomenon is a phenomenon occurring on a vibrational level.

Whenever we face such shadow people encounters, then we are able to see them to some extent because the way they look is due to their vibration level change. Due to the change in their vibrations when they move from one level to another, they appear to us like a shadow people shape.

Theory 6 are they Aliens?

There are also speculations that this is some kind of alien’s technology, which is used by aliens to come to our world. their science is very advanced due to which he can be seen through the walls, may suddenly disappear. Many such evidences have been seen which have been seen by connecting shadow people with aliens.

Aliens are not myths of any kind, but many footage of their existence have come to the fore. Area 51 is such a place on this earth which is being seen by connecting them.

It is believed that aliens are helping humans in understanding the technology of the future.

Some similarities are seen in the above theory given by the people.

  • Aliens and ghosts can be seen by associating them with inter-dimensional beings. Apart from this, aliens can also be seen by connecting them to time travelers.
  • The demonic entity is believed to be responsible for all the remaining disturbing phenomena.

All the above-mentioned theory about the mysterious shadow entity is so true, how wrong it is, it has been shared on the basis of people’s own thinking. No solid reason has been revealed about how much truth is there in this and which theory can be considered correct.

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Shadow people theory still remains a mystery

So far no such theory has come to the fore, on the basis of which any one theory can be considered right or proved wrong. It is still a puzzle for science. A shadow entity that is still mysterious, so quickly, without any warning appears to us and back becomes a mystery.

No such scientific definition has been made on the basis of which the shadow people entity can be understood. All we can do is to connect our personal experience with the experience of other people and reach any one conclusion.

It can be an entity connected to another parallel dimension or an alien coming from some kind of doorway. No one really knows what it is, so we can move forward only with the help of people’s experience.

How to Get Rid of Shadow People in 4 Essential Steps

Do the shadows seem to follow you or visit you on a daily basis? These paranormal beings are usually harmless yet unnerving. Sometimes their harmless natures morph into something a touch more threatening. If you’re uninterested in handling shadow people, it’s time to eradicate them from your life. find out how to urge obviate shadow people effectively here.

  • Cleanse Your Space
  • Cleanse Yourself
  • Raise Your Vibrations
  • Spiritual Protection

Sometimes we’d like extra help when learning the way to get obviate shadow people. If any of this information didn’t sink in otherwise you need help getting obviate shadow folks that don’t seem to travel away, contact an area religious official like a priest, pastor, medium, shaman, rabbi, Reiki master, etc.

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Shadow people phenomenon final thought

Although there is no awareness among the people about this in India so far because the superstition is very high here, but the western country is now very serious about spiritual practice and is moving forward. There is a lot of curiosity about shadow people in the country of India and people also want to learn shadow person ritual, but very few people have complete information about it. This is some kind of paranormal & spiritual practice or it cannot be said to be a practice of subconscious mind training.

Whatever theory shared above regarding the shadow people phenomenon is based on the experiences of the people. Can’t say how right this is and how wrong it is. The reason for sharing this is to give you some information related to shadow being. comment your thought and share experience with us.

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