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Top 10 Side effects of tratak meditation no one tells you – Dangers of trataka

Excessive is bad in every practice. No matter what the practice is, it should be easy. If any exercise is done forcefully without any right advice, then instead of getting its benefits, it starts getting disadvantages. Another, where the benefits of Tratak are so much that it is being liked more by the people as compared to meditation, the disadvantages of Tratak due to coercion are also not less. Side effects of tratak or Tratak meditation dangers without master guide. Such disadvantages which we can face during practice without any right advice.

Many people hear about the benefits of Tratak and start practicing it forcefully to get more benefits in less time. After some time, they also start seeing its results, but in some way they keep doing it forcibly, as a result of which soon they have to see its physical and mental harm.

side effect of tratak

We all know that Tratak is a best practice by which we can activate our psychic powers. Tratak meditation is helpful in our development on all three levels of physical, psychological and spiritual. But this does not mean that we should ignore the side effects of Tratak. If there are countless benefits in any exercise, then there are some side effects or dangers too. Let’s talk about this in detail in today’s post.

In this post we are going to talk about the main benefits of Tratak, how it develops us at all three levels and also about the disadvantages of coercion.

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Side effects of tratak in Hindi

What are the disadvantages of Tratak, and how does it affect us negatively? It is very important for you to know about this because during the exercise itself, we start getting some such symptoms. By understanding these symptoms, we can easily solve it in advance. Even after this forceful practice is carried forward, then we may have to face the side effects of Tratak. In these, there is an effect on the vision ability, mental stress and many other such damages which have a bad effect on us.

No exercise should be done forcefully. It is true that the benefits of Tratak make it the most special. Because of this everyone wants to do this exercise. Starting from Bindu Tratak meditation is considered to be the best, but People often try to do candle gazing meditation at beginning level. The reason for this is more profit in less time.

Deepak Tratak or some kind of flame light gazing meditation in which we have to look at the light for a long time. Doing so can affect our eyes further. Never keep looking at the light or flame for a long time. We can easily do the practice of Tratak only when it is practiced in steps.

Without any master guide or forceful practice and even directly on the candle or lamp flame can be harmful for you. The side effects of tratak is not a big loss but a negative effect due to not taking care of such points which later turn into Trataka meditation dangers.

Benefit of Tratak Meditation in Hindi

You must choose right way to do Tratak meditation. Bindu Tratak meditation is beginning level of Tratak gazing and you should start with it. The benefits of Tratak are innumerable which can be combined with physical and mental as well as spiritual development. There is no doubt that the practice of Tratak is one such practice which is the best practice in physical, psychological as well as spiritual benefit.

If we distribute the benefits of Tratak on all these three levels, then we will find that it has the following benefits.

Physical benefits

  • Improved eyesight – better eyesight
  • Improving attractive personality – personality development
  • The sparkle in the eyes which is enough to attract everyone towards you.
  • Helpful in listening and understanding people.
  • Becoming creative means changing the way of thinking and thinking better.
  • Improved focus ability.

Benefits on a mental level

  • Development of hypnotic power – hypnotic power in eyes and body language.
  • Improved thinking ability – intuition power & sixth sense development.
  • Improve willpower and confidence – willpower & self-confidence enhancement.
  • Awakening the powers of the subconscious mind easily.

Tratak meditation benefit at spiritual level

  • Tratak is the best practice to connect with your inner self.
  • To detach from subjects and to treat everyone as one.
  • Make it very sensitive so that we can easily understand anyone.
  • Helpful in understanding the secrets of the spiritual world with ease.
  • Tratak chakra is also helpful in spiritual awakening.

When there are so many benefits from Tratak and anyone can achieve them within a very short time, it is obvious that anyone should be ready to do this practice. We get its right benefits only when it is done with ease according to the level.

If we are not ready for any exercise at the physical and mental level and start practicing then it is obviously to get some negative effects. Pre-preparation is very important for any practice. We have talked a lot about this in detail in the post of the exercise that should be done with Tratak.

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After all, why do we fail?

Unless we know the basics about the exercises we are doing, it cannot be understood. Whoever asks today, he only knows about Tratak that if you keep looking at any one point, then it is Tratak. This is just an instruction, apart from this there are many instructions. Which is different according to your purpose.

What do you think what is Tratak? If you understand this, then believe that most of you will never fail in Tratak and will never be a victim of any kind of side effects of tratak. The biggest reason for failing in Tratak or experiencing its negative effect is that people know only one aspect of it.

People think that just keep looking at any point will be called Tratak. The longer you watch, the more benefit you will get. 90% of the people fail from this. Actually

“Trataka is not just about watching for a long time. This is a natural process which automatically starts developing in us. The real importance of Tratak is that as long as we see, we remain focused inward.

