Top 10 Reason why you are not Getting any Positive experience in Meditation practice

People often face many problems while doing meditation. Some people do not have good experience during meditation practice, due to which they begin to feel bored. In today’s post we will talk about meditation posture mistake, wrong way to sit in meditation, common mistake in meditation such as not being able to experience and don’t feel comfortable, and there are many such mistakes which are done in meditation. Let’s talk about some such top mistake during meditation. Let’s begin this post with Top mistake in meditation we face and how to solve them.

Top mistake in meditation

Have you ever spent some time for meditating? We often start listening to the benefits of meditation from peoples or by meditating on one’s behalf. For a while, everything happens just as we are told, but after that we do not experience anything different. Many people are complaining that they have all the right experiences for some time in meditation, but they cannot experience anything later, in contrast, irritation has increased due to which they leave meditation in the middle. We are going to talk that we make such a mistake in meditation, due to which there is no right experience.

Top mistake in meditation – we think it is right

If you start reading how to do meditation at home without any master guide from book or listening to any expert without consulting anyone, then 99% of the chances is that you will not get the right experience. You may face some physically or mentally damage after some time. Before meditation, you should understand the points given below, then you can get better experience and good results in meditation.

1.) You cannot understand the interruption in meditation

Most people who are beginner in meditation practice at home, take a head-phone before meditation, lock the door and remove all such things which can disturb them in meditation. Is this right? Often people think that they can practice it better. But the new research revealed that it is not right to do so. This is the biggest mistake we face from Top mistake in meditation.

If you use all these things in meditation, then you find that whenever someone comes to you unconsciously, you become more distracted. Suppose that you have put a head phone and are meditating, as long as the head phone moves you do good practice, but when it stops, then?

Your attention breaks its time when the head phone stops. In the same way, you locked in the door, and enjoy the state of meditation then suddenly someone knocked the door, your attention does break at the same time, and you start feeling irritate. All this is common to those who are in the early stage of meditation. Why so? That’s one from Top mistake in meditation and you have to solve it.

There is no relation with paying attention to all these things that if you use these things, you will get better experience, but distraction is observed in meditation. To do it correctly, in the state of meditation, first of all those things should be observed which distract your mind. When all these are recognized then they are ignored and are avoided.

2.) Get in meditation – you just depend on external media

As soon as the meditation became popular, some meditation music and apps have also become popular. This is because these medium influence your thoughts and helps you relax, which you feel is a better experience in meditation. But now it is not so because these things gradually become our needs and without them we do not even get meditation state this is one of Top mistake in meditation and only one solution for it is avoid these thing.

Experts believe that if we meditate only on the basis of these things, then our mind is guided by external thoughts only, but what about interference? He is untouched by this thing, in this state, you are exactly the same as giving more importance to any one of the two. From this, it will be that only external mind is control and guided, but the interference is the same way.

Avoid it, although you can use it in the beginning but gradually incorporate your body and mind in practice, we have shared some best post of meditation and respiration for it, which can be helpful in this. In it, you can make yourself better by guiding your body and mind in steps.

3.) Top mistake in meditation – you find yourself lost in meditation

Meditation on breath is a method from the beginning, as soon as we focus ourselves on breathing to get rid of thoughts in practice, then after some time we find ourselves liberated from thoughts, that is, you have successfully done control on thoughts. But was it your intention to control those thoughts? This is exactly the way it is. There is no solution to be away from the problem for a while. Most of the Top mistake in meditation we feel in the beginning state of meditation, which is not in any other state.

It is only a ray of light to suppress or ignore any idea by breathing in meditation, if you really want to feel the light of meditation awareness then you will have to change it. This condition brings the problem of life to you as a thought and you have to face it.

Whenever you come to such a problem in meditation, attach yourself to the problem. You haven’t any need to understand anything and that problem is ignored. only then it can be solved and that too before meditation comes into focus stage. If you do not do this then you will ignore all those problems for some time, which comes back after a while.

