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Hidden fact and mystery about your super conscious mind that change dreams into reality

So far, we have come to read only about the conscious mind and subconscious mind in general life, but do you know there is another power more than that, the superconscious mind which is so powerful that we cannot even imagine. So far, you have read about the power of the subconscious mind and those who have understood it, according to them, if it is very powerful then thinks super-conscious mind power will also be so powerful.

superconscious mind

Samadhi is mentioned many times in Hindu religion, according to which all activities of our body are dormant. If this is so, then our consciousness is said and what is the effect of the event that happens during that period? When we reach the state of Samadhi then our consciousness varies in the form of superconscious mind meditation.

The only difference in super-conscious mind and subconscious mind is that the subconscious mind gives us the future and the past to feel the events, but after that super conscious mind gives us the power to change those events.

Importance of superconscious mind

You have read about how the subconscious mind experiences the future and shows events like miracles. But have you thought how our super-subconscious mind related to physical and energy forms fulfills it? Actually, through continuous universal power, he keeps doing his work, so knowing this, you can also find a lot in your life.

In the operation of life:

The subconscious mind is attained but when the subconscious mind thinks that he is right for us then where does that direction go? Every event falling in life is stored in our mind, but where? Superconscious mind stores all these instructions and suggestions. Many times we experience such incidents in our lives that have happened before, but in fact, it is amazing in our super-conscious mind technique that how to change the events which are going down to us and how to reduce them for their benefit.

The attention that subconscious mind catches incidents but super conscious mind makes them beneficial to us. This means that through this we can make the incident occurring favorable to our being beneficial.

Past and future events

It is the super-conscious mind that store all past and future events related to our lives. The behavior that we are dealing with today is connected to our past, so we can come to know this little wonder that superconscious mind is the one who shows those events to us. The emotional pattern in the present life is nothing but our past. There is definitely some relation. And in the future what we are going to do, we have to make ourselves strong and balanced in all respects.

The difference between superconscious mind and subconscious mind

The subconscious mind stores events before, but every event of life is stored in the super-conscious mind, which is achieved by reincarnating the subconscious mind, in the state of hypnosis.

The subconscious mind can only show you a glimpse of the future, but if you want to make changes in them then this is the work of the super subconscious mind.

The super subconscious mind embraces the universal energy independently and works for you. In a way, every work that is connected to the limit of the subconscious mind is accomplished by the super subconscious mind.

In coma and Samadhi, our super unconscious mind becomes independent and again consciousness brings us into life.

How to use superconscious mind

In the last few posts, we have read the Law of Attraction. Now let’s know about some simple steps by which we can improve our own life by using superconscious mind ourselves.

1) Decide what to do:

First of all, you have to decide what you really want? The biggest problem of most of the people is that they cannot decide what they want and then when they do not get it then they pity. You must prepare for life goal and work on it.

2) Start writing the goal:

When you come to know what you really want, then start writing them, why with a complete detail, unless one idea is written, one remains true. So if you need anything then it must be written. Select a goal and note down everything related to it. it will help you to understand it better with clear thinking.

3) Believes in present

Always write your goal while lives in the present. The way of writing this is also 60/40. This is a method that helps in completing your goal. Let’s say if there is a problem, then there is little change for it and not a plan change. You have to think about a whole plan and if one failed than think about the second plan without any whole change in goal.

4) Make list

There are thousands of ways to complete a goal. If you think with a cool and calm mind, you will find that your brain automatically suggests you these ways/options. Write them all in the form of a list and understand so that the right way can be put into practice.

5) List of needs

Write whatever you have on the basis of importance so that the less important that needs to be done can be done later. Importance should be on the basis of needs and work on a plan to complete important part first.

6) Do something new every day

Take steps to complete one from your goal every day. For this, you do something every day that is connected to your goal so that your goal can be maintained. If you think you can do anything big within a short time it is not possible but, if you divide it into steps and take every day you can definitely do it.

7) Fantasy world and reality

For some time every day imagine with your goal like how you got the goal from the step you picked up, this way your confidence will not only increase but you will also get new ideas. I have tested it many times and get an amazing result.

8) Emotionally Do Enjoy:

What are your feelings about your goal, it matters too so keep your feelings happy with your goal when you combine your goal with good emotions, you can perform very well. Like thinking I can do it, it will be nice to do something like that. This kind of emotion makes you happy and easy your goal.

9) Superconscious mind and your goal

Keep on accepting mentally that your goal is moving towards you and you towards your goal. This also brings confidence in your behavior so that you can feel yourself more and more enthusiastic. Law of attraction is totally based on it and you know how many miracles it can do.

10) Connect with Universal Power

When you have completed all the above-mentioned ideas, combine your goal with superconscious mind and universal power and get out of it i.e. keep working in your normal life. You will see that you are increasingly moving towards the goal. Your goal is complete with the universal power. In this way, you can easily achieve your goal with enthusiasm and confidence.

Most people cannot differentiate between superconscious mind and subconscious mind or they are all mentioned above which are only part of the subconscious mind, therefore, I would like to tell that interference that makes you feel like a miracle is a subconscious mind but the superconscious mind changes them in reality. read these helpful post also

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