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How to do telepathy practice at home beginner amazing guide in easy steps

beginner guide for telepathy practice at home. it is easy and quite amazing to connect people without any medium. How to do telepathy at home do you want how to learn telepathy at home in easy steps for beginner. Connecting people without any medium may be a crazy idea but it is possible as it is a power of our subconscious, so let’s talk about something interesting and amazing thing. Lot of people hear and talk about telepathy as it is our brain who can receive floating signal around us.

telepathy practice at home

Have you any idea about how to do simple and easy practice of telepathy at home without any guide or expert. If you are able to catch brain waves you can easily understand just how it is possible. how to develop telepathy power in Hindi visit our blog.

Some people feel that someone is going to meet them and suddenly they meet him sometime later, whose thoughts came to his mind or we are remembering someone and suddenly his phone comes. Both example are from our daily life and almost 90% people face this kind of experience. Telepathy between lovers is also a common example in which one can feel pain of others.

Before we start how to do telepathy at home we have to discuss about below 3 steps you can understand how telepathy work in simply three master steps.

Reason behind experience of telepathy

  •  The reason for this being / how it is done.
  •   How to do it with its own energy
  •   the choice of right ideas for telepathy and its way.

Is telepathy practice at home really possible?

To know how telepathy work first thing we need to understand human though transfer process. Our body absorb mental waves. It is possible by its aura. And it acts as eclipse and communication.

A calm mind can receive signal from universe as thoughts in form of electric signal float around us and within this universe. Some people say that no single word disappear rather than floating in universe.

Therefore to make it more sensitive first thing is to control state of mind then our body can receive signal from universe. If you can control and adapt the order you want you can easily do telepathy practice at home.

Why telescopic thought

Our brain can receive thought as electric signal. Before doing telepathy practice at home first thing your mind must be calm so it can easily receive the floating signal from around us and this universe. When you start doing practice ensure your brain is mindless (no thought) so that you can do it easily.

There is no contribution to our physical body in telepathy because you cannot understand it physically. For this, understand the thought transfer process of the mind. In which we connect mentally to each other without any means.The power of the second mind is eternal, the more important it gives, the more important it will be to keep it awake

you can do these exercises easily at home without any difficulty.

For this, you have to understand the most important points of attention and they will have to move forward as follow. Let’s know what you have to do to practice telepathy at home. Take care of two things in telepathy. First of all, your thoughts should be clearly and spontaneous. Secondly, your emotional strength should not weaken

1.) First Step

in the first stage of telepathy you need to control your physical body, also control over thought. We have previously discus about how to zero thought and solitude a calm state of brain.

For this yognidra and shavsan can be helpful for you in beginner stage of telepathy practice at home. Concentration and thought power also enough strong to take you in a stage for long time.

2.) second Phase – Home Based Telepathy

The second stage of telepathy works on your life force accordingly, if your prana power is unblocked from the body i.e. it is released, by feeling power and concentrating at one place and sending it with thoughts, it is the highest The effective way would be to connect with others. In other words, it will be exactly like ASTRAL BODY. Relax your mind in a quiet atmosphere room. This practice, if you lay down or sit down, in both situations, your mind needs to relax and feel relaxed physical body.

When we become impassive after we concentrate our vital energy on one place then our spiritual power increases, so that we become more thinking power in the entire universe and we start to get involved mentally.

Many saint and sadhak connect together in state of telepathy and astral body. At the same time, if we are connected to a person who is in our kind of condition, that is, his cosmic level has increased, telepathy starts getting better.

Think only about receiver

in this way, from whom we want to join telepathy, we should only take care of them. They are linked to us at the cosmic level. This work is done in a better way when you practice after 11 o’clock in the night. Because at that time it will have lost sleep or its physical activity will be dim. If you wish, you can send the same message repeatedly with emotion power and send it to your electric signal. This works on the principal of your thought vibration.

 3.) phase 3 – How to abide by telepathy

in two steps before reaching the third stage of telepathy, you relax the body and reach the subconscious mental stage. Here you will know what your powers are. By recognizing your power and giving it the right direction you can experience the mental journey. Whenever you are communicating thoughts. Your emotional strength will send that idea far and world.

Caution and important tips for beginner:

  • Don’t expect yourself for a successful experience in first chance. many people take much time to control and calm brain.
  • Telepathy practice for beginner may be self-doubting. we can’t guess if we got success or not, ignore this and try to focus in just sending your thought to receiver in form of emotion and electric signal waves.
  • Many people can’t get success in telepathy practice at home because almost people can get success even they practice it since a long time. The only solution is practice with calm mind and increase time spending as 10 to 15 than 30 minute.

How to do telepathy practice at home – final word

How to do telepathy practice at home easy guide for beginner. We did make it possible to learn in simple and easy but basically it depend on how easily we can zero and control our thought.

If you want know simple tricks and practice of photo vashikaran at home don’t forget to comment and share also subscribe blog for latest update.

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