4.) You have done wrong method according to your body and mind type

Many times in meditation practice it happens that we don’t feel physically comfortable. It is because of our body that we cannot choose the right type of meditation. Suppose you cannot sit properly and you are trying to apply Padma-Sana, will you be able to do it? Therefore, before meditation, make sure that you are fully comfortable in posture you are meditating or doing its method.

Meditation is never done to fight the thoughts in the mind, it is just one step, so choose the method of meditation in which you feel comfortable and not bother yourself.

4.) Main mistake in meditation – selecting the same method of meditation.

Many people spend a lot of their life behind only one method of meditation, and finally they realize that some other method could prove better for them. Therefore, before meditation, choose the method that best practices than same method. Today, if any method is most populous then it is the method of meditation on vipassna meditation or respiratory method.

It is not necessary that even for you, this method is completely intuitive. In addition to these methods there are many other methods like mantra meditation, visualization meditations (meditation on fictional state), walking meditations, contemplation meditations on which you can see which one is best for you. If you have chosen the best method for yourself and are getting good experience then it is good. But if it is not so, then you should see other methods and you will get benefit and good experience. Selecting popular method of meditation is one from Top mistake in meditation and you should not follow people blindly.

5.) Do not keep yourself in the way of any meditation for a long time

There are some people who can tie on one method for a short time. Suppose you chose the method of meditation in beginning on breath, you did not get experience for 7-8 days. If you started the uprising, then in the same situation, you started meditation. Is it right to do this. The choice of just the right method of meditation is not enough, but staying on it is also a part of successful meditation. It is not necessary that you start getting the right experience in the early days.

If for some days you are not experienced in any one method, then try to find out the reason instead of changing the method. In other words

“Change the way of doing meditation instead of changing method”

If any method of meditation makes you feel physically and mentally uncomfortable then it is better to change it.

6.) Common / Top mistake in meditation – your goal is beyond logic

Someone told you to practice this kind of special meditation and you would make yourself a superman, if you practice these exercises, you will come in power, especially getting hypnotic power in eyes by Trataka meditation. This can never happen if you have never practiced that field before. It is exactly like teaching a small child a 12-class book while he did not read 5 classes. Meditation is not a magic that solves your problem in seconds, nor can it give better results in less time, so always practice with logic.

We don’t support any such kind of method idea that claim to become powerful in less time or work with shortcut, because our motive is to guide everyone as it is why any practice is completed in time and in stages. So whenever you feel that you are not getting better experience in meditation or if you did not find what you thought, then explain to yourself that with practice, you can get better experience.

7.) You have not yet gathered the right information.

By reading only one book, taking information from one person or by getting information from the same place is not enough to practice the method of meditation. The right person always raises the information from 10 sources of 1 thing, knows the information of the properties and the faults, and then only begins the practice. Before practicing to get rid from Top mistake in meditation follow these instruction.

  • Solve your doubts
  • Gathering more and more information about practice
  • Finding the right information about qualities and faults, advantages and disadvantages
  • Mobilize every possible information related to practice
  • At last gathering everything related to practice

Do all this so that you get the right and better experience. If you practice without them, you will never be able to achieve success in it. Contrary to the meditation, you will become physically and emotionally damaged and harmful.

The reason for this is that people who meditate on the chants or do other meditation do not succeed.

Top 10 mistake in meditation – Final word:

Now you must have understood that what is going to be done and to avoid, in order to adopt a better experience in practice. If you do this then you can achieve even better experience than before. It is enough for your better experience to recognize and correct your mistakes in meditation. What you think about Today’s post top mistake in meditation and how to solve them.

Meditation will no longer be full of boring for you. You would like to sit down and calm yourself, not because you think so but because of such a reason you like it. Nothing is troubling you and you will feel very calm and happy. If you like the post Top Mistake in meditation and how to solve, do not forget to comment and share. Subscribe to get the latest updates to the blog directly in the mail box.

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