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Are You Embarrassed By Your Spiritual Practice Failure Skills? Here’s What To Do

Have you ever try to do some kind of spiritual practice like vashikaran, black magic or any ritual? I know most of you failed in it due to lack of master guide or correct knowledge of cultivation. Why most of the ritual like vashikaran and black magic often failed? Why they don’t work? Is it true that if you have a lack of master guide you will never success in vashikaran, black magic or any spiritual practice? If you want to know more about spiritual practice failure and how to correct them so that we can get success in any spiritual practice read this post till the end.

spiritual practice failure

Doing any ritual without master guide make it unsuccessful is it true? No, the main reason why vashikaran and black magic or any other spiritual practice doesn’t work is a lack of our own self-confidence and life force. Both are necessary to get success in any practice. if you are looking for any external guide that helps you to complete your practice, first look for your higher self also check you are worth for it or not? Let’s discuss the top reason why vashikaran and black magic ritual doesn’t work or fail?

The top reason for spiritual practice failure

Mostly spiritual practice like vashikaran (because most of us try to do this) and black magic or another kind of spiritual ritual (spiritual calling ritual or cultivation) did not work. This is not because you are a beginner but you have a lack of patience. Ritual and cultivation test seeker first and if you got the success they will easily access you unlimited power. Some of our readers ask us about why spiritual practice failure like vashikaran and black magic why anyone can’t do this?

The reason for losing big success is not a big mistake but a small mistake which we try to ignore.

We want to do vashikaran on someone but unable to do hard and tough task, is it possible it works? No, because we don’t follow it what we should have to do. Looking for the alternative is not profitable always. If you are consistently failing in cultivation, then try to identify and correct these small mistakes with following tips.

Is your spiritual practice really not successful?

Most people begin to spiritual practice in the beginning but their enthusiasm with the time gets cold or they do not have the excitement which was earlier, because of all these, we accomplish ritual but we have no experience nor result, but in reality it is not so, as much as we try in our energy and cultivation practice, its energy can be realized in the environment.

No cultivation/rituals are unsuccessful, but due to the lack of patience in the people, all the energy that is created becomes disintegrated. You do meditation, but you do not believe in yourself that even it happened or not? In spiritual practice, we don’t have any issue with the major problem but small things that may distract us from our continue practice.

View of Success in spiritual practice depends only upon you

What does success mean in your view? You have done 21-41 days of spiritual practice, now you want that power will appear before you and will tell you that the practice you have done has become successful. It does not work in all ritual, in which we have a direct vision of power, but all the powers vary around us and when the seeker appeals to him with full faith, then they give support and works.

When you cannot complete a ritual with complete confidence, then what can you expect that power will come and your work will be completed. You should focus only on a single point in a ritual that is your own self-confidence or will-power. Your success chance depends on how much it is strong or not. To make it strong you need mental thinking on daily basis along with a continuous practice.

The main reason behind spiritual practice failure

There can be many reasons for failure in any spiritual practice like vashikaran or black magic on someone, depending on how you see yourself associating with that rituals. Most people keep careful but do not look at the subtle instructions.

A teacher or mentor who practices rituals understands all these things, but he thinks that you are aware of this instruction and therefore they do not tell it to you. Let’s know about some specific instructions that you should take care for success in spiritual practice even in meditation.

1.) Lack of life force most probable reason for spiritual practice failure

In any device, if there is no electricity, then it will not work. This energy is available through a power or battery. In the same way, all the animals depend on life force called prana or chi energy. The lack of life force in the body is one of the biggest obstacles in cultivating. The abundant amount of life energy inside you makes you restrained, patient, so if you are doing any cultivation practice then make sure that the amount of life in your life enough for that ritual.

Much fierce cultivation in which suddenly a large amount of energy starts growing in the seeker, it seems that they cannot handle this energy. If after the exercise, the energy flow is increasing in you, then you lose your discretion and become subject to that energy and wanders from spiritual practice. Some people consider themselves above others in such a change, due to which they start doing wrong and start to fall soon.

If you don’t want spiritual practice failure experience happens with you, therefore, knowing that before meditation / spiritual practice you have enough quantity of life energy needed in you, if you do, then you will be able to maintain self-confidence in meditation and will also be able to handle the velocity of energy created in practice. Within which, the flow of life energy begins to flow, but the work begins to transfer the energy of the root chakra to the other chakras so that the flow of energy is balanced.

