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Is it true that if you share your spiritual experience with others, it is harmful for further progress in the spiritual life?

If you do spiritual practice like meditation, tratak and tantra mantra ritual, then it is may be necessary that you have some problems with which you need a master. If you do not have any master or guide, then it becomes very difficult to decide who with whom to share the experience of ritual and cannot share with whom. In this way, we share experiences with friends, because of which we have to face many difficulties in ritual later. As there is no experience like before, there is no interest in spiritual practice, or experience becomes slow in cultivation. What is the reason for this and why does this happen? Is it true that if you share your spiritual experience, it is harmful for further progress in the spiritual life?

share your spiritual experience

We are confused with whom we do not associate with the experience of cultivating whom we do not share with, because we have many experiences that need to be shared or there is doubt in mind about the desire to get solutions. Keeps maintained. In this way, the effect of ritual gradually starts to end. We do not understand where we have mistaken. After the selection of specific questions, they try to get their solution in this post.

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Why you should not share your spiritual experience to everyone

There was a debate over this matter from a long time that experience in the practice should be shared or not? If yes, then who will share it with, and if not, why not? Different experts have different thinking about it but everyone believes that we should not share experiences that happen in practice. One of the biggest reasons behind this assumption is that after having experience in spiritual practice, if we share with any other person, then the effect of ritual goes away. Not only this, if he does retry, even then, there is no such experience in cultivation.

Often people complain that they used to experience a lot in earlier practice but now it does not happen like before. Mainly the following doubts or complaints we got are like;

  • We were experiencing early spiritual practice quick but now it does not happen.
  • When the sadhana (spiritual practice like tantra mantra or meditation) started, it seemed like an interest in it, but now there is no interest in sitting ritual.
  • Does sharing with the experience of spiritual experience with anyone lead to side effect.

In this article we will share some information not based on books but, it is taken from various kind of expert with their mindset. Let’s know about what kind of spiritual experience we can have.

Spiritual practice and experience

Before discuss on experience of ritual, it is necessary to know that experience or practice does not happen even in practice. Many times we do spiritual practice, but we do not have any experience. Are you sure you really haven’t experience in cultivation? If we perform any ritual and do some kind of practice, then we get the result accordingly. If there is any kind of experience, then it depends on many things like that; in which environment do we do sadhana, which legislation, or in what time we do? At this time people don’t follow many beginning guide and regulation, due to which the effect of sadhana cannot be seen.

If you are doing Sadhana with the right method, then you will get the result accordingly. If you want to know the correct rule and regulation of particular ritual, then you must read and understand the first part of the indrajaal the advance tantra. Let’s know about how many types of experience in spiritual practice. Generally, three kinds of experiences are resulted in practice. If you share your spiritual experience with everyone just for checking it can be harmful for your further progress.

  • Physical – firstly happens. Can be shared / usually others know.
  • Mental / psychic- can be experience same or after some physical change. Usually the seeker should keep them secret. They can be shared with the guru.
  • Spiritual experience in ritual: this experience done in higher state or in deep meditation. If you have a master then they understand your mood and guide accordingly.

Share your spiritual experience that may Positive and negative

Experience in spiritual practice is may be positive or negative, it cannot be guessed about your experience. If your sadhana is associated with a mental level, then you get to see its experience or effect in daily life. On this basis, two experiences are seen in the experience of sadhana.

  • Experience in first spiritual practice should be shared only with the guru.
  • Experience can be shared with the other on which you trust.
  • Do not share the third kind of experience with anyone. Share with your higher-self, it will give you the right direction.

Whether to share your spiritual experience or not

Experience in ritual is the result of your practice. If you share experiences with someone, then your energy is divided. Why there no proof, but it is believed that the concentration of the seeker dissolves. You have to know who you share this experience with is positive or negatively with you. Suppose you tell your experience to a person who does not believe in all these things, in this case he will demotivate you, and will try to distract your mood. You tell them things but their negativity affects you. How? Let’s try to understand it intensely.

You never consider this thing in practice

If we do meditation, then what is the biggest impact on us? If you are engaged in meditation, then you will know what our other needs mean for us and why should we keep most of it? Let’s do this a bit clearer and know more about with whom you should share your spiritual experience or whom you not.

