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ultimate power of subconscious mind how to make thing real – home based guide

Do you know what the subconscious mind is and what subconscious mind power can do? Everything in life happens in your past, your life experience, skill and other thing stored in subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind also called auto-pilot as it holds your activity in background while you do other activity at same time. For example you are going from your home to office while taking a call from your friends. How is it possible to do different work at same time? It’s ultimate power of subconscious mind. If you are unable to do usual work like this you are still using your conscious mind. lets know something interesting about hidden secret and power of subconscious mind in hindi.

subconscious mind power

there are some ultimate power of subconscious mind like law of attraction. what you want just plan and your subconscious mind will make it real, but do you have any idea how to make it. no ! dont worry let’s start with basic of ‘avchetan man’ how it work and make things real.

subconscious mind power :

Subconscious mind is a part of conscious mind but more powerful than it. In a normal person life he uses his subconscious mind power less than 4-5%. What happen if we got a technique that enhances working power of subconscious mind power at maximum level? Your entire dream becomes true and you will get what you want. Its real and using law of attraction in your life can improve your life.

Subconscious v/s conscious:

Conscious mind always work on the basis of logic while subconscious mind on reparation. If you are doing wrong your conscious mind knew it but subconscious not. If you repeat a process many time after some time you don’t need to do it, your subconscious mind automatically do this on same condition.

How we can use our subconscious mind power in daily life

If you want to use subconscious mind power in daily life, You must know how to communicate with both minds: if you know how subconscious mind get order and direction from conscious mind you can use it in right way.

1.) Convince subconscious mind with your plans:

If subconscious mind doesn’t believe in your plan you may fail to achieve desired results. So you must make it comfortable because subconscious mind always know what are you doing is right or wrong. That’s why it is necessary to convince subconscious mind that what are you doing and it is safe or how it is beneficial for you.

2.) Don’t set very logical goal

People often think about dreams that are very fantasy. If you think about how to become rich within one night it is impossible. If you have just 10 rupee and dream about how to convert it in to 1,000 it’s not possible. To make money growth you must start from bottom like 10 to 100 than 1000 not directly 10 to 1000.

3.) Don’t be live in limits

If you are setting a goal with limits you may limits your subconscious mind. To use proper power you must think without any limit. It helps you in alternate option for a target; also increase your thinking power.

4.) Develop a great deal of courage:

You must have enough courage to take risk. Your subconscious mind provides subtle or various options to achieve what you want you must have enough courage to take a risk. Thinking can I do or not limit your mind and thinking power. To work it properly you need to move only.

Why subconscious mind is more powerful:

Subconscious mind is more powerful than conscious mind because it doesn’t work with limits, logic. For example you want to cross the river that has no bridge or any other medium. may be hesitate and think how to cross this river logic and thinking limits your mind and you will never cross river, while

You think only about I have to cross this river on any cost, you will try only for crossing the river. You may find some source like rope or any other medium but at last you will surely do this. This is how your subconscious mind works.

Change in subconscious mind for success

Everybody wants to be a success person in his life. If you are also from them try to do following things in your daily life.

1.) Enhance your conscious mind capability:

If you think you can you will surely do it while you think negative like can I do it, I can’t do this will limit your conscious mind capability. First thing change your thinking for things and target. You can do anything.

2.) Over thinking always harmful

If you over think about something you will surely get depression. Almost people think more than work and this cause failure. If you decide what will happen before doing something you can’t do it in right way. What will happen is not your motto your motto should be doing work in the way of your target without any thinking about results.

3.) Think more positive with subconscious mind:

Spontaneous chant of mantra get you success to clear your mind same as chanting make your belief system more strong. You are doing something and get some problem just stop over thinking and focus on target, you may try to change your thinking by repeating some positive thought like ‘I can do this’, ‘I am doing right’, ‘I have to do or complete this’.

4.) Free your mind for creative idea:

If you know how subconscious mind changes you basis on your thought you can free your mind for new and creative idea. Remember what are you doing? What you want and things you are doing are right or wrong be sure.

5.) Just focus on work

Don’t think what you will get, just doing work and give your 100% of energy. It’s your subconscious mind who controls everything he will provide you right way and alternate if you face difficulties. You are only a medium. Getting desired result is your subconscious mind problem how he achieves or not.


Hope you all know about conscious & subconscious mind working function. Main motto of subconscious mind is to change our life and do smart work. there are several tips and tricks to activate hidden power of subconscious mind and once you knew it nothing is impossible. If you like this post share and comment also don’t forget to subscribe newsletter.

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