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These top 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Shadow Person Cultivation By Trataka

How to do hamjad or shadow person cultivation by Trataka meditation? In my earlier post, I told you about shadow person ritual. Some people consider this as nonsense, some people start questioning about its powers. I would like to give just a few examples for them that humans are not all alike, like some people’s self-realization which is so strong that they accept their words from the front or they do some work that normally Are very hard for them. Let’s know some ritual like Shadow person cultivation by Trataka and its top 3 method.

Shadow person cultivation by Trataka

Do they have any super power? No! This is our self-confidence and belief that keeps us motivated to make the impossible to possible. The same thing applies to your humankind. If you believe, then they can do amazing things too. So whenever you suspect yourself it means you make your work difficult. Therefore, never let their morale weaken. Today’s ritual also rests on your morale.

Shadow person cultivation by Trataka

This sadhna is done in 3 ways. On the first sun and in second the darkness of the night and on the third moon, these three have different effects, so first of all find out which one you will be able to do easily. As if your nature is rough or cold that is why, because of the Sun, your nature becomes fierce. The effect of the Moon is relaxing so let’s know this sadhna and its effect.

#1. practice on sunset

This cultivation should be done in such a time when the sun’s light should not be too hot nor should it be clear with cloudy clouds. Like the month of September. You are standing in a deserted place where no one else comes, standing in front of the sun at such a place. After this, you have to slow down your breath and just keep silent and see the reflection of the top of your back.

By practicing 15 to 16 days of this kind of meditation, you can see all the changes in your shadow that has been read in the shadow man cultivation. In this practice, you should practically practice around 5 o’clock at the time of sunset. When cultivation is passed between 15 to 16 days, then you should cover red cloth on your face and chant the sun’s seed

Om shreem ank

Chanting should be your mind. This increases the effect of intense self-confidence inside you. The face should cover only that there is no problem in breathing. The effect of this practice is divine and along with your shadows, you can have many divine senses during the sunset. As you have a Divine vision in Agni Tratak. Your morale increases and your will is intense. Through this practice of Shadow person cultivation by Trataka we can experience very deep feelings of emptiness.

#2. Shadow person cultivation by Trataka on moon

In moon Trataka / gazing, we do concentration on the rise of the moon. Even in this practice, we do the same thing, instead of the transit moon we tend to scour our shadow. After watching for a while, close the eyes and then look at the shadow. From this you feel the divine rays of the moon begin to feel. Gentleness comes in your nature. And you begin to feel very attractive, especially your eyes that begin to be associated with hypnosis. You can read moon Trataka meditation practice also just click here.

Moon gazing also has physical and spiritual effects on our body. It may sound like a story in hearing, but it is true that the moon affects our nature and mind. And when the Shadow Tratak is done on the Moon, then the highest self-will and the will in the seeker develops. It has also been heard that if we can see the moon with our will, even in the sky covered by dark clouds of darkness. We can experience higher spiritual experience in this Trataka.

#3. Shadow person cultivation in darkness of the Night

This practice also called virat Rup darshna that mean your higher self can be experienced in this. This practice should be done in a room that is colored with sky blue color even its floor also. 11 o’clock at night, you have to burn a lamp and take off all your clothes and look at your shadow. Keep watching for a long time and look towards the sky. This practice also proves our determination. And when our state is proved then we start experiencing many divine and fearful experiences. But be careful if you want more beneficial with more practice at same time.

Caution and care in practice:

  • During practice, the heat starts increasing due to the silence inside your body, so that behave can unstable, for this, milk and yogurt should be eaten more and more fruits.
  • In the experience of shadow person cultivation by Trataka, we should spend more and more solitude, it applies only to the spiritual practice of the night darkness.
  • During practice, do not share your experiences with anyone, much more silence.

Shadow person cultivation by Trataka – Final Thoughts

Friends, whatever we do, we leave our influence in some form or something in us. Therefore, it should never be done as a joke or experimentation. Neither should the cultivation be left in the middle. Shadow person cultivation by Trataka has many advantage and benefits, in which the most is the development of our inner wisdom and divine experience.

In the early childhood, I was very keen to know the secret methods. One day grandpa came to visit a friend and for some time he heard his words which he was listening to grandfather. In this childhood I had listened to a friend of my grandpa who had told me some secret after understanding the curiosity of my mind. Therefore, instead of raising questions on the existence and truth of anybody who practices, you must consult a guru instead.

Today’s Post Tratak meditation and shadow person based on some divine ritual so don’t forget to tell us what you think about it, also share and subscribe our blog for more update

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