When we do meditation, there is an energy shield around us and it changes. Aura field grows strength and becomes stronger, in such a situation; it is also such that our aura field has started working for us as well as the security forces of external forces. We do ritual and share experiences with anyone, in such a way; we invite them to our own energy shield. All these processes are so subtle that no one’s attention goes towards it.

With which we share the experience, they can be of two kinds. First, those who are positive understand us and guide. The other who thinks us as stupid and crazy affects us both of them on their energy. That is why in the practice, we should share experiences with those people who are trustworthy.

Then with whom we have to share our experience

Biggest question after this is with whom should we share experiences in cultivation, experience and problem solving can be found through whom. It can be a little difficult to understand because the experience should not be shared in practice, if you do it with whom, why everyone does not get a guide or master. Whose experience do we share with without the right master? All of us can choose any medium based on the above statement. The best medium is to listen to the voice of your own higher-self. If you find solutions through your own thinking and sense, then you may find the right solution.

A unified seeker says that I myself have been practicing till now without any Guru but I do not share experiences with anyone. Only with people he trusts. In most cases, I get the solution of the problem through the voice that arises in my subconscious. In this, I can not only strengthen my body but aura field also. The reason of success is only share your spiritual experience with no one except a true master.

With whose I should share my spiritual practice experience?

Experience on different level of spiritual practice should be shared with others or not? Another biggest question is how to take guide or support if I have no guide or master? I have shared some knowledge based on people and expert and I think you will be able to decide which experience should be shared or which should be not. You cannot hide Physical experience or change and can share with people but, psychic or spiritual experience cannot be shared with anyone. If you have no guru or master then try to activate your higher-self first than start taking advice from your own sense. Hope you will be able to think about share your spiritual experience and get success in further progress.

top fact and point of view about share your spiritual experience with others

To be spiritual is to be conscious-being more conscious than your current level of consciousness. Consciousness is not perceivable neither by senses nor by mind but if you want to say/to share your experiences about your level of consciousness/behavior of consciousness,it is only possible by use of mind & senses,which distort it in many ways as per individual person’s psychosomatic growth,making very effort variable from person to person.

that’s why spiritual experience are more personalized and can not be shared with sense and mind.

To be lifted from scale of sense & mind, which are designed to understand by comparison to scale of consciousness, which is beyond comparison is only possible if you at least deliberately avoid such risk and make you immune/insulate against potential danger in your journey of spirituality-a way to be conscious-higher consciousness, not only you but your fellow traveler too on same path.

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sharing experience depend on these factor

  • every person is piece of unique capability and grand puzzle.
  • everybody connected with each  other at spiritual level.
  • intuition power is best friend of person, seeker and those who have no guide or master.
  • Law of attraction can overwrite law of karma.
  • love and sympathy is most powerful motivation in this universe.
  • The person in worst of pain transform the most or die
  • our belief and sense can do anything anytime.
  • there is no miracle expect human own powers.
  • One sentence can have different meaning in different dimensions, i.e. perception change with dimension.
  • human are supernatural multidimensional being but can choose to live in one dimension at will with peace.
  • physics and quantum law different for different dimension.
  • With great power comes great responsibility & vise verse.
  • A human life is the combination many factor of past life karma(reincarnation),future life karma (deja vu), present karma,karma of parents,friend circle,siblings,relationships,karma of house,karma of environment,karma of religion,state,country,nation,race,animals & plants around ,karma of dimension,karma of planet to star to constellation.
  • Frequency is never straight but spiral.

  • Soul, Spirit & consciousness are different things ..Soul are like atom(non judgmental) &
    spirit is like proton(stores All karma) & consciousness is your present ego.

We live on scale of comparison,to compare two sets of impressions.This leads us to compare such highest experiences which are highly unique and no more comparable by senses & mind.

share your spiritual experience with others – final thought

Spirituality is something that needs to be shared as this will help others understand that you are on the path that is what every individual, who believes in God, is supposed to be. It may even influence some of your close associates which will certainly be a good thing. more ever it is a great bless for you. if you tell your experience with guru they will guide you but, sharing your spiritual experience with others may result like

  1. They will try to relate it to the knowledge of psychology they have and give you a false interpretation.
  2. They may simply lie stating that they themselves had that experience but in fact they would have never had it since they don’t want to feel left out.

so beware and use your sense & mind with whom you should share your experience or not. If you like this post don’t forget to share with your friend also read these related post based on spiritual guide.

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