We just focus on looking and forcefully try to prolong the gazing process which later turns into a side effects of tratak. It is not enough just to see, to be focused should also be accompanied by it. Therefore, I would advise you that you should also know about the practice to be done with Tratak.

Disadvantages of Tratak or Side effects of Tratak

These are actually changes in our internal states, which are difficult to move forward without understanding. If at the very beginning we understand the unwanted changes we get due to our forced practice, then it can be avoided. Before this turns into the side effects of Tratak, we should understand them and bring changes in the practice.

There are many rules and precautions in different levels and practice of Tratak. Still, if the normal formality or rules are not followed, then there may be a problem, side effects of trataka mean that the result we want is not combined and getting unwanted results.

Doing Trataka meditation in improper way create a lot of problems which has been shared in detail below. I had experience some of these problems in the beginning and it is normal for this to happen. Even if something like this is happening to you, you can easily change it by understanding it.

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Constant watery eyes

One of the beginning changes that occurs in Tratak is watery eyes. By the way, this is a natural process that happens when the eyes are kept open for a long time. But, what if even after practice, during the day’s work, we start feeling watery and blurry in the eyes?

There are 2 main reasons for this

Proceeding the gazing process for a long time in the practice of the Tratak. In the initial time, we can see without blinking for 5-10 seconds, but, despite forcefully stroking the eyes for a long time, we start looking at the point of the board.

Second, without being prepared at the physical and mental level, start practicing on a medium like candle gazing Trataka meditation.

Because of these, not only during exercise but also during other activities of the day, one has to go through problems like watering or dryness in eyes. We have to go through this side effects of Tratak because of forcibly pursuing the practice.

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What to do in case of watery eyes during Tratak?

If this happens only during exercise, then it is a normal action, but even during the day’s work, you start getting watery eyes, dry and Stoney eyes, then you can get rid of them by such a remedy.

  • Wash your eyes with cold water after practicing Tratak.
  • If the eyes feel stoned, then wash the eyes with rose water, it keeps the moisture of the eyes.
  • If you are practicing Candle flame gazing meditation, then leave it or try to do it for less time.
  • Start Tratak with proper guide and knowledge, which is started from Bindu Tratak and with less time.
  • Practice Tratak in a short time in the beginning so that you can prepare yourself at the physical and mental level.

Burning eyes

Tratak gives hypnotic power. This fact is 100% true and this is one of the biggest reasons that attracts most of the people toward Trataka meditation. Tratak done on a lamp or candle creates hypnotic power and sparkle in our eyes. In fact, this power is our own life energy.

But what if we start with Candle flame gazing Tratak, that too without any prior preparation. Deepak Tratak manipulate our energy level, due to which we feel the energy level increasing inside us. Many times because of this, we start having problems like burning in the eyes after the practice of Tratak.

The reason for burning in the eyes can be anything, such as

  • To practice Tratak directly on Deepak Tratak or any lighted medium without any prior preparation.
  • You know practice should be start with easy step but you kept it forcefully on advance medium.
  • Not washing the eyes after Tratak meditation exercise, not being able to follow some important exercises to be done together.

Due to these, there is irritation in the eyes or the eyes lose their moisture. To avoid this problem, you should look at the points due to which the eyes start burning.

Follow these tips to solve it
  • Start practicing for a short time and do not forcefully keep your eyes open.
  • To get rid of burning sensation in the eyes, put rose water in the eyes.

Side effects of tratak stretch in the forehead

Along with moving forward in the practice of Tratak, we have to face many other side effects of Tratak which can be easily controlled with time. After 15-20 days of practicing Tratak, we start feeling the stretch in the forehead.

A lot of predictions can be done about this change such as

  • Due to the focus being at one place of concentration, there is vibration.
  • The awakening of the third eye or the command (sixth) chakra begins.
  • Beginning of the first step of the journey of inner self.
  • The accumulation of energy on the third eye chakra due to Tratak.

All these predictions are taken on the basis of different places and experiences. First of all, let us know how it affects us. Due to the strain in the forehead, we start feeling a lot of changes in ourselves such as frustration, loneliness feeling, not wanting to talk to anyone, feeling isolated due to repeated forehead strain.

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Perfect solution for sore forehead

If you feel stretch in the forehead due to the practice of Tratak, then adopt this small remedy. This remedy is 100% working formula which works on your suggestion.

Whenever you feel a stretch in your forehead, close your eyes. Control the breath and give the feeling that my mind is getting calm. After repeating this sentence for one to two minutes, you will find that the stretch on your forehead is going away and you are becoming calm and stable.