2.) Lack of faith/self-control and spiritual practice failure

If you are practicing anyway, whether it is sadhna, sorcery or vashikaran and black magic, it is very important to have faith in yourself. You are not unsuccessful because you do not have complete information, but more than that depends on whether you can maintain your belief or not.

Most people think that if any exercise will be done and will get success on the first try, or if the sadhna legislation is 21-41 days then they will get results only in these days. I have also seen cases where the work was to be done in 40-45 days, but it took 4-5 months to complete it and show results. This does not mean that the results were experienced after 4-5 months, they began to feel in the transient signals that were completed.

The spiritual energy test their seeker whether they have belief in themselves or not. If you get a late result or no sign of successful keep ritual continues. Maybe you will get the result in next few days. Everything can be possible but if you have no belief 99% chances your spiritual practice failure and no result was experienced.

3.) The main reason for the spiritual practice failure suspect on the practice

You are doing any spiritual practice and started to suspect yourself that doing any work will be completed or not? You can find out a lot of mistakes in your way as you don’t do it with fate. While practicing sadhna (cultivation), if the experience is ahead, then it starts doubting that the practice is going well or not because of which he does not achieve success in the experience which he should have.

we think that suspect on self is a small matter, but even in a big spiritual practice, this doubt becomes a hurdle between you and your target or achievement, which is possible only by your discretion, so whenever start practices, you should consider yourself worth for it. And do not doubt in the middle. If you feel that there is a mistake, then you will get the answer to the question if you question your intentions.

4.) Just to make a formality and spiritual practice failure

When we listen or read something about spiritual practice it seems so easy to do but, when we came to do these practice/ritual we make just a formality. Doing such practice with formality, not fate make our ritual failure. Some spiritual practice looks simple and easy to do but that does not mean you can do them in any way. You have to focus yourself not only physically but mentally also to make it successful.

Doing some kind of spiritual ritual like vashikaran and black magic just by listening how much they can beneficiary for you is not a wise idea. Check yourself whether you are also worth for doing it or not?  People often make this mistake in ritual. When they practice it, they were just physically focused on there but mentally they think only about after result and trapped in illusion. Later it results in spiritual practice failure and we blame on ritual don’t effective.

Suppose that you have to do a 21 or 45 days ritual and in beginning, you have full excitement. After a few days you have no experience but consciously think about after result like we want to do vashikaran on someone and after this ritual him or her completely in our control. You are just doing physical ritual but mentally you are trapped in negative effect or paranormal activity. There are some negative powers around us that enter us in delusion and pulls the energy of our rituals.

5.) Have no idea how to feel the actual experience of spiritual practice

If the spiritual practice will be complete then I will see the Goddess and I will be successful in it. This does not happen with everyone. When it happens, or after completion, you start getting such signs that seem ordinary and our attention does not go towards them because our mind is running behind a great miracle, which is the main cause of spiritual practice failure. The reason is the same if you get an indication, then continue to develop self-confidence because it will lead you towards that power.

If you have attracted negative powers in cultivation/ritual, you may experience like your practice is completed (that does not actually happen because it is some kind of delusion) and in middle of that practice, you stopped it. Everything will remain in the same situation and you will not get any experience. Always cultivate discrimination in spiritual practice and understand not directly, and believe in straightforwardness in the middle. It is not necessary that you get a positive experience in a few stages, you may experience a different kind of signs.

What to do to achieve success?

Follow some important tips for success in Spiritual practice. In this, ignore the main reason for your failure and see their solution, which will give you success.

  • Before starting the practice, make yourself a believer and prepare yourself for it in such a way that it is worth to fulfill that spiritual practice.
  • In the cultivation process, understand the signs that are found in your conscience, because your intuition never gives you a wrong direction. Instead of every incident seen from the mind, it does not appear as it is.
  • Always do not let yourself be overwhelmed by negative powers in spiritual practice. If the purpose that we are doing is seen to be fulfilled in the middle of practice, then do not leave the cultivation in the middle.
  • The experience of any spiritual practice always kept secret and never disclosed itself.
  • Keep in mind you have to control the energy generated in practice not trapped in their illusion.

The main reason for the spiritual practice failure – the final word

You may have thousands of reasons to fail in cultivation but you can remove them yourself too. It is not necessarily that everyone can get a true guru, you can make your spiritual guide or interpersonal master as your intuition power and higher self. If you want to know the best way to activate your higher self as a true master and become a guide comment me down and soon I will share the easiest method for this.

What you think about the top reason why your cultivation/ritual or spiritual practice failed and how to correct them with or without a master guide? Share if you like and enjoy this post, also subscribe our blog for the latest update.

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