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How To Handle Every Trataka Is Better Than Meditation Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

What is better than meditation? Both make the mind strong, control strengthens and even experiences. But still, Trataka is better than meditation, because of its theories behind them. You cannot get success in meditation without rules, whereas Tratak can get better experience in lesser rules too. Especially when you are new to spiritual practice. In meditation our inner wisdom activated by some special practice of meditation, whereas Trataka active your subconscious mind with some emotion and thoughts. Are You Embarrassed By Your Trataka Is Better Than Meditation Skills? Here’s What to Do ?

Trataka is better than meditation

We do not do any work of any purpose. There is some reason behind every work, what is the way to do our work in this way: First work should be done better by better way, second work time, less time and more benefit. That is, a better option that will make our work easily completed and we get what we want. Now the question arises, what option can you give to what you want?

Today, we have made the choice of every facility by improving the technique and making it even better, in such a way, not only have our time saved, but we have also achieved the desired goal. That is why we can say that choosing the option is not a bad idea. But! It is important for you to know both the advantage and the disadvantage. In such a situation, you will not only be able to do better but will also get good results. Today we are going to tell what is better in both Trataka and meditation? Later we will discuss on Apply These 8 Secret Techniques to Improve Trataka Is Better than Meditation.

Why Trataka is better than meditation

Nobody wants to work harder, especially when its options are available. In this way, we always choose short time options. That’s why Trataka is better than meditation like

  • Time of cultivation
  • Control over thoughts
  • Strong confidence in less time
  • Experience early emptiness than meditation
  • Practice and rules

Tratak is also better than meditation because it is also a part of the beginning of meditation, because its functioning is like meditation, especially the mind’s calmness. Let us talk about why it is best way to do? For this, we have taken some parameters, on which basis you can also choose Trataka. Trataka Is Better Than Meditation 8 Reasons Why They Don’t Work & What You Can Do About It.

time of meditation

In this, we can control the transience of our mind in a short time. That is why human mind can’t motivate itself but other can do.

We are not so impressed by the views of ourselves that as opposed to the thoughts of others, whether it is positive or negative.

The simple meaning of saying is the effect of thoughts which you can try. Your friend tells you that you are looking smart today, a new energy starts flowing in you. You start looking at yourself and look smart. If you say that you are smart in the same 10 times, you do not have much effect in your mind. If someone tells you that you are not so excited today, then after some time you become self-defeating and frustrated. Why your brain is set on this system?

Able to transmit suggestion to brain in less time

If someone thinks that in a hurry, you will feel calm and experience if you see point on board by just gazing it. Two things work in it, the first is an external medium that becomes your master. Secondly, a mixture of self-suggestion that helps you to control the transitory in less time. On the other hand

In meditation you are your own master. That is only one thing and that is the self-awareness in which you try to stop your thoughts. But because your mind is not set in one place, you cannot even deeper into meditation for a long time. It does not apply everywhere, it applies only to the initial meditation.

There is no control over ideas

As I mentioned above, we cannot motivate ourselves, especially when we are surrounded by thoughts. What will happen when our thoughts get the means of focusing at one place? Our eyes look as much as it looks. Even after the eyes shut, our mind keeps going in infinite due to lack of point. In such a way, we focus first on the point of view, then there is a minimum consideration and finally our focus on self-suggestion. While

In meditation, we have to concentrate on the order cycle or breath. After some time you forget your rhythm, or you cannot concentrate on the order cycle why? Why your mind does not work on the suggestions. And in Trataka, our thoughts are definitely going on, but by focusing on one point. Tratak is better than meditation, why it is possible to control thoughts in a short span of time.

Experiences the emptiness of thought early than meditation

In Trataka meditation, we constantly focus on thoughts in one place, due to which we take a restraint of ourselves and in less time we entered into emptiness. When we meditate in meditation, we endeavor to stop them, due to which the thoughts do not go on continuously. Rather, you get confused by yourself and after some time you find out that the place you went from was the same.

Mental fatigue in meditation:

Spiritual cultivation is a very difficult thing to do, but in Tratak, we make it possible through self-suggestion or bunch of suggestion. After sitting in meditation for long, we start experiencing mental exhaustion. In Tratak, we do not have any tiredness even if we do it for hours. Trataka meditation practice on mirror are the biggest examples. Tratak is better than meditation, because mental exhaustion does not equal.

Rules and practices:

In meditation, you have to constantly meditate for a long time. If after leaving some days, then the mind starts moving again and later we have to face more difficult situations.

Even after having done some days in Tratak meditation (month), if we do not do some days, and the mind starts becoming fickle or you feel lot of thoughts inside your mind, you can still control yourself by practicing a few exercises.

Tratak is better than meditation. This is my own opinion. Because it is also an external meditation practice. If you think meditation is much better then Trataka you can put your logic in the comment?

special thanks to : why you must choose trataka for spiritual practice

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