Your willpower is also strengthened by this practice.

Prick in eyes in sunlight

Due to incorrect Tratak meditation practice, there can be some such problems in our eyes. It can affect us in daily routine and makes us unstable. Pricking in the eyes in sunlight is one of them. Sometimes it is so much that we start feeling uncomfortable in the light outside.

The reason for this may be your practice of Tratak. Tratak is done in artificial light, due to which our eyes get accustomed to that environment. When this happens, it can be natural to have a prick in the eyes from bright light. But, if this happens out of control, then bring changes in the practice of Tratak.

Along with the practice, start practicing Tratak on trees and plants while walking in the garden in the morning. For this kind of side effects of Tratak meditation solution, doing Tratak on trees and plants not only gives you a lot of comfort but also light-friendly.

Unstable energy level change in body

This is a sign of a change in the state of your subconscious mind from your conscious mind. Your habits suddenly start changing. If you were more talkative or playful, then now you will start feeling yourself stable and calm. Because of speaking less, the impulse of prana increases inside you, due to which you start feeling hot.

This is not a big problem, but if there is no solution at the right time, then we can wander in Tratak. The practice of Nyas meditation and Yoga Nidra will help you in stabilizing such unstable energy level.

If you start feeling yourself changed with this kind of energy, such as getting angry instead of staying calm, feeling a heat inside you all the time or if you start feeling harsh in nature, then you need to pay attention. If you want, during this time you can bring the energy to other works such as in hypnosis, in healing or in spiritual level Tratak practices.

Deep down

We get a lot of spiritual changes in the practice of Tratak. It is normal to become calm and still when we are in the initial stage of the journey of the inner. The practice of Tratak has a very deep effect on our mind, due to which we start becoming very calm instead of getting lost in thoughts.

Although this is a good change, but sometimes it turns into a side effects of Tratak, due to which we become more calm than necessary. I don’t even feel like talking to anyone. Instead of talking to people throughout the day, they either prefer to be immersed in themselves or live in solitude.

We don’t like whenever someone talks. If this is happening to you as well, due to which you are getting upset or sometime frustrated, then don’t worry because this is the first stage of your beginning to be spiritual. In this state, we get a lot of benefits, but due to being in solitude and speaking less and less, it can also cause problems at times. For this, you should follow these tips which will give sure benefit.

  • Make a habit of going out with friends.
  • Make a habit of writing a diary and note down the changes inside yourself as well as how to change them for your benefit.
  • Along with listening to the people, give them suggestions as well.
  • If you want, you can sit with your loved ones and ask for their opinion and suggestions about yourself.

Blurred vision

As soon as we look at something, we only see blurry. The surrounding things are not clearly visible and our eyes start focusing on one point only. We start feeling trouble in going out in the sunlight. We like to stay in dark places more.

After doing Tratak, we also start getting irritable. This includes being alone. This problem comes only when we do not do Tratak properly. Or don’t perform according to our purpose.

Blur vision is not any kind of side effects of Tratak. We can solve this through proper eye care. It is not necessary that all Tratak should be practiced in the same way and at the same time. Prepare yourself not only physically but also at the mental level according to which Trataka you are practicing.

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Cautions and Tips for Beginners

If you want to avoid the side effects of Tratak, then don’t do any exercise without any proper knowledge. Although Tratak can be practiced at home without any guru or guide, but it is better that you follow the tips given below. With this, you will not only start right way also avoid Tratak losses.

  • Practice Tratak in phases. Avoid practicing advance Tratak meditation in order to get more benefits in less time.
  • In the beginning, keep the practice limited to a maximum of 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Don’t forget to wash the eyes with cold water or rose water after practice.
  • Try to practice Tratak always in the morning, that too before sunrise.
  • Choose a calm environment for Tratak so that there is no condition causing any side effects of Tratak.
  • Do the exercise on a regular basis.
  • Don’t forget to do the supportive exercises done with Tratak. This increases your chances of getting double benefits.
  • Always practice Tratak without any greed. Do it for the purpose of development in yourself and not for the fulfilment of others and your selfishness. With this you will get a lot more than you think.
How to get rid of Side effects of Tratak final conclusion

Tratak meditation practice is a very good and easy practice. We can experiment for ourselves on every level. People often fall prey to the side effects of Tratak in the pursuit of getting hypnotic power from Tratak. The solution of these negative effects can be done in time.

Whenever you start feeling some unwanted changes in the practice of Tratak, then follow the above-mentioned suggestions. With this, you can solve the problem in practice at your own level. Might as well make a better start. I hope that my own experiences related to Tratak will help you in moving forward.


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